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Lieutenant Tor Ezzo

Name Tor Ezzo

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 198
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Ezzo is your stereotypical flyboy or at least passes himself off that way. His uniform is rarely pressed and his hair always looks like it’s never cared for. What you wouldn’t know is this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Ezzo spends more time than most in the gym and spends so much time making sure every hair on his head is carefully out of place.


Spouse -
Children -
Father Tor Jidal
Mother Tor Reena
Other Family Tor Jolan, Famous Composer

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tor Ezzo has been through a lot in his career; it has caused him to isolate himself, never really allowing anyone close to him. It wasn’t always this way and those who know him from his past are amazed at how closed off and introverted he’s become. He is extremely focused and a very skilled pilot, but his inability to allow others to get close to him have left his life in a sort of limbo.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- Great hand eye coordination makes him an excellent pilot with great spatial awareness, he’s been known to thread the needle in crafts that aren’t meant for maneuverability.
- Ezzo has a way with technology whether it’s a tricorder or the Conn computer’s have a way of talking to him. So much so his superiors have tried to get him transferred to Engineering on multiple occasions, however he always declines and stays in Flight Control.
- Ezzo has always thrived under pressure. He seems not only to keep his cool but excel when he’s in situations that others would consider stressful.
- Ezzo has become increasingly anti-social since transferring into Starfleet. At his last birthday one of his superiors attempted to throw him a surprise party before realizing he had no close friends aboard the ship.
- Ezzo has minor obsessive compulsions that he keeps a secret, most wouldn’t know but he keeps his quarters in order and every single item has its place. He keeps his appearance messy to hide the fact that he is ruled by order in almost all of his other personal assets.
- Ezzo has what some would call Bajoran passion, while others would say he has anger issues. If he truly believes in something he rarely backs down. This has caused problems for him in the past.
Ambitions Ezzo has completely dedicated himself to Starfleet. He spends most of his time in flight sims when he’s not working out he spends hours in flight sims of anything that flies, with even rare historical simulations from all over the galaxy. He one day hopes to move to command and simply hopes that his superiors notice his dedication, although his inability to allow others close seems to be at odds with his goals.
Hobbies & Interests Ezzo spends a lot of time working out keeping his body in peak physical shape. He enjoys flight sims and has a large collection of holodeck programs from all over the galaxy, even ancient Earth dogfighting sims. Tor Ezzo was very religious and at one point considered beginning the path to becoming a Vedek, but after everything that has happened he has not been to a temple in a long time. Ezzo has taken up boxing and it has replaced meditation for him allowing him to release tension and recenter.

Personal History Tor Ezzo was born in Bajor to a prominent family. Tor Jolan, considered to be one of the best Bajoran musical composers in recent history, was his grandfather and his father was a minister for the Musilla Province. Ezzo grew up in Ja’kava, a small city in Musilla home to a university and a great center of Bajoran knowledge and culture. He lived a very privileged life with his mother and father. At a young age Ezzo was very devout and his parents assumed he would follow the “Path to the Prophets” and study to become a Vedek.
Ezzo had other plans, as a very active kid Ezzo began playing Springball early in his life and was quickly in teams with much older children. Much to the dismay of his parents he continued to play in secret after they forbade him. When he graduated from school a group of his friends had decided to enlist in Starfleet and leave Bajor to see the rest of the galaxy and Ezzo found a dream. However, as the child of a prominent politician he would not enlist and would be given a referral from his father after convincing his family that he would enlist without their support.
Upon arriving at Starfleet Academy, Ezzo found that most of his classmates didn’t know who he was and for the first time in his life his family name held very little weight. He began to exhibit compulsions for order in his life and his area in his dorm would always be excessively tidy. Any one of his roommates would tell you he was just a little to anal when it came to his stuff and Ezzo would become visibly upset if something was moved or borrowed without permission. Despite this Ezzo made many friends at the Academy, he was confident and charismatic.
While at the academy he showed an aptitude for Engineering and Flight Control, but where he really felt at home was in attack fighter classes. Due to his aptitude with the Starfleet Attack Fighter he was given the role of Blue Squadron leader his senior year and did many demonstrations during his last year at the Academy. Blue Squadron was his year's elite cadet fighter squadron and while leading it he spent 6 months aboard the USS Fearless, a Defiant Class vessel, in support of their mission around Empok Nor.
Upon graduating from the Academy he was assigned to the USS Naginata, an Akira Class Ship in the Andorian sector. The Lower Decks life of an Ensign in an attack wing is easy, train, sleep, fly, repeat. Ezzo became very close with the other members of his wing and everyone treated him like a little brother and he flew over 30 missions with his wing. Ezzo was loving living his life in Starfleet, until his last mission on the Naginata where the ship was responding to a distress signal that was a distraction allowing pirates attack freighters in a nearby sector. As the Naginata went to answer the call, Ezzo’s wing was left behind to patrol the freighter lane and the pirates attacked, wiping out his whole wing. When the Naginata finally arrived, Ezzo was in his disabled fighter dead in space with just over 8 minutes of oxygen left.
After the mission and the loss of his closest friends, Ezzo became very reserved with everyone on board. After a few months with a new wing, Ezzo requested a transfer to flight control and was given a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade and transferred to the USS Rhode Island, a Nova Class ship under the command of Captain Harry Kim. Upon arriving aboard the Rhode Island, Ezzo further retreated into himself and his new job. He was a great assistant flight control officer, learning a lot from his Captain who was a flight control officer himself as an ensign, but failed to make any connections with the crew other than acquaintances on the surface level. After two years aboard the Rhode Island, Ezzo had made no connections and was happy to just go back into the habit of work, sleep, repeat. He was asked to go on an away mission with the Chief Engineer, and during the away mission a malfunction on the shuttle they were on knocked out the Engineer. Ezzo was able to figure out the issue and reinitialize the engines on his own while his superior was still unconscious. After successfully completing the mission, Ezzo was recommended to transfer to Engineering and he declined. Shortly after he was put in for promotion to Lieutenant and Captain Kim put him in for a transfer to Chief Flight Officer aboard the USS Firebird. As he was leaving the Rhode Island Captain Kim asked all of the bridge crew to attend a going away party for Ezzo and at the end of the day Ezzo stopped in for minutes before disembarking and getting ready to leave to join his new crew.
Service Record In Progress