Lieutenant Cynfor Rees

Name Cynfor Rees
Position Chief Operations Officer
Rank Lieutenant
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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 60

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown (Graying)
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Olive
Physical Description Cynfor is a broad tall man, he has a V type frame. Very broad shoulders and a thin torso. Most of his height is in his legs so he appears to be shorter when sitting than he actually is. His hair is shoulder length and streaked with gray. He prefers to keep it down. Cynfor has a beard which is also beginning to show his age with specks of gray. He is known for a deep almost booming voice, and has been asked on numerous occasions to recite plays for people.


Spouse Mary Margaretta Phyllis Rees (nee Jones) - Deceased
Children Tom Rees - Son age 35 (Painter residing on Earth)
Ben Rees - Son age 33 (Actor residing on Earth)
Maia Rees - Daughter age 25 (Ensign Starfleet JAG Office)
Father Geof Rees - Deceased
Mother Suzanne A.D. Rees (nee Wilkinson) - Deceased
Other Family One grandchild - Layla Margaret Mae Rees she is the daughter of his oldest son Tom and Tom's wife Samantha

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cynfor lives for his family. At a young age, he decided to see the stars before he settled down and enlisted in Starfleet. He used his easygoing attitude and his welcoming demeanor to ingratiate himself to his superiors and those that served under him. Cynfor or "Cyn" as he is known to his friends is a rather jovial and boisterous fellow. He constantly has a smile on his face and it is said that his smile can light up a room. He is an extremely paternal person and views most everyone he cares about as his own. Cyn always has a joke on hand and loves to hear new jokes. His drink of choice is a fine Mead. As nice and jovial of a man that he is Cyn’s temper matches his smile measure for measure. When angered he has been known to stare down Klingons.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Level Headed
+ Egalitarian
+ His Family
+ His general pleasant disposition
- Unwavering
- Single Minded
- His age – more accurately a feeling that this great journey is ending
Ambitions His current ambition is to serve the Federation to the best of his ability and to build a future for his grandchild filled with Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. He is also out to prove that age is but a number.
Hobbies & Interests Reading old tactical texts, Horseback Rides, Plays Poker, Plays Kalto, Recites Shakespeare, Trained in bladed weapons, including the longsword, the battle-axe, and the bat’leth

Character History

Personal History Cynfor was born in Port Talbot Wales in November of 2334. His mother was a nurse and his father a mechanical engineer. His childhood was above ordinary as his parents gave him everything, Cynfor was their only child. Cyn’s mother was rendered infertile shortly after he was born due to feminine issues.

Cynfor spent his childhood in school and working the land. He learned to farm from his mother and to be a mechanical engineer from his father. It was from his father that he developed the love for machines, how to repair them, what made them work. His parents instilled in Cynfor the belief that before all else is family, blood is indeed thicker than water.

He was enrolled into his local elementary school and his jovial demeanor and easygoing nature made it easy for him to make friends. The one flaw in his young character was his stubbornness and unwillingness to yield. These two character traits also made him a fierce friend. His youth was standard for growing up on Earth.

In his first year of high school at the age of 14, he met the woman that would become his one true love, his beloved Margie. Mary Margaretta Phyllis Jones was a local girl and Cynfor could not believe that he had not seen her before. The two became fast friends and one year after becoming friends their friendship evolved into love. From that point on the two were inseparable. It has been said that she was always his better half and the only person with the ability to put Cyn in his place.

In June 2358 Cynfor and Margie graduated High School, the two walked down to receive their diplomas hand in hand. After graduation, Cyn’s dad wanted him to follow in his footsteps but Cynfor had other plans. He dreamed of the Federation and all of the planets that were out there. The summer of 2358 was tumultuous one for him. He was in constant arguments with his family who did not want him to go. There were constant discussions with Margie as she was unsure if she wanted to go with him. Cyn’s stubbornness ruled the day and rather than stay on Earth and build, decided to enroll in Starfleet Academy. Margie moved to San Francisco with him when the time came for him to begin his training. She began to attend higher schooling to become a teacher.

In September of 2358, Cynfor began Starfleet Academy and he majored in Starfleet Operations with a minor in Weapons Engineering; he is given the rank of Cadet First Grade upon taking the Oath of Starfleet. He graduates the Academy in the middle of his class in June of 2362 and is given the rank of Ensign.

In February of 2359, Margie breaks the news to her boyfriend of now eleven years. She is pregnant and this was an unplanned event for the both of them. He was still in the Academy and she in school. Cynfor being the man that he is with the values that he was given decides that he would marry Margie after all it is the right thing to do. This decision was made in no small part by her father who said that if Cyn did not do the right thing than he can see space as a pile of ashes floating for all eternity.

Therefore, in March of 2359 they were married in a rather large ceremony witnessed by all of their friends and family. Cynfor’s parents realized the error of their ways and the estranged family made up when they came to San Francisco for the wedding. In September of that year their first son Tom was born.

Cyn's time at the Academy was mediocre at best. His time was split between classes and being at home with his wife and newborn. He graduated in the middle of his class and was assigned to Utopia Planetia Shipyards orbiting Mars to work on the weapons system designs for new ships. He leaves Earth with Margie and Tom. Margie for her part becomes a schoolteacher on Mars.

