Academy Days

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Interlude 4

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A period of time that contains both shore leave and routine missions.

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Mission 6: To Your Scattered Bodies Go

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A member of the Firebird crew is kidnapped. Captain Llwyedd, against orders from Starfleet, takes the ship to the rescue. Along the way they will discover the truth about the Romulan interference in past missions, encounter an old enemy, and deal with hardship.

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To Boldly Go

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A new mission with a new ship and a new crew.

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Mission 0: Coming Home to Roost

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The crew of the Firebird gathers at Empok Nor in the Cardassian Sector to meet their new Commander and their new ship. Once assembled, they venture through the Bajoran Wormhole on a short shakedown cruise.

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Mission 1: Cardassian Storm

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The USS Firebird is to make all haste to the Quinor system and render emergency aid to a rogue Cardassian Colony in danger of being destroyed.

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Mission 2: Echoes of the Dominion

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The Firebird begins their rest and recuperation following the events of Quinor VII. However, behind the scene, information is coming to light that will reveal the ship's traitor and send the entire crew into the Gamma Quadrant on a mission like none before.

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Interlude 1

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The USS Firebird makes its way back to Empok Nor following the successful conclusion of the rescue of the USS Monterey. Once back at Empk Nor, the crew takes some well deserved time for rest and relaxation while the ship undergoes refitting and repair.

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Mission 3: The Galilei Conundrum

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The USS Firebird receives a distress signal from a civilian cruise liner that has been stricken by a strange plague. The liner has been on a tour of Dominion War battlefields and is in danger of drifting into the Badlands. The Firebird streaks off to save the 300 passengers and crew. During the rescue they will deal with disease, intruders and a strange mysterious Romulan ship.

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Interlude 2

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The USS Firebird delivers the Galilei and its passengers to a Federation medical facility on Bajor. While there, the ship is refitted to support their new Marine detachment and the crew receives limited shore leave.

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Mission 4: Riding A Pale Horse

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The USS Firebird is ambushed by the New Maquis (With help from a Romulan source supplying cloaking devices) on a routine supply mission. The ship is heavily damaged, forcing the crew to abandon ship. The Firebird crashes. Once on the surface, many of the crew discovers that none of their electronics will function. They are forced to work in small groups, encountering the descendants of a long lost colony ship, to achieve their goal of reuniting and returning to space.

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Interlude 3

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The Crew of the Firebird takes a much needed rest as the ship undergoes a massive overhaul.

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Mission 5: Arising From the Ashes

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