Captain Malcom Llwyedd

Name Malcom Llwyedd
Position Commanding Officer
Rank Captain
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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10"
Weight 189
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Skin Color White
Physical Description Malcom is not physically imposing and considers himself to be average in all ways. However, he does have a commanding aura. He is confident and outgoing but also has times when he can be withdrawn. This usually happens when he is deep in thought or feeling a little overwhelmed. Malcom tries to lead by example. He enjoys athletics and often runs or participates in team sports.


Spouse Lt. Commander Jenna Difrino
Children None
Father William Llwyedd
Mother Shannon Llwyedd
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Outgoing and humorous, as appropriate. Extrovert who enjoys being with other people. Loves to experience new foods and cultures.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Strong sense of Justice
+ Outgoing
+ Competitive
+ Leads by example
+ Collaborative
+ Excellent Pilot

- PTSD from Dominion War
- Can be over zealous
Ambitions To use his command to help people.
Hobbies & Interests

Character History

Personal History Malcom Llwyedd was born in 2350 in Cardiff, Wales Earth. Malcom's mother, Shannon Llwyedd was a counselor at a large hospital in London, specializing in helping those who suffered traumatic brain injuries or PTSD from combat situations. Malcom's father, William Llwyedd was a former Starfleet Officer who retired before Malcom was born.

Malcom's father had been an engineer on the USS Fredrickson, an Excelsior class vessel. Malcom learned, later in life, that his father was grievously injured during a battle with a Romulan warship. That battle and the serious injuries, forced him to retire from Starfleet. After receiving counseling, William Llwyedd returned to his ancestral homeland and went to work for himself, repairing and upgrading local power grids and replicators. During his childhood, Malcom was not close to his father, who often left the house for days. Malcom's mother called these times "Lost Days" and never fussed about the disappearances. The extra time with his mother created a strong bond and Malcom would consider her his strongest supporter and wisest adviser for the rest of his life.

Wales was a beautiful place for a young boy to grow up. Maclom spent a lot of time outside, running around the green hills of Wales, learning the landscape and developing survival skills that would be critical.

By the time he entered high school, Malcom was an easy going, athletic young man who was considering following in his mother's footsteps. His father continued to be sporadically involved with his life and as Malcom grew, they were able to bond over technology.

During his junior year, Malcom's father died attempting a risky repair to a power grid at a large manufacturing plant. His death was a harsh blow and the first real loss Malcom had experienced. He spent hours wandering the hills around his home, thinking about his father and what they had shared and had not. He began asking questions about his father's past, discovering that he, like Malcom, had run track and enjoyed some of the same movies. He also submitted a records request for his father's military service.

The file, when it arrived, completely changed his perception of his father. While he had been an engineer during his first few years in Starfleet, he'd later switched to command track and ended up as the second officer on the Fredrickson. During the battle that forced his retirement, Maclom was astonished to learn his father had ended up in command of the Fredrickson when both the Captain and the XO were killed. He'd managed to battle the Romulan ship skillfully enough to force it to retreat and then guided the ship home. Only once the ship had docked at the starbase had Malcom's father allowed the surgeries he needed. Starfleet Command had awarded him numerous medals for gallantry in the face of adversity and overwhelming odds.

Discovering his father's past had fired his imagination and desire for exploration. His mother had been his sounding board, trying to ensure he was making an informed decision. Malcom applied to and was accepted by Starfleet academy in 2368. He arrived in San Francisco via naval transport, using the long trip across the Atlantic Ocean and through the Honduras Canal, the successor to the older Panama Canal, to explore all the stops along the way. His mother accompanied him and they made many memories.

Once settled into his berth at the Academy, where he roomed with a Vulcan named P'roth, Malcom found that his skills in some areas were substandard and worked dilligently to correct that, including working with P'roth in mathematics.

Malcom chose to major in Command on the Helmsman track. Unlike some of the other cadets in his cohort, Malcom had very little experience flying anything except for a kite when he was a boy. He struggled to understand some of the concepts in the classroom instruction, consistently ranking in the bottom tier. However, once the students were placed into simulators, and later actual craft, Malcom excelled. He had an incredible spatial relations proficiency, always seeming to know where he was in three dimensions. By the time he graduated, he was ranked squarely in the middle of his class but was considered to be the most gifted natural pilot.

Upon graduation, Malcom was assigned to the USS Iowa, an Akira Class vessel, as a helmsman, Ensign. Malcom was the youngest and lowest ranking helmsman on the Iowa and as such, often was assigned to the Gamma shift. He was thrilled to be in service and took every opportunity to bother the more experienced helmsmen with questions. He continued to seek out new training to make himself a better pilot. During late 2371 he took part in an away mission with the XO of the Iowa Lieutenant Commander Conway. Malcom was the pilot and during the return trip, the two came under attack by a Cardassian vessel. Malcom was able to maneuver the shuttlecraft into a binary system with a symbiotic relationship, losing the Cardassians in a heavy magnetic cloud that interrupted sensor capabilities. Commander Conway was impressed with the young pilot and placed a commendation into his record. He was nominated for Lieutenant jg. in early 2072 and was promoted in April of that year.
During the same time, rumblings began about the same time that the Cardassians were becoming troublesom. The Iowa docked at starbase 113 and underwent an abbreviated refit, focusing on upgrading her shields and warp core.

