Deck Listing

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Deck 1

Bridge, Captain’s Ready Room, Conference Room, Observation Lounge, Cargo Bay 1, Cargo Transporters, Cargo Bay Doors, Probe Launcher, Escape Pods

Deck 2

XO's Ready Room, VIP Quarters, Chief Diplomat's Quarters, Diplomatic Conference Suite, Crew Quarters, Crew Lounge 1, Holodeck 1, Science Labs, Deuterium Storage, Matter Injector Assembly, Industrial Replicator Suite, Tactical Support Systems, Escape Pods, Warp Core Jettison Hatch, Emergency Batteries

Deck 3

Crew Quarters, Chief Counselor's Office, Operations Lab, Main Computer Core (Level 1), Upper Shuttlebay, Shuttlebay Control, Main Communications, Auxiliary Deflector Control, Deuterium Reserve, Power Distribution Nodes, Primary SIF Generators, Primary IDF Generators, Astrometrrics

Deck 4

Main Engineering, Main Computer Core (Level 2), Shuttlebay, Impulse Drive Assembly (Upper), Environmental Support, Chief of Security's Office, Security Briefing Room, Main Armoury, Brig, Auxiliary Life Support, Tactical Sensors, Main Deflector Sub-systems, Forward Tractor Emitter, Gravity Polarity Generator 1, Nacelle Control Room, Main Power Transfer Conduit Complex

Deck 5

Gym 1, Messhall, Pantry, Hydroponics, Transporter Room, Sickbay, SCIF, Engineering Labs, Crew Quarters, Navigational Deflector, Main Deflector Control, Main Computer Core (Level 3), Impulse Drive Assembly (Lower), Impulse Engines, Fusion Reactors 1-3, Shuttlebay Support and Maintenance, Main Life Support, Lateral Sensors, Graviton Polarity Generators 2 & 3, Escape Pods

Deck 6

Chief of the Boat's Office, Marine CO Office, Marine Quarters, Crew Lounge 2, Gym 2, Main Sensors, Aft Tractor Emitter, Anti-matter Injector Assembly, Anti-matter Storage, Anti-matter Generator, Main EPS Control Nodes, Secondary SIF Generators, Secondary IDF Generators, Cargo Bays 2 & 3, Escape Pods

Deck 7

Media Relations Center, Forward Torpedo Launchers, Torpedo Magazines, Secondary Communications Array, Anti-matter Reserve

Deck 8

Aft Torpedo Launchers, Emergency Batteries