Captain Gabriel Lucas

Name Gabriel Renzo Lucas
Position Commanding Officer
Rank Captain
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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 52

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 210
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Skin Color Dark
Physical Description Born from South American and African stock, Gabriel has powerful, wide shoulders, powerful but short arms.He stands striclty upright at all times and has a habit of crunchinch nuts in his massive hands.


Spouse None
Children Claira Lucas - Daugther age 32-- Housewife
Solinete Lucas - Son Age 24 - Freighter pilot.

Father Tomitas Lucas
Mother Margarethe Lucas
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gabriel is a distant man, especially when he is operating as the commander in chief. He tends to lead a very isolated life on ship so that he can make unbiased decisions. This tends to make him less than popular with the crew, something he really doesn't give a damn about. Gabriel believes that there is always a perfect solution to any problem if it can be identified in time. He is hard on his chiefs because he needs them to be the best of the best.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Decisive
+Tactical Expertise
- Rigid
-Too trustworthy
Ambitions Gabriel wants to use the Hinotori's mission to help give him redemption from his past and to prove that Starfleet still is the best thing in the galaxy.
Hobbies & Interests Chess
Riding horses

Character History

Personal History Gabriel Lucas was born in San Francisco in April of 2331 to Tomitas and Margarethe Lucas. Tomitas was an industrial welder and fabricator who spent the majority of his working years repairing and upgrading Excelsior class Starships for Starfleet. To the end of his days, Tomitas thought the Excelsior was the lady of the fleet.
Gabriel was a normal boy, inasmuch that he loved to be on the move at all times. He ran the neighborhood, played with friends and spent every evening with his parents. It was a simple but good life. Despite Gabriel's parent's wishes for more children, they were never able to conceive again and they became more concerned with his future as he passed nearer to being a teenager. He'd never shown much inclination for studies but he hadn't done poorly. His parents decided to enroll him in a more rigorous private school when he was 11. The new school was more technology and hands-on focused and Gabriel made great strides. His aptitude for math was especially strong and within two years he was at the head of his class. His trajectory continued to rise and as Gabriel approached his 18th birthday, he was planning to enroll in the local university and seek a mathematics degree. He had no concrete plans for what he would do but it was interesting to him. His parents had other plans. One evening they sat and spoke to him at length about his future, culminating with them expressing their desire that he apply to Starfleet. He applied with no expectation of acceptance and was shocked when he received his reporting date.
Gabriel enrolled at the academy in 2348. Having never been around Starfleet personnel, the entire environment was unfamiliar and difficult to adjust to. He struggled with the classroom learning style and considered dropping out several times. A chance encounter one evening changed everything. Gabriel had turned into something of a loner and was wandering the halls, again considering quitting, when he heard laughing. He poked his head inside a classroom and found a group of cadets playing an engineering game where each person designed a starship. They invited Gabriel in and his future was set.
Gabriel excelled in engineering and graduated in the top third of his class in 2352. He was especially clever with new designs and problem-solving errors. His demeanor, always level-headed and cool under pressure, was often commented on by his professors.
Gabriel was assigned to the USS Zhukov, an Ambassador class ship, and worked hard. He grew to love the aging vessel and took pride in knowing it inside and out. He made friends, fell in love, and suffered his first heartbreak. He was generally happy. In 2355 the Zhukov suffered an unexplained warp core failure. The ship was transiting an unexplored nebula and Gabriel was able to remodulate the unique energy waves in the nebula to form an external warp core containment, which saved the ship. His quick thinking and engineering insight earned him accolades and recognition.
In 2356 he was assigned to the USS Pegasus, an Oberth class ship that was being used as a testbed for the upcoming Galaxy class line of ships. The work was exhausting but Gabriel loved it. The iterative work was sometimes monotonous but he was part of a number of breakthroughs that made the Galaxy class possible. In 2357 he was transferred to the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards and assigned to the Galaxy Class Working Group. This assignment continued until the USS Galaxy was commissioned in 2358 and then Gabriel was transferred to the ship. He served as an engineering officer, with responsibilities beyond his rank due to his intimate familiarity with core systems. He helped continue to refine systems and became comfortable supervising other officers for the first time. He fell in love a second time and suffered his second heartbreak.
In 2362 Gabriel was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to the USS Bellerophon, a Nebula class ship as the Assistant Chief Engineer. He was proud of the promotion and ready for a new posting. The Bellerophon was a smaller ship but the crew welcomed him and he settled into his new duties. He found that he was good at seeing not just the system flows in engineering but also in the personnel in his department. He developed a feel for which people would work best together and he became known for his somewhat stern but fair judgment. He was happy.
