Ensign Ashralle Sh’shrytral

Name Ashralle Sh’shrytral
Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Rank Ensign
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Character Information

Gender Agendered/Non-Binary
Species Andorian
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 1.8 meters
Weight 2.3 meters
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Blue
Physical Description Ash has long white hair and blue skin. With the body of a gymnast, she is in shape and well-muscled, with long arms and a tight grip strength. Like all Andorians, Ash has sharp cheek bones and brow lines. When her hair is bound back, her face has the look of a hawk. The right side of her face also show slight scarring near her hairline and antenna.


Spouse Rianlin (Ex-Bondmate and Male-Thaan), Beltour (Ex-Bondmate and Male-Chan), and Ethorra (Ex-Bondmate and Female-Zhen)
Father Bel (Chan) and Okov (Thaan)
Mother Sero (Zhen) and Azhralle (Shen)
Brother(s) Ossite and Kyssere
Other Family Peria and Zyrao (Cousins)
Shan (Uncle and Starfleet Officer)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Like all Andorians, Ash is highly emotional but bound by control and honor. She generally keeps people at a distance. You have to earn her trust and demonstrate that you are able to do your duty well. She wields her blunt nature like a weapon and her honesty has gotten her into trouble in the past. Ash is also competitive and disciplined. She learned to take pride in a job well done. Anything less was dishonorable.

However, once you get to know her, she warms up. In social situations, she can be loud and forward. If you have earned her friendship or loyalty, she will defend you to the death.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Tactical mind and cool under pressure
+Strong sense of honor and moral code
+Physically active and expert in security and defense, particularly in close combat

-Can be extremely violent when provoked, even to friends and family
-Quick to judge, seeing the world in black and white
Hobbies & Interests Beyond enjoying a good party, talking with friends, and being physically active (climbing, diving, etc...), Ash is also a fan of inter-space rallies and Klingon blood sports. Shockingly, she also enjoys making ice sculptors.

Though it is not considered totally polite in federation society, Ash (and Andorians in general) love a good brawl. During her time in the academy, Ash and her friends would seek out bars known for getting a bit rough. Brawls relieve stress and bring her closer to her friends. Since her rescue, it has been recommended that she mediate. Ash has followed these orders but doesn’t get the same emotional release. It makes her antsy.

Character History

Personal History Ash was born on Andor, the main planet of Andorian Empire. Though she was born in the capital city of Laiken (the more temperate region of the planet), Ash split time between the city where her Chan (first father) was a regional bureaucrat, winter at her Shan maternal grandparents’ farm nearby, and summers in the northern islands on her clan members ice cutter.

After being schooled early on at home with her clan mates, Ash was sent to the famous Laiken military academy with her clan cousins. She succeed there and thought about enlisting in the Andorian Imperial Guard but was always drawn to the stars. One of her clan uncles Shan was a Starfleet officer and inspired her to go onto the academy, where she hoped to cure her restlessness. Her bondmates were reluctant, Rianlin most of all. Her mother wanted her to move on to the Imperial Guard. She convince her family that it was worth it and that after a tour of duty, she would return.

Ash found the academy to be exciting and excelled in her studies. At the academy, she had a core group of friends, often being a part of tactical training. These included two terrans named Una and Miguel. A Vobilite nicknamed Big T and a Trill named Noro. The group was headed by an arrogant but fun-loving Caitian S’Moew.

Once graduated, Ash was assigned to the exploratory section of Starfleet. Ash was an assistant chief tactical officer for star fleet on an exploratory vessel, Miranda-class. At the end of her five-year tour of duty, the ship was hit by flying debris and needed to be evacuated. She and another shipmate, an engineering grunt, were the only survivors able to safely crashland on an unexplored ice planet. They lived for four months before a nasty fall and infection killed her remaining shipmate. It then took her six months to find enough parts to call for help and be rescued. She has been put on full administrative recovery after surviving the crash of her last ship.

Unfortunately, not all was well at home. After been declared MIA, her lover and closest bond mate Rianlin, left and quickly became engaged to another bond set, effectively ending the bond marriage between Ash (considered dead), Beltour (Chan), and Ethorra (Zhen). Distraught over her death and seeking solace, he sought out a set of bondmates who need a thaan to complete the group’s pregnancy. He and this new set are now expecting a child. His actions, though considered rash by Ash’s family, hurtful to his bondmates, and in poor taste, were acceptable by Andorian standards.

However, now that Ash has been found alive, Rianlin’s actions may have very serious consequences. The Andorians are an honor-bound society. Rianlin has not only broken his word but actively offended Ash’s family’s honor by leaving so quickly and having a child with another set when he never formally divorced Ash. It is a serious situation that demands reparations, usually in the form of blood combat or Ushann. As Ash is the offended party, her family is demanding that Rianlin fight one of their members (which is bad news because he isn’t much of a fighter).

Ash, heartsick, declares that she will be the one to engage, as it is her primary right as the offend party. However, as the families gathered to witness the combat, Ash than announced that she is returning to Starfleet, effectively taking the challenge with her. While she is engaged in Starfleet, others cannot challenge Rianlin because of the primacy of her claim. She is hoping to use the time to decide whether or not she actually wants to kill, maim, hurt, or remove the challenge all together.
Service Record -Graduated top of Class
-Assigned to Exploratory
-Five year tour, Miranda-class
-Crash and declared MIA
-Found, administrative leave

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