Lieutenant Marcus (Mark) Everett

Name Marcus (Mark) Samuel Everett
Position Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer
Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 140
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Cerulean
Skin Color Fair
Physical Description Mark is short for a stormtrooper, about 5’6”, and a slight build, but has a country boy’s strength. His hands still bear signs of his early years on the ranch. His hair is naturally curly hair that he wears slightly longer than is typical for Starfleet officers. For a certain type of person (pulse-having) he’s sexy as all get out.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Samuel Kingston Everett, Ryan Henry Everett (Brewer)
Mother Melissa Jean Kearney
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) Rose of Sharon Kearney McClennon
Other Family Rose is married to Joshua Jeffery McClennon, and they have four children: Jedediah, Ryan, Jean, and Margaret

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mark listens before he talks. He works to close distance with people, physically and emotionally. Tends to be quiet. Likes a good party a whole lot though. He has a natural empathy and folks find it easy to trust him.
Strengths & Weaknesses Everett’s main strengths are in mediation and analysis. He’s insightful about the motivations and goals of individuals of most species due to his work in his first posting. He’s also skilled at building positive group dynamics.
He’s a good shot with a phaser.
He’s got a decent background in science but only a very superficial knowledge of the physics and engineering behind the systems of a starship. He generally does ok with the replicator but still sometimes gets a whole deer instead of venison stew.
He is not particularly good under pressure—the story below is an anomaly and made him reconsider his career trajectory. Like, maybe he could be good as a tactical officer of some kind. But he’s not good right now.
Ambitions As an ensign, Everett hoped he’d get the opportunity to serve on a starship, see the galaxy, rise to the rank of Commander, and retire to teach back on Earth and be close to his family. Since the incident in the Dominion War he’s rethinking those plans, but doesn’t know what the future holds for him.
Hobbies & Interests Mark loves to hunt, fish, hike, camp, and ride horses. He spent his leave in his early years in Starfleet taking any opportunity he could find to be outside on the surface of a planet, without a spacesuit or breathing apparatus. On a starship he’d often run natural world programs just to get off the sterile environment, mentally at least.
He still runs those programs from time to time. But now he finds himself very often running tactical simulations. Sometimes he loses track of time doing so.

Character History

Personal History Mark grew up on the Big Muddy ranch in Eastern Oregon. In the 25th century the vast ranch is mainly a wilderness which serves as a type of preserve for the management of the environment in the Pacific Northwest. The ranch also is home to significant wind, solar, and hydroelectric power generation capacity.
Mark was raised in a polyamorous family. His fathers, Samuel and Ryan, had lived at the ranch for ten years before they decided they wanted to have a child together. Samuel supervises the power generation tech and Ryan is an environmental biologist. Ultimately they and Melissa Kearny, from Antelope, Oregon, had a family together. They agreed to have two children, with the firstborn taking Samuel and Ryan’s surname name, and the second child taking Melissa’s.
Mark’s family life was happy, and as a result of the slightly more complex relationships, and his calm demeanor, and often served as the family’s mediator. The three parents had hoped at least one of their children would continue their work at Big Muddy. Mark loved the high desert of the ranch, the dry landscapes, scrub, bison herds and wolf packs, and even the winters, but wanted to see the galaxy. Rose of Sharon gladly stayed at the Ranch and married someone from Antelope, just like her dads.
Mark showed great talent and interest in exobiology, but found his way into neuropsychology and counseling late in his term at Starfleet Academy. He shipped out as a counselor, initially to Starbase 133, but eventually landing one of the coveted counseling posts on a starship, the Akira-Class USS Thunderchild.
Service Record Mark’s initial posting was as base counselor to Starbase 133, where he distinguished himself in learning non-human traditions in counseling and in successful treatment of human and non-human clients. While a Starbase counselor he co-wrote several papers studying the neural network changes across species as a result of different forms of therapy. Base Commodore Thavil zh’Enar successfully nominated Mark and his co-authors (Science Officer Sabine Nakada and Base Doctor Meressa Tennan) for a Preantares Ribbon of Commendation for their work.
After receiving the commendation, and a promotion to Lieutenant JG, Mark applied for every open starship posting. His first assignment was the Akira-class USS Thunderchild in the days following the Battle of Sector 001. Very few counselors had to this point been assigned to strictly combat ships, and Everett was the first counselor ever assigned to the Thunderchild. The fight against the Borg had been brutal. Eighty-seven crewmembers had lost their lives, including 14 who had been assimilated by a Borg landing party. Mark served with distinction on the Thunderchild, quickly establishing a reputation as a humble and insightful officer. At one time or another, all of the Thunderchild’s officers and dozens of crew saw him for counseling. He also developed extremely effective programs for incorporating new crewmembers into the lifeworld of a starship that have come into widespread use. Mark was promoted to Lieutenant as a result.
The Thunderchild was part of the reserves during the Klingon-Federation War, but was pressed into combat in the war against the Dominion. It was part of the Seventh Fleet sent to halt the Dominion advance at the Tyra system. The Fleet was nearly annihilated, and the Thunderchild itself boarded by Jem’Hadar. Mark drew a squad of Jem’Hadar away from the bridge with accurate phaser fire, and coordinated with ship security to lead them into an ambush, preserving the ship. For his heroism, Everett was awarded a Star Cross and the Decoration for Gallantry.
The Thunderchild saw extensive service in the remainder of the war. Mark had, to this point, hoped to reach the rank of Commander and retire from active service to teach at the Academy. However, his decorations and combat service brought him to the attention of Starfleet Intelligence, and after an initial contact intrigued him Everett joined their service. His first posting was as a scientific and cultural attache to the Starfleet mission to Cardassia Prime. While there he taught seminars on counseling and psychology and had an extensive list of clients in private practice. He maintained a strict separation between his intelligence gathering and his counseling, making it a point to show new clients the writ of permission to maintain confidentiality of patient sessions and records. After some time (how long??) he decided he wished to serve on a starship again, and was fortunate enough to land on the USS Firebird.

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