Lieutenant Jackson Smith

Name Jackson Logan Smith
Position Chief Intelligence Officer
Rank Lieutenant
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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 185lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Skin Color White
Physical Description Jackson has an athletic build to him and definitely tries to stay in shape as much as he can. His uniform isn't always the best kept. Tidyness is definitely not a trait one would accuse him of having. While out of uniform he wears very casual things and tends to not notice that something might be a little too worn and should be discarded.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Christopher Smith
Mother Madeline Smith
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Despite his appearance Jackson is dedicated to his work. He has a passion for what he does. While he does follow orders, sometimes he has a few too many questions and definitely bucks against blindly following orders. During the academy he did have issues with certain teachers. Being aboard the USS Firebird seems to be a bit overwhelming to him at times. He is fresh out of the academy and definitely wet behind the ears. He can be a bit naive and obviously hasn't been outside of Earth much at all. This makes him seem a little stand offish, but overall friendly. There are times, though, when a dark mood seems to grab him and it can be best to let him be alone.
Strengths & Weaknesses He has a great memory, really good with spatail awareness.
Very dedicated and works hard
Values family above all, the crew of the Firebird is his only family.
Friendly for the most part

Very independent
Doesn't like or trust Starfleet as a whole.
Sometimes he gets impatient at work.
Has dark moods that make socializing difficult.

Ambitions His ambition seems to be that he wants to be the best at what he does.
Hobbies & Interests He enjoys competition and trying to better himself.
Most physical activities are enjoyable, but even mental exercises are good.
Enjoys a good drink with friends and family (and occasional bar brawl).

Character History

Personal History Official Record:
Jackson was born in San Francisco to a very loving family. He graduated in the middle of his class from High school and barely squeaked by the tests to get into the Academy. Jackson struggled in the Academy and graduated towards the bottom of his class barely passing most of his classes, except those dealing with Flight, where he excelled. His last professor in flight, Captain Malcolm Lweydd, chose Jackson to be the Chief Flight Officer for the Firebird. After excelling there and doing very well on several missions, he was promoted a couple of times and eagerly accepted the transfer to Star Fleet Intelligence.

Reality with Spoilers:

Jackson was born into Hunter's Point gang, named after the neighborhood they reside in San Francisco, at least that is what he was told. He has no clue who his mother and father are, or even if they were part of the gang. Life was good for the most part. They stole, broke into places, did fairly minor gang things to survive. The gang was his family. Things were great until something changed with their leader. He sent everyone on a mission to get into the Experimental Propulsion Laboratory. Most thought this was going to be a great score of some kind. What amazing thing where we going to steal? Everyone began to look for ways to get into it. But it seemed near impossible. People got arrested, patrols increased. It was getting more and more difficult. Dereck, the leader got more and more ruthless as time passed on. He was desperate to get into the building. Well long story short, at the last moment Jackson found a way in. He led Dereck and his lieutenants into the building. Some things happened there, which he has never told anyone, but in the end the building was destroyed and many people died. This has obviously left a black mark on Jackson's soul.

Jackson left the gang at this time, never looking back. He turned instead towards starfleet. He walked directly into the lion's den. He lied on his entrance application. He took the exams and somehow, he passed and was accepted. As he progressed through the process he was sure they would find him out and reject him. He was ready to accept any punishment they felt he deserved. Perhaps that would allay his guilt. But they passed him and he was in.

His first year was really tough. Insanely tough. He was naive to this world of Starfleet and he had a lot to learn and he needed to learn it quickly. He got some help from a senior and was able to get up to speed on his studies, which he had none up to that point. That first year was full of hard work and studies. They may have shoved 13 years of schooling into him in that first year. But he was determined to succeed. He had to succeed. After that first year, things got better for him. He had a great memory so he picked things up well and he showed some amazing aptitude at piloting. He still struggled with most of his classes always just a bit behind his other classmates. His junior year he met flight instructor Malcolm Llwyedd. Professor Llwyedd seemed to be exactly what he needed at that time. They both shared a passion for flight and life really started to look good. He had troubles with several other teachers, and rules and strict adherence to protocol were always tough for him, but he was finally shining at something and feeling good.

He was sad to hear that Professor Llwyedd had taken an assignment and would be leaving the academy. But he knew it would be a great opportunity for the professor. Jackson was going to graduate and the leave the academy that year as well, so in the end it was good for both of them. Of course, you can imagine Jackson's excitement when he found out his first assignment. Then the dread came in quickly as he noticed he was to not just assigned to the Firebird, he was to be the Chief Flight Control Officer...

Service Record 2272- Born

2290-2293 Star Fleet Academy. Major Command- Flight Control
2294- Assigned USS Firebird, Ensign. Chief Flight Control
- Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
- Promoted to Lieutenant
- Transfered to Star Fleet Intelligence, remains stationed with Firebird
- Promoted to Chief Intelligence Officer aboard the Firebird

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