Commander Yumi Han

Name Yumi Han
Position Former Crew
Rank Commander
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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 55

Physical Appearance

Height 5'0"
Weight 100lbs.
Hair Color black
Eye Color black
Skin Color white
Physical Description


Spouse Jaeho Han (dec.), former Starfleet engineer
Children Moonho Han, thespian
Mina Han, first year engineering student at Starfleet Academy
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Yumi Han was a feisty redshirt on her first Starfleet assignment. Somehow she survived. Mellowed by countless missions and parenthood, an impish spirit still slips through her matronly poise from time to time. Like when she recalls the "good old days," before age and injury pushed her into her current, less martial line of work: cyber and human intelligence operations.

(I try to play her rather like Lego Batman if he were a motherly spy.)
Strengths & Weaknesses + Skeptical
+ Tidy and orderly
+ Notices when things are not quite right, with people and with tech

- Conspiracy theorist
- Insecure about her ability to do her job
- Overconfident in her ability to do her job
Ambitions To uncover every secret! Except the embarrassing personal ones. That would be rude.
Hobbies & Interests Yumi loves her work. She reads nonfiction exclusively, preferably news or history. Otherwise, she chides her children about their university studies and significant others and strives to be as personally uninteresting as possible.

Character History

Personal History Raised in the southern USA by a Caucasian father and Korean mother, her childhood was very nice. Yumi joined Starfleet straight out of high school and was in the same security class as Worf. She graduated middle of their class.

On her first ship, the USS Whirlygig, she was near fatally injured by a transporter doppelganger of their first officer, whom she survived to investigate and finally arrest. Sidelined from direct security work, she was reassigned to intelligence. Her husband Jaeho was an engineer on the Whirlygig, where they met and fell in love.

Things were good for Starfleet and for the young couple until the Battle of Wolf 359. Yumi and the rest of Starfleet Intelligence failed to put together clues of the impending Borg attack and then failed to discover Captain Picard's assimilation in time to anticipate how he might be used. Shortly after that debacle, Yumi and Jaeho left Starfleet.

The Hans settled down on the relative safety of Mars for 25 years to raise their children. Both took civilian jobs.

After a year-long medical battle that drained the family emotionally and financially, Jaeho died. Yumi lingered on Mars for another year until their youngest daughter finished prep school and left home for Starfleet Academy. Yumi left for Starfleet, too, seeking to confront/avoid her bereavement by returning to her first love: space.
Service Record 2338 Born. Knoxville, Tennessee.
2357 Starfleet Academy, Earth. Security major, Computer minor.
2361 Security Officer on USS Whirlygig (Springfield Class), Ensign.
2363 Shot in line of duty. Reassigned to Intelligence Officer. Promoted to Lieutenant JG.
2365 Married to Jaeho Han. Promoted to Lieutenant.
2367 Battle of Wolf 359. Resigned from Starfleet.
2368-2392 Civilian on Mars colony.
2393 Rejoined Starfleet. Chief Intelligence Officer on USS Firebird (Sunbird Class), Lieutenant.

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