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Triage Preparation [PLOT]

Posted on Mon May 7th, 2018 @ 10:09am by Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Lieutenant M'ndi M'rron & Lieutenant Laree Desai & Jillian Mox & Lieutenant JG Alenis Tajor & Chief Petty Officer Zene Beddite

Mission: Mission 3: The Galilei Conundrum
Location: Observation Room
Timeline: 25 June, 2394 - 2300 Hours


Malcom strode into the observation room, pleased to see that all of the people he'd requested had arrived. He nodded to them and sat down at the head of the table. He placed the PADD Kipp had given him onto the table where it made a soft thunk sound. He spared a quick glance out the room's windows, happy to see space as it appeared when they were under warp.

"Thank you for coming," Malcom said. "I know that the recall order came as a surprise but that's the type of business we are in." He smiled. "I asked you all here to discuss our plan of action once we reach our destination. As you know, we are en route to the SS Galilei to assist them with a medical emergency. I'm uploading the information we were able to gather about this situation. The data comes from an interrupted distress call and an attached file to that call. Unfortunately, the transmission was incomplete and the file is partially corrupted. I have Commander Han working to restore the file but there's no guarantee there."

Malcom leaned forward, his hands clasped together. "The Galilei is a new vessel, commissioned only a few months ago." He unclasped his hands and tapped at the table's smart glass. From the middle of the table, a holographic image of an unusual ship appeared. It was long and had a pronounced circular shape in the middle. The bridge was a T shaped protrusion that gave the front of the vessel a hammerhead shark look.

"Crew compliment is ninety-three with over three hundred passengers. The ship is twenty-two decks. Most of the interior spaces are for luxury quarters for the passengers but there is a sizeable cargo area at the rear. Captain Winston Kagawa is in command and he is a retired Starfleet Captain. In fact, many of the crew are former Starfleet. I'll let you see the message from Captain Kagawa and then we can talk about our best course of action," Malcom said and tapped another part of the table controls. The image of the ship was replaced with a small screen view of Captain Kagawa.

It showed a middle aged man with graying hair and a stout build. His eyes were sunken and he looked sick enough that he should have been in a sickbay. The man coughed once, a phlegmy cough, and then spoke in a rasping voice.

=^=I'm Captain Winston Kagawa of the cruise liner Galilei. We were on a tour of battle sites from the Dominion War," Captain Kagawa said and then coughed again. Flecks of blood appeared on the screen. "We've picked up some kind of virus. It's infecting the crew. Our EMH has been trying to find a cure for the last couple of days with no luck. Today the virus has mutated, becoming much more aggressive. Over half the passengers and most of the crew are infected. We need medical assistance immediately. Please. We are," a spate of heavy coughs erupted from the captain. His lips were covered in blood now. "Hurry. Our EMH says the virus- =^=

Alenis watched and listened carefully to every word and image provided. He glanced up at the captain after hearing the truncated transmission and nodded, "Captain do we know approximately what time this transmission was made?" The man drew in a breath and added quickly, "obviously anyone boarding the vessel must be in HAZMAT gear and properly trained."

"I don't think we have the exact time. The Roasha is the ship that relayed the message to us from the Galilei. It will take us a day to reach the cruise liner's last known location. I've had Lieutenant Rees attempting to raise them on comms but no success so far. As for the HAZMAT gear, that is what I want to know. What protocols do you, as the science and medical experts, recommend," Malcom said.

M'ndi took a deep breath. "H-HAZMAT... D-Definitely." She noticed that her hands were shaking. "The... The medical team will need medical supplies. F-F-First aid. Antiviral injections. Adrenaline, other things to stabilize crisis patients. Hard to say what else we'll need until we can study the v-v-virus a little more." She looked down and sighed. "I'm sorry. I'm afraid I might jeopardize the mission."

Desai took a breath to speak, but the Captain's voice rang out, strong and sure, before she had a chance.

Malcom looked up at his Assistant Chief Science officer. "M'ndi, as long as I've known you, I've never seen you do anything that put the Firebird or her crew in danger. You were instrumental in helping solve the weather problems on Quinor VII and your contributions to our rescue of the Monterey's crew were both significant and essential. You're on my ship because I know you are capable of great things. Now we are facing a situation that is well suited to your skills and specialty. The only way you could jeopardize this mission would be for you to let self-doubt overcome your expertise. Understood?" Malcom said.

M'ndi gulped and nodded. Maybe they don't need to know about my parents, she thought. Maybe they're fine.

Well, that was what I was going to say, Desai thought. It sounded better coming from the Captain, though, so Desai brought the conversation back to business. "That cough--it's at least respiratory. And the blood means it's hemolytic. We have to assume it's gone aerosol, if it didn't start out that way. The captain said it was a virus, but I don't think we can rule out a secondary or even poly-virulent bacterial infection. No offense to the EMH, but he's a doctor, not a researcher, and there's an art to research that a computer program can't duplicate. Still, please have Yumi send me whatever information she can pull from that file as soon as she gets it. We might be able to glean more information from the ship's computer once we get there."

