Commander Hansel (Hans) Friedrech

Name Hansel (Hans) Friedrech
Position Executive Officer
Rank Commander
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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 48

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 195 lbs
Hair Color Peppered
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color White
Physical Description Hans is a well built man in his later years. His gait is that of a veteran of combat, having taken part in many a battle in the dominion war. Hansel appears to have the stoic presence of a soldier. His uniform always pressed and perfect and his beard always trimmed neatly.


Spouse Alexandra(Deceased)
Children None
Father Heindrich Friedrech (Deceased)
Mother Sarah Friedrech
Brother(s) Wolfgang(older), Helmut (Youngest)
Sister(s) None
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview To really understand Hansel, you have to get passed his rough exterior. Hans tends to be an observer watching those around him and speaking only when he feels it necessary or appropriate, and it is this fact alone that has held him back most of his career. While he has shown himself to be a great leader in a crunch, Hans tends to be a loner amidst his peers. Hard to laugh and solemn it appears Hans carries an unseen weight on his shoulders.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Competent Leader
+ Mission Oriented
+ Great Under Pressure
+ Very Observant
- Anti-Social
- Intensely Serious at times
- Struggles with past loss
- Chronic pain and previous pain medicine addiction.
Ambitions After a life full of challenge and loss Hansel has come to the decision that all he has left is his service to Starfleet. He has recently worked hard to advance to the position of Executive Officer and has decided that the Captains chair is his ultimate goal.
Hobbies & Interests Hansel is an introvert and enjoys spending time on his own. He tends to relieve stress by building models of Starships in his room and his collection grows more each time he comes across a new vessel.

Character History

Personal History Hansel Friedrech was born in Wiesbaden, Germany on the Rhine river in South Central Germany to his parents Heindrich and Maria Friedrech. As the middle child of three brothers, Hans was often left to his own devices. His parents owned a small restaurant/brewery named HF Brauhaus and his older brother Wolfgang was always meant to take over the business. Being a bit of a recluse himself, Hans was often picked on by other kids his age, until when he turned 9 and join a football team. Hans was an above average student, but his passion quickly became sports.
As Hansel lived, ate, and breathed football, finding himself as a midfielder, controlling the ball and passing it forward just in time to allow his team to score. As he was completing his secondary school, Hans’ parents were approached by several professional football teams in the area that wanted to recruit him to play for them, and for a while it seemed that Hans’ path had been chosen for him. It was only after a serious injury during a championship game ended the chances of him continuing in the sport that Hans’ future was put into question.
While in recovery at the local hospital 17 year old Hansel met a young Alexandra Hornstein who was doing a residency at the local hospital from Starfleet Medical Academy. While his physical therapy went quickly his relationship with the young doctor grew and before long he had a new path. Hans would join Starfleet and serve alongside Alexandra as long as she’d have him. While the injury he sustained didn’t stop him from completing Starfleet Basic Training Hans suffered from chronic pain and soon picked up a pain medicine dependency. After completing his training Hans was assigned to the Security Department aboard the USS Latimer, a Miranda Class ship, where Alexandra was completing her residency.
Hans was a good Security officer and kept his head down while on duty, but looked forward to every second he could spend with Alexandra and after a year of serving with her they decided to marry. It wasn’t a big affair but the crew of the Latimer was on hand and just as the celebration was completed the Captain made an announcement that the had just received orders to go to the Cardassian border to reinforce the ships in the sector from the growing Maquis threat. The Latimer was consistently in and out of trouble as the Maquis threat grew to open war against the Cardassians and the Federation became targets, and though that meant less time together for Hans and Alexandra, the Latimer stayed safe patrolling the Demilitarized zone. At the end of the Maquis War, a new enemy would become priority for Starfleet the Dominion.
As newly promoted Chief Petty Officer in charge of his own Security Team, Hans was recommended for the Officer program. As the Latimer was assigned to the Seventh Fleet, he was sent back to earth for a 6 month course at Starfleet headquarters. With the new rank of Ensign as he was packing his things to return to Alexandra and the Latimer, some solemn news reached Earth. Upon entering the Tyra system in an effort to stop Dominion advances in the Alpha Quadrant the Seventh Fleet lost all but 12 ships. Among them was the Latimer who reportedly lost all hands. This utterly devastated Hans and it was only after receiving a message sent to him by Alexandra through one of the survivors of the did Hans come out of his depression.
The message was a very simple one. Alexandra reminded him that she joined Starfleet to help people. That when she joined she knew the risks and by the time he received this message he would be an officer. All she asked was that he lived his life and follow her dream of helping anywhere went and be the best version of himself. With this he threw himself completely into his work and for the next few years he was a model Security Officer. Often putting himself in harm's way for fellow officers. He moved up the ranks quickly and was made Chief Security Officer aboard the Ambassador Class, USS Belmont, after 5 years as a Lieutenant. Hans has spent the last 15 years on the Belmont serving with distinction. With a promotion to Commander 3 years ago and adding Second Officer to his Roles aboard the Belmont. The Captain of the ship has put him forward for a promotion to Executive Officer.
Hans has been assigned to the USS Firebird, a Dilligent Class ship in the Cardassian Sector dealing with their own problems. Ready to face his new adventure Hans will do what he can to fill his new red uniform.
Service Record 2347- Birth, Wiesbaden, Germany

2365 - Starfleet Basic Training - Crewman Recruit, Security Crewman Training
2365-2374 - USS Latimer (Miranda Class), Security Crewman. Crewman-Chief Petty Officer
2374- Starfleet Officer's Training Course - Security Officer, Graduated Ensign
2374-2375 Leave of Absence
2376-2379 - USS Belmont (Ambassador Class) - Security Officer, Promoted to LT jg, May 2379
2379-2381 - USS Belmont (Ambassador Class) - Assistant Chief Security Officer, Promoted to Lieutenant, Dec 2381
2381-2385 - USS Belmont (Ambassador Class) - Chief Security Officer, Promoted to Lt Commander, Jun 2385
2385-2392 - USS Belmont (Ambassador Class) - Second Officer, Chief Security Officer, Promoted to Commander, Nov 2392
2395-Present - USS Firebird (Sunbird Class) - Executive Officer, Commander

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