Lieutenant Jordan Weber

Name Jordan Michael Weber
Position Chief Counselor
Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 145 lbs.
Hair Color Dark Brown/Black
Eye Color Grey
Skin Color White
Physical Description Jordan is not very athletic, but still slim and in shape. He is generally not clean-shaven and seems to take a casual attitude towards his appearance. While his smile can be comforting, his piercing gaze can put people off at times.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Chief Petty Officer Carson Weber
Mother Lieutenant Margaret Weber (deceased)
Brother(s) Daniel (twin w/ Erica) 37 yrs.
Justin 35 yrs.
Carson, Jr. Brother 25 yrs.
Sister(s) Erica (twin w/ Daniel) 37 yrs.
Cassandra (twin) 24
Jessica (twin) 24
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jordan is quiet and reserved. He watches everything. He has a hard time connecting with people and can be socially awkward at times. He enjoys the company of people, but doesn't know how to interact with them on any deep level.
Strengths & Weaknesses Smart, quick to analyze, observant.

Socially awkward, avoids conflict, distant
Ambitions Overall, he really wants to pickup where his mother left off, but he is struggling as he begins to realize he doesn't have her natural gift as a counselor.
Hobbies & Interests Learning and experiencing new things interest him the most.
People watching, going to crowded places and figuring out everyone's story.

Character History

Personal History Age: 34
Born – January 20th 2049

To everyone outside his family, his father appeared to be your typical strong, hard, and just enough mean edge to him, Marine. But that is not what he showed to his family. He was much more hard and much meaner and demanding, even abusive.

His mother was brilliant and empathic. She was well known in the psychology field as a rising star. She devoted herself to her work and rose through the ranks quickly. She married early in her life, even before leaving the academy. She had politically goals and knew she needed to have the typical family. While she was this brilliant psychologist and counselor, she was generally too busy, tired to focus on her family. They were almost trappings or decorations, a means to an end. She was too empathic to not love everyone unconditionally, but she didn’t recognize or have the energy to deal with the problems developing.

Because of this their father had more influence on how they were raised than their mother did. The father shaped his children in his image, and they were cruel and conniving. They did everything they could for his praise, even if it meant hurting others. Jordan was weaker than his older siblings and really suffered under them. The father wanted him to toughen up and was constantly disappointed in him. For his younger years, his mother was not there, and Jordan quickly began to observe how his siblings and father behaved. He recognized their moods and reacted appropriately to avoid the most pain. He figured out the best things to say, to do. Lies were a constant thing in the household. They always portrayed something else to the public and even amongst each other. Jordan’s own well being depended on him knowing when they were lying.

When Jordan was 8 years old, his mother finally realized that her family were terrible people. This broke her heart when she finally opened her eyes to what was happening. She immediately retired from the Starfleet and devoted herself full time to her family. She gave up all goals and aspirations she had. Over the next couple years, she realized that the damage that was done was deep. Perhaps that is why she decided to have more children, to start over with them? Which meant she gave up on her other children. Jordan watched all this play out over the next few years. Things did not get better with his mother present. In fact, it could be argued they got worse. His parents constantly fought, which angered his father, and his outbursts and punishments were worse. His older siblings followed suit with their father.

Meanwhile Jordan became quieter and more watchful, ever observant. This spilled over into his social life outside of school. He hated that his family lied all the time, and he tried not to do that. But this caused problems for him as he was very observant and pointed things out that most people did not want to know. He had troubles with friends and soon this pushed him to be even more quiet and observant. People did not want to know when they were being lied to or were lying to others or even to themselves.

When Jordan was 12, his mother had given up. She could not continue. She could not fix her family. She had given up everything for them, and she had failed. She committed suicide. Jordan had seen this moment coming for over a year. He had mourned, he had cried, and he had prepared himself for it. When she did commit suicide, Jordan accepted it as the inevitable outcome it was. He did not mourn or cry for he had already accepted her death months ago. This made his family and even many of his friends and the public angry with him. They considered him heartless, but he could not cry for the mother that had died almost a year ago for him.
This reinforced his behavior even more. Be observant, be contemplative, be quick to analyze, know what is going to happen before it happens. Jordan also decided he needed to know more about people’s behavior, so he delved into studying psychology and sociology. He could have tried to take over where his mom left off and try to raise his younger siblings, but he didn’t. His years of self-preservation won out, and he avoided the conflict with his older siblings and father. He stuck to taking care of himself. Right after high school he applied and was accepted into Starfleet academy. This put him further at odds with his family as all his older siblings went to basic and into the marines.