Desai's eyes flicked up to the ceiling in a gesture M'ndi recognized as Desai's "thinking face." "There's no way that ship has a BS Level 4 lab. We're going to have to bring everything with us. We'll need a sequencer, the SEM/TEM, a holographic tricorder..." She stopped suddenly and realized everyone was looking at her. She took a deep breath. "Captain. I think we need two teams: a research team and a medical team. M'ndi and I are PhDs, not MDs. We can attack this from two directions: the medical team can focus on the end game--treatment--while we focus on mechanisms. What they learn about treatment will help our research, and vice versa. For that reason, among others, I think the research team should be based on the Galilei." She paused. "As much as I would rather not."

Desai turned to her assistant chief. "M'ndi, I'm going to need you. We should try and find Patient Zero as soon as we get there. Hopefully the medical logs will have some clues. The EMH might have been able to model the spread of the disease through the ship, but if he had his hands full... That will be your second task." She smiled wide at M'ndi. "I dub thee, Epidemiologist. I'll work on isolating and identifying the pathogen. Dr. Alenis," she turned to the new CMO, "I'm sure you're completely familiar with Starfleet quarantine regulations." Her next question was directed at both the CMO and the Captain. "How do we feel about bringing survivors onto the Firebird?"

Alenis didn't reply to the rhetorical question but responded to the last part of Desai's words, "I don't want to risk bringing anyone here until we have cleared what it is they have and are sure they don't pose a threat to the rest of the crew."

Desai nodded. "I agree." Then waited for the captain to weigh in.

The idea of the Firebird becoming infected with a devastating disease gave Malcom a chill. "I aim to assist these people to the best of our abilities but under no circumstances will I allow anyone infected aboard this ship. We are such a small ship and have so few crew that if it got loose here, it would overcome us in a very short period of time," Malcom said. "And having said that, I'm going to be sending a small contingent of security aboard as well. Lieutenant t'Aegis will be in charge of that team."

Desai frowned. "With respect, sir. The fewer people we expose, the better. Do you think the risk is worth it?"

Malcom nodded. "I appreciate the concern, lieutenant. But we don't know if there are hostiles aboard. We don't know if this was something that happened by accident or on purpose. We don't know if anyone else picked up that message. In order to protect you and your team, security is necessary," Malcom said.

"Yes, sir," Desai said. She didn't agree, but the captain was always right. Even when he wasn't. "It will take M'ndi and I about an hour to prep."

After watching the distress call, Jillian felt the rush of adrenaline course through her body. She had spent years teaching herself to focus her tendency towards the flight response into movement for preparation. Mentally ticking through a list of emergency items needed from sickbay, she sorted them into lists of what could be carried on each person and what should be taken in packs. "I will start putting medical supplies together as well." When Alenis nodded, Jillian skirted the edge of the room and exited quickly.

In the hall Jillian found herself taking a slight jog. "Computer, locate Emily." She needed to explain where she was headed, before she could gather supplies for the mission.

Back in sickbay, Alenis looked around the group sullenly. "Once we are over on the ship, no one will return until they are cleared to do so."

"Agreed," Malcom said. "I'll continue to feed you any new information that applies to either science or medicine. Please let me know if you need anything. Now, I have another meeting with engineering very shortly. Does anyone have any closing comments or questions?"

Desai met the captain's eye and shook her head.

Nurse Beddite, who had been quiet up until the captain's question, said, "Sir, I assume that we are going to bring the EMH online while the bulk of our departments are on the Galilei?"

Malcom frowned. "Yes. We will need to have medical coverage on the Firebird. Once you are gone, I'll have him activated until the end of this mission," he said.

"Agreed!" Alenis said with a nod. "I will have the medial staff ready shortly."

Sensing that the meeting was near its end, and feeling more stressed out than usual, M'ndi said, "P-P-Permission to be excused, s-sir? We should s-s-start preparing for the mission."

Desai watched M'ndi flee. Her assistant chief had been doing so much better recently in the self-confidence department, this meeting was definitely a step backward. Unless there was something else going on... Desai unconsciously lifted an eyebrow, puzzled. When the meeting broke up, she headed toward Science Lab One.


Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Commanding Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Laree Desai
Chief Science Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant M'ndi M'rron
Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Junior Grade Alenis Tajor
Chief Medical Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Jillian Mox
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Chief Petty Officer Zene Beddite
Chief Nurse
USS Firebird NCC-88298
NPC by Llwyedd


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Comments (4)

By Cadet Freshman Grade Gianna Djokovic on Thu May 10th, 2018 @ 6:33am

I love the teamwork and the efficiency portrayed in this post. Everyone has their job to do, now let's go save some people. Or die trying. Huzzah! -Liam

By Captain Malcom Llwyedd on Sat May 26th, 2018 @ 11:47am

This is the kind of teamwork preparation that I love to see in our sim. Even better, lots of little details added that give it such a real feel. I especially love M'ndi's actions and words. Great stuff!

By Jillian Mox on Tue May 29th, 2018 @ 8:00pm

I agree that M'ndi's reactions and concerns bring some depth to this preparation jp. Wonderful!

By Petty Officer 3rd Class Max Tragar on Thu May 31st, 2018 @ 9:18am

Poor M'ndi! Emotional investment from the characters, especially when something personal is on the line, add so much energy and interest. Nice writing here, everyone--very scary situation but it's evident the team has this under control.