When war finally broke out, the Iowa was tasked with joining the fight. Malcom participated in many engagements, sometimes as a helmsman and other times in his secondary role as a part of a damage control team. Near the end of 2073, the Iowa was travelling near Cardassian space, attempting to resupply a Federation planet, when it was jumped by three Cardassian heavy cruisers. The Iowa fought gallantly, destroying one of the enemy and knocking another out of the fight. The remaining cruiser pressed the attack against the Iowa, knocking out her main power and wounding the Captain. Malcom was part of the damage control team sent to engineering and tasked with restoring the power. The Iowa was very nearly destroyed but the chief engineer managed to restore power at the last second and the Iowa's phasers found a weakness in the Cardassian vessel. The now heavily damaged cruiser withdrew and the Iowa limped away.

His work with the damage control team made Malcom realize what his own father had gone through. He suffered through nightmares of the crewmen he had been unable to save and eventually spent a lot of time seeking counseling.
His friends noted that he was much less easy going, gaining an edge that he hadn't had before. Malcom focused more on the task at hand, moving up to the Beta shift helmsman and flying the ship much more often.

By the end of the war, Malcom was exhausted, the ship was a near wreck and the rest of the crew had been depleted due to combat and lack of replacements. The USS Iowa returned to the shipyards and began a year long refit. The entire crew was split up, with only the captain and some of her command staff staying aboard.

Malcom was promoted to Lieutenant in 2376, a meteoric rise in only 5 years but the losses in the war saw many promoted earlier than they otherwise would have been.

As a now experienced and combat proven helmsman, Malcom was in line to be the chief helmsman on a new vessel. He saw an opening on the USS Waterloo, a newly built Intrepid class ship. Malcom was quickly snapped up by Captain Lillian Wrath.

Malcom served on board the Waterloo from 2376-2382, performing his duties with both flair and dedication. He likely would have continued on board except that his mother developed a serious illness and he requested and was granted a reassignment to a space station above Earth. His job on board the station was as a chief of shuttlecraft. He managed over fifty small and large shuttlecraft, plus the numerous barges and tugs that worked nearby. He found the work to be boring but it allowed him to transport almost every day to the surface to be with his mother while she underwent complicated medical therapy.

Unfortunately the now 32 year old Malcom lost his other parent, his rock and confidant in 2384. The last two years of her life, Shannon Llwyedd talked non-stop with Malcom, preparing him for her death and enjoying having him around after so long. Malcom took a leave of absence from Starfleet, taking short term piloting jobs on board long haul freighters. He sometimes was the only person on board and he took the quiet months to grieve.

In 2385 he returned to Starfleet and was surprised to find that he had been promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assigned to the USS Fredrickson as the Executive Officer. Malcom was completely shocked to see that he had been requested by the new Captain of the Fredrickson, Captain Conway, his old XO from the Iowa. The reunion was a good one as Malcom and Captain Conway developed a collaborative relationship. The Fredrickson was a Luna class ship, intended for exploration and they did plenty of that. For most of his time aboard the Fredrickson, the ship travelled through the Bajoran Wormhole into the Gamma Quadrant. While there were numerous occasions where the ship had to defend herself, the 6 years Malcom spent on board were some of the most peaceful of his life. He learned the many demands of command and of being the executive officer. When he struggled, Captain Conway was there to guide him. Malcom also met his match in Lieutenant Commander Jenna Difrino, the ship's Chief Medical Officer.

Over the course of the Fredrickson's mission, the two became friends, then confidants and then more. They were married on board the Europa in 2390 and took a 3 month honeymoon, visiting both Earth and Alpha Centauri, where Jenna was originaly from.
Their time aboard the Fredrickson ended in 2392 and they both accepted a 2 year stint at Starfleet Academy, assuming teaching roles to cadets. They loved being together and Malcom loved the work. He found the bright young minds of the cadets to be invigorating and rededicated himself to flying. However, he knew that he couldn't stay on the ground forever and as their term grew to a close, he began looking for a command of his own. Eventually his eye settled on a small ship that reminded him of the Waterloo. It was called the Firebird.
Service Record 2350- Birth, Cardiff Wales.

2368-2371- Starfleet Academy Major- Command, Helmsman Track
2371-2375- USS Iowa (Akira Class), Helmsman. Promoted to Lt. jg, April 2372.
2376- Promoted to Lieutenant.
2376-2382- USS Waterloo (Intrepid Class) Chief Helmsman.
2382-2383- Shuttlecraft Chief, Space Station 441, Earth.
2384- Leave of Absence
2385- Rejoins Starfleet, Promoted to Lt. Commander.
2385-2392- XO USS Fredrickson (Luna Class)
2392-2393- Instructor Starfleet Academy
2393- Promoted to Captain
2393- Commanding Officer USS Firebird NCC-88298 (Diligent Class)

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