At the academy, Jordan excelled. He scored well above average in all his classes, but he particularly dived into the social sciences. This is where he really excelled. Not only in understanding human behavior, but all known alien species as well. He soaked up this knowledge and it expanded his already well-developed skills. Soon, he had graduated from the academy with highest marks in the social sciences. He was sought after as a young version of his mother. Many remember her potential and they saw that in him.
In 2071, he was assigned to the Androsthenes, Nebula Class, as an ensign and a counselor. He served there for two years earning the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. He didn’t get any great performance evaluations. The captain noted that he gave great advice and had helped in some overly critical situations. The captain felt that Jordan struggled to do well in the basic functions of a counselor. He suggested that he go back to the academy and further his training there.

Jordan did this and he delved further into his understanding of psychology and mastering not just humans but other species as well. He soon was recognized and well known for his knowledge and skill. While at school he was promoted to Lieutenant. After achieving his doctorate, he was once again, sought after and quickly got assigned to the Geronimo under Captain Lucas.

The Geronimo departed DS9 as part of the Battle of Cardassia assault fleet. This was an intense and dangerous assignment. Jordan excelled under pressure and quickly became an advisor to the Captain. While he did well on this ship, it was a humbling and scary assignment. Death was an ever residing presence on the ship. Upon returning from the battle, the ship was retired. Captain Lucas went on to be promoted to Commodore. Placed in charge of three ships that patrol the border of the former Cardassian Union. Jordan definitely would have enjoyed following the captain, but that was not to be. Because of the evaluation he received under Captain Lucas and his Academy performance, he was soon requested by a much more prestigious ship the Corsair, Ambassador Class. He was offered the rank of Lieutenant Commander and position of Chief Counselor, Jordan decided that this was too good to pass up for his career. He would definitely regret not following Captain Lucas.

A few months after taking that position, Jordan evaluated the crew. He came to the captain, Cassius Dinair, and informed him that his XO was not fit for duty, that the XO was suicidal. The captain was furious with Jordan. Not only had he made such a ridiculous evaluation after such a short time, but that he had made it an official diagnosis. The captain had known the XO for 20 years and he knew that there was nothing wrong. The captain with his connections, quickly got the diagnosis buried and it was never revealed to the XO. Sadly, the XO was great at hiding his problem, and after a year of tense service on the ship, the XO committed suicide. The captain blamed Jordan for this. He had him demoted to Lieutenant and kicked off the ship. The captain then had Jordan blacklisted. This could have easily meant the end for Jordan’s Starfleet career. Luckily, the Dean of Psychology at the Academy stepped in and offered Jordan a research/teaching position. The Dean had seen the value in what Jordan could offer in the realm of research and training. Jordan returned to the Academy. For the next three years, Jordan dealt with the fact that even though he knew what was going on, he didn’t have the skill to prevent it the XO from committing suicide. Jordan did not blame the captain for ignoring his original advice and accepted the blame that the captain put on him. The connection this incidence had to his mother was tough on Jordan as well. But his self-preservation won out and he dived into his work, with more research and some teaching.
In 2083, his former XO having gained Captain of a new ship and mission, approached Jordan to join him on this mission. Jordan agreed to the position, with the qualification, that the XO seek out another skilled counselor to compliment his skills. With the agreement reached, Jordan became Chief Counselor.
Service Record 2067-2071: Starfleet Academy (Graduated as Ensign)
2071-2073: Androsthenes- Nebula Class Ship (Finished duty as Lieutenant JG)
2073-2075: Starfleet Academy (graduate studies)
2075-2077: USS Geronimo departs DS9 as part of the Battle of Cardassia assault fleet (Promoted to Lieutenant early)
2078-2079: Corsair – Ambassador Class (Started as Lieutenant Commander, ended as Lieutenant)
2080-2083: Starfleet Academy (Lieutenant)

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