When the Borg attacked in 2366, the Bellerophon was in Earth orbit, finishing up a long resupply. The fleet-wide alert went out and they answered the call. The Nebula class starship was by no means a warship. They were traditional scientific and exploration vessels. None of that mattered against the Borg.
The Bellerophon fought. In the first exchange, the surgical targeting of the Borg struck the ship's engineering section, killing the Chief Engineer and many of Gabriel's friends. He assumed command of engineering, restored power and helped the ship fight on for a while longer. In the end, they never really had a chance. Gabriel continued to work the problems until the end. He woke up in a damaged escape pod, unsure how he'd gotten there and gazing at a starscape of debris and bodies.
Gabriel suffered extensive burns over most of his body and the recovery was long and grueling. He spent a year on Earth, enduring multiple medical procedures. During his recovery period, he realized that he could do more. He told himself that if he'd been in command, more of his friends would have lived. He eventually applied for a change of branches and was sent to the Advance Command School on Proxima. Upon graduating, and newly promoted to Lieutenant Commander, Gabriel found himself assigned to the USS Thomas Paine, a New Orleans Class ship, as a first officer. His Captain, Lucious Tell, was not pleased at the assignment and the two clashed. Gabriel knew that he should not have been placed into an XO position so quickly but the sheer number of deaths at Wolf 359 changed the hierarchy of Starfleet.
Eventually, Gabriel and Captain Tell developed a good working relationship but the two were never friends. In 2371, with rumors of a new conflict brewing, Gabriel was surprised to find that he'd been promoted to Captain and assigned to the USS Geronimo, an Akira class ship. Gabriel was privately both thrilled and terrified with the orders. He'd been an XO for only a few years and felt like he had so much to learn. When he reported to the Geronimo, Gabriel felt like he'd come home. The ship spoke to him in ways the others he'd served on hadn't. He annoyed his entire engineering department by exploring the whole ship and was often found in jeffries tubes or conduit access points, in work clothes. He eventually knew the capabilities of the Akira class better than anyone. He also found that his skill in math extended to tactics and he became an expert in utilizing the fighter assests that the Geronimo had.
The ship fought a handful of skirmishes against different forces and always came out on top. The Geronimo's crew came to trust and love their captain and they were protective of him. More than one fight broke out on a space station when another crew disparaged Captain Lucas's personality.
By the time the war with t Dominion finally broke open, the Geronimo had an excellent reputation as a fighting ship and her captain was equally well regarded. The ensuing battles tempered the ship into a lethal weapon that gave pause to all the enemies who faced her in battle. Along the way, the Geronimo and Captain Lucas suffered. They suffered the deaths that come from warfare. They suffered the mental wounds that never completely healed. They suffered the loss of the bright future they'd expected in their youths. And yet they endured.
The USS Geronimo fought in nearly every major battle in the Dominion War and was awarded scores of accolades for succeeding when success seemed impossible. In 2377, the ship returned to the place of her birth. Gabriel still loved every inch of her, wounds and all, but he knew better than anyone that the ship's days were numbered. He knew his days were numbered as well.
Starfleet rewarded his actions by promoting him to Commodore and being sent back to the places where he'd seen so many of his crew die. He patrolled the borders of the former Cardassian Union and retired in 2381.
Retirement meant returning to San Francisco, where he occasionally lectured in Engineering or Tactics at the Academy. But mostly it meant reliving the battles, day after day. Time moved on. Gabriel didn't.
In 2383, his former XO from the Geronimo approached him with an offer. A new ship. A different kind of mission. A chance to move on.
Service Record Born 2331
Join Starfleet 2349
2352 Graduated Academy
2352- Assigned USS Zhukov (Ambassador Class) Ensign in Engineering
2356- Promoted to Lt. JG Assigned to USS Pegasus (Oberth Class) for experimental systems testing
2357- Assigned to Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Galaxy Class Working Group.
2358-2361 – Assigned to USS Galaxy (Galaxy Class), Engineering Officer
2362 Promoted to Lieutenant. Assigned to USS Bellerophon (Nebula Class) Assistant Chief Engineer
2366- Participated in the Battle of Wolf 359. One of only 48 survivors from the Bellerophon.
2367- Recuperation at Star Fleet Medical, Earth.
2368- Requests career change to command. Attends Advance Command School
2369-2370 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, Assigned to USS Thomas Paine (New Orleans Class), First Officer.
2371- Promoted to Captain. Assigned to USS Geronimo (Akira Class). Assigned to the 7th Fleet. Fought in the Tyra system and was one of 14 out of 112 ships to survive. 2374 fought at Sybaron. 2374 fought at the battle of the Tibor Nebula.
2375- USS Geronimo departs DS9 as part of the Battle of Cardassia assault fleet.
2377- USS Geronimo returns to Antares Shipyard for evaluations. Determined that damage from numerous battles has rendered the hull unrepairable. Is sent to mothball fleet.
2378 Promoted to Commodore. Placed in charge of three ships that patrol the border of the former Cardassian Union. Flag is aboard the USS Venture (Galaxy Class).
2381- Retires from Starfleet
2383- Reinstated at Captain Rank. Given Command of the USS Hinotori.

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