Lieutenant M'ndi M'rron

Name M'ndi M'rron
Position Former Crew
Rank Lieutenant
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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 145 lbs.
Hair Color Black and orange
Eye Color Yellow
Skin Color Fur
Physical Description M'ndi is a tall and lanky caitian with black and orange ("tortoise-shell") fur. She keeps her black mane neatly trimmed to a strict shoulder length. She can often be seen with a nervous expression or a goofy, lopsided smile when she's trying to be cool.


Spouse None
Children None
Father M'kla M'rron
Mother M'bind M'rron
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Five older sisters
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview M'ndi can be described as timid, nervous, and excitable. When something piques her interest - such as a new unexplained scientific phenomenon - she has been known to jump up and down, clap her hands, and even meow, though she is often mortified after she realizes she's done so. She is tense and tight-lipped in social situations with an anxiety-induced stutter; she likes the company of others, but oh, how they scare her. Not that she's any more comfortable when she's alone with her thoughts. She is a quantum physicist with a specialization in describing and theorizing on newly discovered phenomena.
Strengths & Weaknesses As she is considerably young for her position, M'ndi feels the need to prove herself, both in the eyes of her superiors, subordinates, and herself. She desperately wants the people around her to like her, making her something of a people-pleaser, putting the wants of others over her own needs, but her social awkwardness makes this even more difficult. Still, her scientific mind is second to none - she got this position for a reason - and though she can freeze up when pressured to make an important decision, her overwhelming curiosity and zest for the unknown makes her fiercely capable when it comes to science and exploration.
Ambitions Becoming a Starfleet Chief Science Officer has been everything M'ndi ever dreamed of. Now she just has to keep her cool and not screw up.
Hobbies & Interests M'ndi spends what little free time she has curled up with a glass of wine and a book on quantum physics, though she wishes she had the guts to be more social.

Character History

Personal History Growing up the youngest of six sisters had quite the impact on young M'ndi M'rron, giving her something of an inferiority complex. Her parents were both schoolteachers on the Caitian homeworld, and M'ndi grew up with the best of educations; she always had her nose buried in science books that were usually above the level even of her teachers. She didn't have many friends, and always dreamed of leaving home to explore the wonders of the universe that she had only read about in books. Finishing her primary schooling early, she enlisted in Starfleet at the age of 16.

Initially Starfleet was everything M'ndi dreamed of, a glorious center of exploration and learning. However, her illusions quickly faded as the reality set in - her Caitian homeworld education was nowhere near the level of Starfleet in both work level and advancement of knowledge; where she had been singularly gifted on her homeworld, she was just another student in Starfleet, and as her anxiety grew, her performance suffered, leading into a spiral of depression that culminated in an attempt on her own life at the age of 18. After surviving, she spent a year and a half recovering at home under the care of her concerned parents.

The experience, as traumatic as it was, gave M'ndi a new determination to accomplish what she set out to do. She returned to Starfleet and doubled down on her studies, earning her first ship assignment as a quantum scientist at the age of 24 aboard the USS Spiner. The Spiner's commander, a human named Courtney Young, took a liking to the young scientist, especially after M'ndi had the opportunity to show her intellectual prowess when the Spiner encountered some dangerous unexplained phenomena on two different occasions. Young became something of a mentor figure or even a second mother to M'ndi, and in 2393, she recommended M'ndi to the position of chief science officer aboard the small ship the USS Firebird.
Service Record 2365 - Birth, Caitian homeworld

2381-2383 - Starfleet Academy, Major Science, Quantum Mechanics.
2383-2384 - Psychiatric LOA.
2384-2389 - Starfleet Academy.
2389-2393 - USS Spiner, Ensign, Science Officer (quantum mechanics specialty).
2890- Promoted to Lieutenant jg.
2394- Assigned to USS Firebird, Chief Science Officer. Promoted to Lieutenant.

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