Commander Karen Myles

Name Karen Anne Myles
Position Former Crew
Rank Commander
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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 165 lbs
Hair Color Brown (Dyed)
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color White
Physical Description Karen has light brown hair that she wears shoulder length, Karen is in no way physically threatening her small stature and angelic face see to that. Karen's eyes are a deep blue. the only make up Karen wears is light red lipstick when she is on duty, when she is off duty or at an official function it is bright red lipstick.


Spouse None
Children None
Father James Myles
Mother Gail Myles
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Hannah Myles

Lieutenant Janet Myles (Half Sister)
Other Family Jarred King (Ex-Husband) Captain Alan Pierce (Ex-Husband)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Karen is easy going and tried to make the environment around her a pleasant one, she is quick with a joke or wry comment and fast to dispense with the more rigid protocols when she can get away with doing so. Her sociability however hides an intense concentration and grasp of what is going on around her.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Organizational skills, Karen excells at paperwork and never puts it off
+ Ability to interact with most people on a personal level

-Has difficulty hiding when she dislikes someone
- Can be too lenient
Ambitions Karen had originally intended to one day serve at Starfleet medical in a leadership role, a plan she still intends to follow through on despite her venture into starship command.
Hobbies & Interests Reading anything she can get her hands on, poker, time alone on the holodeck she especially likes recreating peaceful river landscapes to relax.

Character History

Personal History Karen Anne Myles was born in Los Angeles, California her early life was fairly standard to outward appearances however those that knew the family soon came to see that it was anything but normal. James Myles was rarely home unknown to anyone at the time he was just beginning his decent into the criminal aspects outside of Federation space. Karen’s mother was far more interested in her social standing than being a mother. Thus from a very early age Karen learned to be self-sufficient.

When Karen was seven years old her sister Sarah was born, Sarah as she grew up proved to be the opposite of Karen, concerned with only herself and immediate gratification whatever the cost, Karen retreated further and further from her family.

Shortly after her fifteenth birthday and in the midst of her Fathers lies beginning to catch up with him, she finally learnt the truth about her father when she was witness to him killing a man. At the time it overwhelmed her, for a long time she wanted and planned to turn him in but something always stopped her this is something that she has always and will always regret, feeling strongly that every life he took after that was largely her fault.

Two years later her Fathers life choices caught up with him and largely by luck he was able to avoid arrest and fled Federation space for the final time, Karen was never to see him again and has ignored any attempts he has made to contact her.

Eventually Karen stopped speaking with her mother all together and when she left to join Starfleet academy she cut the last ties with her family and threw herself into the process of making a life for herself free of the drama and shame that had dominated her teenage years.

Her time at was the academy was rather unremarkable while she was a proficient student and never failed to do well in her courses she was never the centre of attention, it wasn't until after graduation that Karen seemed to come into herself and began to feel comfortable in a social setting.

Her first assignment was at Starbase seventy two where she served as an assistant medical officer, it was here serving under what she considered the most foul tempered officer imaginable she adopted her laid back approach. While it made her well liked among those who served under her it didn't make her very popular with her direct superior and for a few years her career stalled.

It was during that time she met and married her first husband Jarred King although the marriage only managed to last a little under a year, both citing their focus on career as a reason for the failed marriage, although she would later come to realize the marriage itself was doomed to failure before it began.

After finally making the move to serve on a starship the U.S.S Rainier Karen found herself steadily moving up the ladder in both rank and position, until finally she was offered the chance to serve as Chief Medical Officer on the U.S.S Sarek. It was her dream assignment and one she had worked towards since she graduated. Her easy rapport with her fellow crew and her ability to motivate those under her command without resorting to the more rigid protocols of command caught the attention of the ships command staff who encouraged her to undertake bridge training.

She eventually took their advice but never put any real consideration into command itself, she took it as more of a learning experience. However a year later a twist of fate saw her temporarily taking over as Executive Officer. While those few months were a little bumpy and she herself didn't think much of her ability the Captain saw otherwise and saw fit to make the position permanent.

It was during this time Alan Pierce re-entered her life, he had been a constant foil for her during her time in the academy. He was unquestionably one of the top surgeons the Federation had to offer and his ego more than knew it. He being just as well known for his arrogance and sarcasm, they constantly fought, trading barbs and insults.

Beyond the understanding of either of them they almost slipped into a relationship which was for all outward appearances a constant battle of wits, although the truth was far more complicated, they did truly love each other. Ironically the marriage and relationship fell apart when they stopped fighting. And Karen went through her second divorce.

Soon after she decided all be it rather reluctantly to leave the Sarek behind, despite her affection for the ship and its crew she had begun to feel restless. She quickly accepted an assignment that most senior medical officers try to avoid and temporarily joined the U.S.S Sagan in order to evaluate the efficiency of the medical facilities on older class vessels.

She has yet to decide to continue down the path of command or return to medicine full time.
Service Record 2375.1104 - Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade
2386.0102 - Awarded Quarterly Unit Award "Player" for Fall 2008
2381.1018 - Promoted to Lieutenant, transferred to Chief Medical Officer
2383.2505 - Transferred to Medical Starbase for extended medical leave
2386.1408 - Returned to USS Sarek
2389.0831 - Promoted to Executive Officer, Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2389.0307 - Awarded William Riker XO of the Year Award for 2010
2393.0218 - Transferred to USS Sagan, Observer
2394- XO USS Firebird
2395- Assumes Command of USS Sagan.

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