Lieutenant Mirta

Name Mirta
Position Chief Science Officer
Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 138lb
Hair Color Green-Black
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Green
Physical Description The most immediately remarkable thing about this woman is her color of her skin: viridescent, a touch darker than the green of a summer meadow and soft, seemingly yet unblemished by age. Raven-black hair, thick, lustrous, shining blue-green in the sunlight, tumbles in waves to mid-back and frames a softly-rounded face graced by large, expressive brown eyes surrounded by dark, lush lashes. Below, a narrow, pert nose and full, evergreen-tinted lips -- scarcely found to be wearing less than a soft, kind smile. Her body is perfectly proportioned, an enviable hourglass honed by years of dance, moving with a practiced grace as if each simple step were part of some elaborate choreography. Her Starfleet uniform is trimmed in the blues of Sciences, and she has chosen the option of the black duty skirt which falls to a few inches above the knee, complemented by polished knee-high boots.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Matrisse (Orion Syndicate)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Lemya
Other Family Maila (F, cousin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Affable and sociable. Downright gregarious at times. Prefers to be in the company of others and can get quite sullen when isolated. Uninhibited, almost no concept of personal space and has to remind herself not to get too handsy when she gets excited. Surprisingly bookish -- prefers the thrill of discovery to romance. A bit mean-spirited when it comes to competition, especially around other women -- probably one part Orion breeding and one part Orion biology. Forever optimistic, even when the universe is trying to beat it out of her.
Strengths & Weaknesses Analytical Mind - Everything is a puzzle and Mirta loves puzzles. This natural propensity toward discovery led her to seek a career in the sciences.

Inexhaustible Enthusiasm - Both help and hindrance, Mirta seems to possess an endless supply of enthusiasm for her work. She never tires of working on a project, but that extreme enthusiasm can often lead to carelessness that could have been avoided with a little more reservation. She tends to jump right in, preferring iterative experimentation to theorycraft.

Impulsive - Mirta often lets her curiosity get the better of her, and it is her nature to leap before looking, both in the lab and in life.

Gregarious - Friendly and outgoing, Mirta loves being around other people, making her a natural team player. However, unless she has some task or bit of research to focus on, when alone for extended periods she can grow listless, even despondent.

Seductive - An Orion slave girl trained in the art of seduction, soft-spoken and easy on the eyes, Mirta is adept at manipulating the desires of anyone that finds her captivating.

Pheromones - Orions naturally exude pheromones that can have a calming effect on many species and put them at ease. The women in particular can release pheromones that have a potent effect on males that cloud their judgement and make them easy to manipulate. Mirta normally exudes them in only minute amounts, but the effect can become potent with physical exertion as she sweats, though she will rarely, as a rule, do so at-will.
Ambitions Her greatest ambition is to discover and harness a new and exotic form of energy, rendering matter-antimatter reactors obsolete.
Hobbies & Interests Like a lot of Starfleet eggheads, she’s also a bit of a tinkerer; less engineer and more mad scientist. And despite her rejection of her former life, she nonetheless continues to enjoy the art of dance.

Character History

Personal History Like many young Orion girls, Mirta was destined for the infamous and elusive Orion slave trade from birth; unlike many other Orion girls, she was born to a mother who was the influential and high-ranking matriarch of a Syndicate family. From the moment of conception, she was intended for the role of infiltrator, manipulator, to be gifted or sold to an individual of wealth, privilege and power in order to subtly bend that individual to the will of the Syndicate. Her young life was about learning poise and grace; her early teens about ritual and hospitality; and her late teens, the arts of seduction and manipulation. She was groomed to be more than a mere slave... but rather the perfect courtesan. Now a young adult, Mirta was ‘sold’ into possession of one Edik Durak, a wealthy individual in his own right and a high-ranking official of the Cardassian Ministry of Trade -- and an aging man with a taste for very young women.

Despite this predilection, Durak was as a rule quite kind and generous to her, doting even, and though perhaps a little doughy -- removed from active military service into a life of politics -- he was not a particularly repulsive man. But Mirta's life with him was not one she would have chosen for herself.

Sharing her culture’s propensity toward intellectual exercise, Mirta found herself enamoured not with games of politics or the deft manipulation of her master, but with the universe beyond. Stars, planets, nebulae -- her mind craved to understand all of these things, and the threads that bound them all together. Her nights were spent in her master’s study while he slumbered deeply, poring over his library. Math, physics, astronomy... she devoured every bit of information she could obtain, amazed by the ease with which she was able to digest it. But eventually, books and datarods no longer were enough. She needed to get out there, and see the workings of the universe for herself.

And so, one evening, after a particularly good bottle of wine liberally laced with a potent sedative secreted from a hacked replicator, Mirta slipped out of Durak’s bed, stole the passcard for his personal shuttle, and ran off into the night. Though not the most competent pilot, she had accompanied him on enough voyages to have an understanding of the departure protocols and how to use the autopilot. Once she achieved orbit, she set a course for the place she believed she could find not only the asylum from the life she was forced into, but the way to satisfy her hunger for knowledge: the Federation.

Durak’s shuttle was en route to Deep Space 9 when it was intercepted at the border of the Demilitarized Zone by USS Endeavor. Mirta immediately requested asylum and plead her case to Endeavor’s captain, Jessica Jameson, who granted it without reservation and would later sponsor her application to Starfleet Academy.

The first year was slightly rough; rumors of her former life abounding, she carried with her the burden of an Orion woman’s reputation. Not that she had no appetite, on the contrary -- just that her hunger for discovery was far less easily sated than her cravings for companionship. Would-be flings found themselves disappointed as she quickly established herself as a bookworm. With her innate beauty and her practiced charm, the young men came to her often, and were sent away disappointed equally as often when they discovered her lack of enthusiasm for the pursuit of the opposite sex, preferring to immerse herself instead in her studies and the puzzles of the cosmos.

After all, when you have an Orion’s physiology, men are easy to manipulate… the stuff of the universe was much more of a challenge.

As her Academy days rolled on, she discovered a love for high-energy physics. This was the good stuff -- cracking open bits of reality and seeing what spewed out. It became her passion, and her speciality. Upon graduation she requested to be assigned to Endeavour under Jameson, who saw fit to grant the request, with pleasure. Junior Science Officer Mirta had made it. She was going out there.

She was going to see what the universe was made of.

She served aboard Endeavor, distinguishing herself in an away mission that turned into an ambush by a crew of Nausicaans where her quick thinking and technical improvisation led to the rescue of herself and her incapacitated teammates. Shortly thereafter she was promoted to full Lieutenant, becoming the team lead in the High Energy Physics lab, and then chief of the Stellar and Physical Sciences section until the aging ship's retirement in early 2383. She was preparing to take over a research lab on Starbase 12 when she received orders for immediate reassignment to USS Hinotori, bound for the Delta Quadrant.
Service Record 2354 - Born
2372 - Entered Starfleet Academy
2375 - Midshipman’s Cruise: USS Hawking
2376 - Graduation, Starfleet Academy
2376 - Assignment: USS Endeavour, Junior Science Officer, High Energy Physics
2378 - Promotion: Lieutenant Junior Grade
2380 - Promotion: Lieutenant / Team Leader, High Energy Physics Lab
2382 - Promotion, Section Chief, Stellar and Physical Sciences
2383 - Transfer: USS Hinotori, Chief Science Officer

Player History

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