In April of 2361, the Rees family expands again when Margie and Cynfor welcome their second son Ben into the world. It seemed that as of now all was right with the Rees’ life. Margie was thriving enjoying molding her boys into men as well the young minds of Mars. Cyn took to his work like a duck to water and loved every minute of it. The couple was more in love than ever.

In June of 2365, Cyn is promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and one year later that tranquility was disturbed when Starfleet ordered Cynfor transferred to the USS Tomahawk. The good news was that this transfer was to make him the Assistant Chief of Operations. Margie took the boys and moved back to Earth so the young children’s grandparents could help in their raising.

Cynfor spent the next six years aboard the USS Tomahawk serving as the Assistant Chief of Operations. In 2368, the USS Tomahawk was involved in a minor skirmish with the Borg. During that skirmish, the ship was badly damaged and Cyn along with the Chief Engineer were able to stop a warp core breach in progress. Their efforts allowed the Tomahawk to make an escape.

In 2369, tragedy struck the Rees family. Ben Rees was stricken with a rare illness while on Earth. Jorvan's Nucleo-pathic Degenerative Disease is an incurable disease that affects the nervous system and eventually leads to death. Margie for her part plays the strong mother and attempts to give her child the best most comfortable life possible. Cyn’s stubbornness refuses to acknowledge that there is no cure. He begins to tap every connection that he has made in Starfleet, and they all lead to no avail. His journey leads him to his old CO at Utopia Planetia who tells him that he should be looking for Dr Vanessa Baptiste. She is the premier molecular neurologist and might know the cure. However, she has gone off the radar for two years.

Refusing to give up on his son, he continues the search and in 2370 learns that Dr Baptiste has gone underground allying herself with the Maquis. Cynfor requests and is granted a leave of absence to handle the crumbling family issues that he has. Instead, he secretly meets with Dr Baptiste and she informs him that she can indeed cure his son. However, he would have to do something for the Maquis; he would have to use his access to get the construction plans to certain Starfleet weapons so that the Maquis can manufacture them. Cynfor betrayed his oath and every fiber of his being for his son. He did as requested and as promised his son was cured. This traitorous act hangs heavy in the mind of Cynfor and although never officially confirmed there are whispers about what he did. Although he would do it again if needed, he is not proud of the act.

One year later Cyn is given a promotion to full Lieutenant and transferred to the USS John Adams for service as the Chief of Operations. He loved the promotion and the prestige that the position gave him. However, he was saddened that this assignment took him farther from Earth and he longed for his family.

In 2374, he requests a transfer back to Earth so that he could be with the family that he desperately missed. His request is granted and he becomes an Instructor at Starfleet Academy. The reunification of the Rees family was a happy one. For Tom now 14 and Ben now 12 and healthy as ever missed their father dearly, Margie missed having her husband around. The family quickly bonded into an unbreakable unit.

In 2376, the Rees family welcomed their third child Maia Rees a daughter and Margie's pride and joy for she always wanted a daughter. This little girl completed what Cyn thought would be the ideal family and gave Margie the daughter that she wanted. Cyn thought that if this were the rest of his life he would die a happy man.

In 2379, Starfleet orders Cynfor to transfer to the USS Curie, Cyn requested that he be allowed to stay with his family. The answer that he received was that orders were orders. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back; Cyn wanted nothing more to do with Starfleet. For he now saw the organization as one that just uses people to their own ends. In that discussion with Admiral Sydow, all of the emotion poured out of the man. He punched the Admiral square in the temple knocking him out cold. In the aftermath of this act, Cynfor was allowed to resign his commission rather than face court martial.

He becomes an architect and mechanical engineer, so in the end Cyn did follow in his father’s footsteps. The family took up residence in their hometown in Wales and lived comfortably and happy until the middle of the year 2392. It was at this time that Margie passed away at the age of 58. She was not sick and showed no real signs of aging. Cynfor believed that it was simply her time. Cyn never stopped mourning his one true love. He surrounded himself with his children and his one daughter in law for his eldest Tom was married. One year to the day after Margie’s death Tom’s wife gives birth to Cyn’s first grandchild a little girl named Layla Margaret Mae Rees. Over the next year, Cyn watched his children and grandchild bond and sow the bonds that he and his beloved Margie did. He now knows that it is his time to see the stars before it is his time to see Margie again.

In April of 2394, he requests to be reinstated into Starfleet, this request is granted as Starfleet has need for trained and competent officers. Cynfor is reinstated as a Lieutenant. He is required to take a month brush up course at Starfleet Academy. After his training, he is assigned to the USS Firebird to serve as Chief of Operations. At the age of 60 Cynfor now felt the final and most exciting chapter of his life beginning.
Service Record 2358 – 2362 – Starfleet Academy majoring in Starfleet Operations, Minored in Weapons Engineering. Given the Rank of Ensign upon graduation

2362 - 2366 - Utopia Planetia Shipyards Experimental Weapons Systems Designer

2365 – Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade for Meritorious Service

2366 - Transferred to the USS Tomahawk to serve as Assistant Chief of Operations

2368 – Assisted in stopping a warp core breach aboard the USS Tomahawk.

2370 - Granted a Leave of Absence to care for his family

2371 - Returns from Leave and is promoted to Lieutenant / transferred to USS John Adams for service as Chief of Operations

2374 – Transferred to Starfleet Academy as a Weapons Systems Instructor

2379 – Resigns commission after incident with Admiral Sydow

2394 – Reactivates commission as Lieutenant and is assigned to USS Firebird as Chief of Operations

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