The Sim

Welcome to the USS Firebird NCC-88298. The Firebird has recently completed her fourth mission, after being attacked by New Maquis forces and crashing on the newly discovered planet of Far Wanderer. After weeks of struggle, the crew was able to reassemble and get the ship back into space. The Firebird was nearly condemned but engineering marvels were performed during a six-month refit. During that time the crew took shore leave, attended advanced training and recovered from their injuries. The will soon reassemble and begin to serve once more.

Conditions in the Cardassian Sector remain in flux. While the Cardassian Union is currently under the guidance of Elim Garak, order is not assured and many planets are suffering. Likewise, the opening of the Gamma Quadrant has led to a surge of rogue colonies and shifting alliances. These are the types of conditions that require emergency response. The Firebird will help to bring supplies and safety.