Lieutenant JG Tybek

Name Tybek
Position Temporal Mechanics and Anomalies
Rank Lieutenant JG
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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Half-Vulcan/ Half-Klingon
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 215
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Light Brown
Physical Description Inheriting most of the look of a Vulcan - but with some Klingon size added - Tybek is wide and muscular, though he stands in a manner they seems to make him smaller to the obersvant eye. With a head of short and clean braids, Tybek attempts to blend in as a Vulcan to most people, attempting to hide his Klingon half if possible


Father Wrog of House Qop
Mother T'piy
Other Family Extended Klingon Family (House of Qop)

Personality & Traits

General Overview The perfect intersection of Klingon aggression and Vulcan logic, Tybek specializes in temporal mechanics and anomalies with a focused ruthlessness and meticulous calculation.

Strengths & Weaknesses + Ingenious Problem Solver
+ Workhorse
+ Company Man
+ Trained Warrior
+ Vulcan Logic
- Socially Inept
- Over aggressive
- Internal Identity Struggles
- Smugly self-assured
- Lone Wolf
Ambitions Wants to be the first Starfleet scientist to design a stable wormhole drive capable of FTL time-space travel
Hobbies & Interests Terran baseball and philosophy, Theoretical Astrophysics, studying temporal anomalies, tests of strength, Klingon poetry and mythology, Dom Jot

Character History

Personal History Born to engineer parents, Tybek grew up on Mars. Though not members of Starfleet, his parents often worked in conjunction with Starfleet engineers at Utopia Planitia, until the synthetic attack. Always nervous about his heritage, Tybek leaned more into his Vulcan generics than his Klingon at first.

Up until the attacks on Mars, Tybek's mother, T'piy, was one of the engineers helping develop the quantum state drive for integration with Federation starships; though more interested in the scientific end of the project, Tybek spent a lot of time after school floating around her office, trying to absorb everything he could from her work (sometimes to the detriment of his actual schoolwork).

Tybek's father, Wrog, was not entirely disheartened as to his son's intellectual proclivity; Wrog, himself, was somewhat of an outcast in Klingon society. Though not in any particular dishonor, Wrog was an engineer - simply a lower caste among the warrior-leaning race.

As a youth, Tybek first became interested in tales of temporal anomalies while at school; a friend of his, whose father was a starship captain, had taken interest in Tybek's father, Wrog, and his birthplace - Narendra III. The boy relayed to Tybek the tale of a temporal rift, alternate realities, the famous name Enterprise. The young boy was smitten with the intersection of time and space and the infinite possibilities which sprawled from them.

Growing up, Tybek was closest with his parents, often shifting between friends without much loyalty (from him or them). Many kids often tried to goad the Vulcan-presenting Tybek into unleashing his "Klingon Rage" - which confused and upset the young Tybek, who couldn't find the logic in the lasting prejudices of humans toward Klingons, and even Vulcans.

Luckily, Tybek and his family were vacationing at Khitomer when the Mars attack was carried out. Tybek came to despise synthetic life forms, and almost committed to a career in the Starfleet military. The incident itself caused Tybek to grow anxious and irritated around synthetic life, or even discussing the subject. One day he'd left his home, only for it to be taken from him before he could return - before he knew he had to say goodbye. Tybek continues to struggle with internal anti-synth bias, though he has since softened quite a bit.

Around the time of the attack, Tybek begged his father to teach him how to be a warrior, much to his father's delight. Wrog, though a lowly engineer, was no pushover; Tybek became quite proficient with the mek'leth and a gintak spear, while also studying traditional Klingon martial formations. However, Wrog and T'piy both worked to convince the angry Tybek that the galaxy would best be served by his pursuing his scientific interests; it wasn't until later that he learned his parents feared the militarizing of Starfleet, and Starfleet's "breeding of a blindly nationalist naval force".

Tybek joined Starfleet Academy, where he quickly bonded with a Vulcan Astrophysics teacher; the teacher would encourage Tybek's interest in timespace dimensions and temporal mechanics. However, this Vulcan also shared an affection for Terran baseball - this man had served aboard an all-Vulcan crew whose captain taught all who served how to play the game. Tybek used baseball to loosen up, soon taking an interest in Terran philosophy, as well as Klingon poetry and mythology.

While at the Academy, Tybek learned that he was more of an oddity than he thought. A Vulcan-Klingon mix was rare, and Klingons in Starfleet were still somewhat of a rarity themselves. Though not outright a victim of bullying as with his youth, Tybek found himself often looked down upon by most classmates. Again, Tybek found himself drifting between short stints of friendship, while finding solid mentorship from those older than him.

Over his four years at the Academy, Tybek would split time between playing third base on an intramural baseball team and publishing several theoretical paper on the possibility of creating stable wormholes large enough for starships to pass through. Though it remains but theory, Tybek has continued developing his pet project on the side during his service.

After graduating, Tybek was offered Ensign commission and retained to teach Temporal Mechanics at the Academy, during which time he published several more papers regarding temporal anomalies encountered by Starfleet and the future possibility of wormhole time travel.

In this time, Tybek also took up teaching baseball at the Academy, while leading electives on Klingon Poetry and Mythos, as well as Ancient Terran Philosophy. As he aged, Tybek found himself becoming more comfortable among his colleagues, and that his students were less scrutinizing of his parentage. He found a home for himself and his work for five years there on Earth. Tybek was able to examine his personal biases toward synthetic life, and though the attacks on Mars and Utopia Planitia still are stored in a dark place in his memory, he finds himself able to see the parallels in his heritage and the prejudice he faced early in life.

It was around the end of his fifth year teaching that Ensign Tybek was offered commission aboard the USS Firebird - believing it in his best interest to move into a new position, allowing for a diversity in his workload while also providing a refreshing space for his increasingly stagnant wormhole projects.
Service Record 2385- Enters into Academy
2386 - Publishes, "On the Inevitability of Stable Wormholes as Galactic Highways"
2387 - Winner of several Academy Research Awards
2389 - Graduates, as an Ensign is brought on to teach Temporal Mechanics
2392 - Publishes, "Starfleet's Sordid History with Temporal Tinkering"
2394 - Publishes, "Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc: How Our Ventures into History Changed the Future without Our Knowing"
~2395 - Accepts a position aboard the USS Firebird, his first starship assignment

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