Lieutenant Laree Desai

Name Laree Desai
Position Former Crew
Rank Lieutenant
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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 52

Physical Appearance

Height 177 cm
Weight 65.8 kg
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Grey
Skin Color
Physical Description Laree is a human mixed-race female who puts the minimum possible amount of time and energy into her appearance while still staying within the bounds of social norms. She honestly doesn’t care much what she looks like, but understands that others judge her on her appearance so makes the minimal effort. The Starfleet uniforms are a relief in that regard – she doesn’t have to wonder what she’s going to wear when she wakes up in the morning (although she has political opinions about the uniforms as well.) She does spend time keeping her body in good functioning order, practicing martial arts and yoga regularly, and she’s in extraordinarily good shape for her age. She has brown skin and a mix of African, Asian, Mediterranean, and Caucasian features that don’t necessarily all work well together on her face.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Donovan Desai (deceased)
Mother unknown/deceased
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Laree is an introvert with an extraordinarily broad skill set. She’s a polyglot who has lived in a hundred different places under a hundred different circumstances, and is used to being the observer, the outsider. She’s not a joiner by nature, but she has wandered the universe alone for 30 years, as she grows older she is coming to understand the importance and usefulness of being a member of a community. She values others based on the strength of their character and the quality of their skills. People sometimes see her as imposing, terrifying, or pretentious, perhaps enigmatic, but those who get to know her are impressed by her honesty, integrity, and competence. If someone were to ask (but only a couple ever have) she would say that underneath the visible universe is a network structure that can be described only incompletely with modern mathematics.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Honorable
+ Loyal
+ Intelligent
+ Strong
+ Hardworking
- Uncooperative
- Holds a grudge
- Pushy
- Stingy
- Obsessive
Ambitions At this point in her life, Laree has lived three lifetimes worth of adventures, and she sees Starfleet as a way to settle down a bit and carve out some security for herself. But she doesn’t want to settle down *too* much – it’s important to her to maintain a very wide perspective on life and surround herself with people who are not small-minded. It’s also important to her to contribute to the great store of scientific knowledge, and she sees Starfleet as her entré to the more formal research world. Her current plan is to work for Starfleet for 20 years, publish her findings, then retire with her pension back to San Francisco.
Hobbies & Interests She’s read everything, and still reads, with a special interest in history and philosophy. She’s a fourth-dan blackbelt in wing chun, a first-dan in taekwondo, and she’s dabbled in several off-world martial arts styles. She meditates every morning and does yoga four to six times a week. She likes hanging out with the engineers and tinkering with machines. Her interests range across all the sciences (physical, biological, chemical) and humanities (languages, literature, politics). But she talks to herself in the language of math.

Character History

Personal History Laree Desai was born in San Francisco in 2341. Her father was a researcher in geology and paleontology with Stanford University, and spent most of his time in the field rather than at the university. There has never been a mother figure in Laree’s life, and when she got old enough to ask her dad about it, he would spin her tales worthy of Scheherazade. Depending on his mood at the telling, her mother was an Inuit refugee, an MIT physicist, a Chinese farmer, a New Zealand Maori, or a mermaid from the seas of Antarctica. She therefore has no real knowledge of her mother, and after her father died she has no hope of discovering her mother’s identity. At the age of 52, she long ago made her peace with not knowing.

She spent her youth travelling with her father to his field sites, and grew up with his graduate students as teachers. She has an intuitive sense of how science works and learned at a very early age how to observe her surroundings carefully, looking for connections and interactions among the elements of the environment. She’s good at languages – she was fluent in six human and four off-world languages by the time she was 18 – and is equally good at math, which she views as the primary language of the universe.

She grew up as a nomad, with her father and his work being the only real constant in her world. When she was in her late teens, she started publishing her own research, which she developed as side-projects at her father’s sites. She was publishing successfully and beginning to develop her own career when her father died in an accident at a field site when she was 27. After her father died, she left the formal sciences and went on walkabout for the next 25 years.

From the age of 27 to 50, she traveled all across the known universe, making her way primarily as a teacher of anything anyone needed, but as other less savory occupations when necessary. She’s seen violence and compassion, greed and generosity, vanity and poverty and opulence and beauty – all the different ways that life exists in the universe. Two years ago she was back on Earth for her 50th birthday, walking across the Golden Gate Bridge, when she decided she’d really had enough. She wasn’t getting any younger, and she didn’t want to die alone in some filthy hellhole from a disease that hadn’t been named yet. She looked across the Bay at Starfleet Headquarters sparkling clean and honest in the fog, and joined up. This assignment is her first with Starfleet.
Service Record 2342 - Birth
2360 - Bachelor's degree in mathematics and philosophy of science (Stanford University, summa cum laude)
2362 - MS degree in mathematics and evolutionary biology (Stanford University, Desai lab)
2367 - PhD in ecology and evolution, specialization in ecological networks (Stanford University, Desai lab)
2393 - Direct Commission to Starfleet via Rare Experienced Officer Program (REOP). Assigned to Expedited Officer Candidate Class 733.
2394 - Assigned as Chief Science Officer, USS Firebird.

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