Cadet Freshman Grade Gianna Djokovic

Name Gianna Djokovic
Position Starfleet Academy
Rank Cadet Freshman Grade
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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human (Terran)
Age 19

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color White
Physical Description Gia is young and falls somewhere in the middle in terms of looks, height, and weight. She has a slightly athletic build, hinting at some time dedicated to keeping in good physical condition through resistance training and running in her off-duty hours. She has shoulder-length brown hair that is generally kept tied back into a bun, a pony tail, or some other regulation-approved style that keeps it from being a distraction or an obstacle.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Oscar Djokovic
Mother Camara Ellis
Other Family Sarish Tiveh - The Sarish family of Bajor run a salvage business and have dealings in the black market and organized crime. They're basically a version of a Bajoran mafia family. Oscar (Gia's father) worked with them on and off for many years in various security-based capacities. Tiveh is roughly Gia's age and lived with her and her mother on Earth for five years, presumably because he needed to be protected or hidden from family business during a particularly turbulent time. Tiveh once proposed to Gia, but she turned him down because she considers him more like a brother even though they did have a closer relationship at one point. Tiveh is still basically head over heads for her and would probably do anything she asked.

Mom notes - Camara, is overbearing. Gia essentially enlisted in Starfleet to get away from her and as an act of rebellion. Gia avoids talking to her mother and hasn't in over a year. Mom runs a very successful trade brokerage business based on earth and still resides there.

Dad notes - Oscar was once in Starfleet security, but has for many years been retired from that life. For most of Gia's life he has been working as an independent security consultant which is a fancy way of saying he's a mercenary. She doesn't hear from him often, but she'll always be daddy's little girl. Her parents are divorced, but they did used to work together at Camara's trade business where he specialized in security aspects of goods logistics.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gia is outgoing and energetic. She has a gift of being able to strike up a conversation with anyone about anything. She's known for being friendly and even oversharing on occasion, but she means well. She strives to be liked.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Starfleet Enlisted Security Personnel Training (weapons, melee, etc.)
+ Athletic (works out, interested in sports, etc.)
+ Intelligent (Moreso than she sometimes seems)
+ Dependable (She does what she's told to do and generally what is expected.)

- Aimless (She doesn't have major goals in life, at least not yet.)
- Gullible (Prone to believing people and sometimes the subject of innocent pranks and deceptions by friends because of it.)
- Squeamish (Not great around medical emergencies.)
Ambitions Gia's ambitions changed greatly in July 2394 following encounters with the Virago women on Bajor (July 1), the Firebird's evacuation to Planet ZP0442 (July 10), and losing her left eye in a skirmish with a oppressive regime on the same planet (July 18). While she used to be fairly carefree and without ambition, she is now driven in her duties and has become intense in her trainings. She is driven by a desire to stand up for the weak, desires for revenge, and strong fears to never become a victim again.
Hobbies & Interests SHOPPING, Holodramas, Bajoran Springboard, Parisses Squares, Fencing/Swordplay, Running. She plays piano moderately well.

Character History

Personal History Gia grew up on Earth as an inquisitive only child. She was bright, but not genius-level smart. She would often get in trouble in school for talking when she wasn't supposed to and had a lot of friends.

Her parents were involved in trade negotiations in the Earth business markets and traveled frequently, so she got to see many other worlds growing up, but the majority of her time was spent on Earth, though they never seemed to settle in any one particular region and bounced around in rented housing wherever business needed them to be. She loved to travel and meet new people, though, and she always aimed for that goal in deciding her future. Her parents divorced when Gia was a teenager, however.

Her father was a stickler for security, having a security background himself, and one of the activities they would do together was to go shooting. Gia is a pretty confident marksman with a phaser.

Gia applied for Starfleet Academy when she was 18, but did not make the cut. She then enlisted and went through basic training and security-specific training. Security doesn't always seem like a good fit for her personality, but she is competent in her training even if she is far from perfect.

Gia served roughly a year and a half before re-applying to Starfleet Academy with recommendations from Captain Llwyedd. She was accepted and left active service at the end of 2394.


* Gia is learning sword combat skills, though with Savin's death she has faltered in maintaining the regimented practice schedule.

* Gia has a fascination with the viragos who attacked her on Bajor in interlude 2. It's not so much that she wants to know more about them, but she wants to end their human trafficking. She's going to find them and she's going to end them because someone has to.

* Gia's ambitions changed greatly following Planet ZP0442. See the ambitions section for more information.

Interpersonal Relationships:
Max Tragar: It's unclear how serious they really are, but they do seem like a very affectionate couple. She's secretly fearful of things progressing too quickly. -- Following Planet ZP0442, Gia ended the relationship and she and Max went separate ways. He went off to pilot training on earth and Gia transferring to the USS Iowa.

Yumi Han: She considers Yumi a good friend and trusts her.

Kipp Lak: She likely considers Kipp a good friend as well. He's asked her to be a part of his marriage ceremony in the future. She's nervous about this.

Chief Stevens: She adores Charles like a father, but also gives him a lot of respect. Always addressed as Chief.

Chief B'rala: She's sure B'rala hates her because the Klingon has always outwardly doubted her capabilities (though maybe that was just her way of trying to motivate Gia.) There is a bit of a challenge/challenger rivalry here. Always addressed as Chief.

Rhiana: She's intimidated by Rhiana, her supervisor, but she's grown to trust the Romulan woman. There is something of a strong bond forming between them.

Soto Gantt: She likes Gantt and they're friendly. She and Max went camping with him during interlude 2 and he was there during the viragos incident.

Fhiri: They are on-track to be good friends. She understands a bit of what drives Fhiri, though it's a complicated arrangement.

Lopt: Friendly with Thomas, he was one of the first people she met when she came aboard.

Emily: Sisters by choice, Gia and Emily were in the same escape pod and looked after each other on Planet ZP0442. Emily is the only other person who knows about Kevin, a local man that helped them hide and survive on the planet for several weeks.

Service Record 2393 - Enlisted and attended Boot Camp at Camp Beauregard, LA.
2394 - Advanced Individual Training at Martian Colonies.
2394 - Rank of Crewman, assigned to security on USS Firebird
2394 - Promoted to Petty Officer Third Class, USS Firebird
2394 - [Medical Record] - Lost left eye on July 18 in encounter with hostile forces on Planet ZP0442. Replaced with cybernetic implant on August 2.
2394 - Transferred to USS Iowa. (Sept 6)
2394 - Transferred to enlisted staff pool on Empok Nor. (December 24)
2395 - Withdrawn from enlisted service upon acceptance into Starfleet Academy. (January)
2395 - Begin IOT at Starfleet Academy, Earth (March 14)

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