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Lost in Space Part 1

Posted on Sun Mar 19th, 2017 @ 5:04pm by Lieutenant Commander Ina Nici & Petty Officer 2nd Class Ilin T'plotak

Mission: Mission 0: Coming Home to Roost
Location: Aruigzeb System
Timeline: 13 February, 2394 -1300 Hours

Petty Officer T'plotak sat in the shuttle. She mentally went through her checklist to prepare the shuttle for flight. She did it in order, by the book. One step at a time.

Lieutenant Ina Nici approached the Boreas she tested it with Ensign Smith the day before and already an Ops Crewman had painted it's new name of it's side. Entering the shuttle he smiled at PO3 T'plotak. "Good Afternoon, PO you ready to take her up?" Nici sat in the passenger seat next to the Assistant Flight Control Officer.

PO3 T'plotak responded without looking up from what she was doing, "No, sir. I have three more system checks to finish before we may proceed to launch." She did not give the Lieutenant any further thought as she continued to go through the checks. After finishing she turned to face Nici, "Sir, we are set to launch." She waited for the senior office on board to request clearance to launch.

"Sorry, sorry," shouted Petty Officer Vaun as she raced aboard at the last moment. "I was on my way when I realized I'd left some tactical projections I'd made in my quarters... Lieutenant, hello. Petty Officer T'plotak, a pleasure. Vaun. I'm Amara Vaun. Tactical Officer assigned to this mission. Yeah." Having spoken for far longer than she meant to, Amara made her way to one of the remaining consoles and settled in, thoroughly embarrassed by her tardiness and behavior.

T'plotak raised an eyebrow at PO Vain, if a Vulcan could have an annoyed expression this would probably be it.

"Alright it seems we all here," Nici said closing the shuttle doors. "Bridge, this is the Boreas we are ready to depart," Nici said hitting the comm panel in front of her, "we'll be your eyes in the sky Firebird." A few moments later her console displayed the clearance to launch. "Alright let's gt her up there."

T'plotak started the procedures for launch, she visually checked that each passenger was secure and then within moments the shuttle and left the ship and was headed toward space. The scenery was breath taking as they hurtled across the land slowly raising in altitude. T'plotak's course took them along the coast line, off to one side was the brilliant blue of the ocean that sparkled as the rays of the sun glanced off its surface. To the other side was vast sea of green interspersed with the grey of mountainous rocks. T'plotak's course was easy, safe, and by the book, raising in altitude at the most efficient speed and acceleration. She didn't seem to notice the beauty of the scenery and mainly stayed focused on the readouts from the instruments and proceeding as expected.

"How beautiful," Amara commented, taking in the gorgeous vista. "Perhaps if all goes well on the surface, we might get the chance to spend some more time here, take in the sights."

T'plotak increased the assent of the shuttle as designated by the course she plotted and soon they had broken through the atmosphere. The transition was nearly as breathtaking as the scenery below. The splash of multiple colors as the sun glanced of the remaining atmosphere was dazzling. Then abruptly they entered the deep darkness of space. T'plotak hit a few more buttons on her console and then turned to Nici, "Sir, we are now in a stationary orbit"

Nici began entering commands to begin a signal relay to the ship. "Thank you PO," Nici said, "it looks like everything is working fine." Nici hit the panel to make contact with the Firebird. "Firebird this is Lieutenant Ina we have a link with the ship please come in."

=^= This is the Firebird, Smith here, we hear you. Checking the link. =^=

There was a moment of silence.

=^=Link is good on this end. Have a good trip up? =^=

T'plotak stared annoyingly at the comm as the last question came through.

"Sensors are all clear," Amara reported from Tactical. She realized it might be best to keep any conversation to the task at hand, and leave sightseeing for another time.

"Keep sensors on maximum if anything threat appears in the system we are the only defense for the Firebird while she's planet side," Nici said to Amara.

The next hour passed uneventfully. There were no attempts at casual conversation but whether that was because each of the away mission was intensely focused on the task at hand or because the crew was so new, it was hard to say. The appearance of.... something on Petty Officer Vaun's sensors was enough to roust them all.

T'plotak enjoyed the quietness. She worked at her station, checking systems, making sure she knew most of the possible routes to take around the system. Preparing herself for whatever might come, but most of all, she enjoyed the quiet.

"Lieutenant?" Amara called from her station. "I'm picking up... something on long range sensors. At first I thought it an echo from my constant scanning, but it's too distinct for an echo." What was it? she thought. I should know. Davis would know. What have I missed?

"T'plotak let's investigate," Nici said bringing up the sensor reading. "Whatever it is it seems to have some residual antiprotons. Vaun I want us ready for everything be ready to go to red alert." Nici wasn't sure but residual antiprotons could mean a few things. It could be a small ship needing repair or something more sinister a cloaked vessel, but it was most definitely moving.

"Yes, sir" T'plotak plotted a course for interception, "Direct course set for interception, quarter impulse, bringing us within appropriate distance for a close scan. "

Amara quickly reviewed the vessels armaments: 3 type V phaser arrays, 2 micro-torpedo launchers (20 micro-quantum and 40 micro-proton), and a light shielding system. Enough to survive a small scrap, as her DH would say, but not that great for long term defense of Firebird if needed.

"Ma'am," the Trill spoke up. "Should we advise the ship we have moved to investigate something?"

"I want to make sure we know what it is before we raise alarm," Nici said looking down at her console. "I'm monitoring the link from my station, if we lose contact I'll abort and we'll return to orbit quickly."

T'plotak frowned at this. She felt it would be not only prudent to contact the ship, but fell within starfleet protocols. She decided not to question the superior officer, especially since she deserved to be Chief. T'plotak continued to maneuver the ship.

"Sir, we are in range for a more in depth scan."

The sensors didn't show anything and the residual antiprotons stopped moving. Nici thought hard to herself 'what would the scientists aboard the Aristotle do?' She began punching command into her console and it hit her. "Vaun scan for tachyon emissions on all bands." Nici was convinced this was a cloaked ship. "I need confirmation of a theory I have."

Amara adjusted the field for tachyons, a small knot forming in her stomach. They were scanning for a cloaked ship, and images of a Dominion fleet closing in around them filled her mind. She pushed past the fear and did as instructed, but her hands were less steady than they were before.

As Vaun began her scan a ship de-cloaked in front of the Boreas and began to scan the shuttle. "Yellow alert," said Nici, "I'm trying to hail them but they aren't responding."

The unknown ship set off at full impulse for the planet. Nici reached out to comm the ship, but it seemed the comm was jammed. "We lost contact with the Firebird shields up. T'plotak follow them and get us as close as you can, full impulse. Vaun as soon as we are in range I want you to fire a few micro torpedoes across their bow as soon as we are in range." Nici put the shields up and brought the small shuttle to red alert. There were no other passengers a board but it was tradition.

"Yes sir, " T'plotak responded. T'plotak plotted the course and as quickly as she could she brought the ship within range.

"Aye, Lieutenant!" Amara acknowledged, readying the torpedo launchers and configuring her targeting sensors, They could fire only two at a time, but in quick succession, so she settled on a spread of four. "Torpedoes armed and ready."

To Be Continued in Lost In Space Part 2


Lieutenant Ina Nici
Chief Operations Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Ensign Ilin T'plotak
Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Petty Officer 3rd Class Amara Vaun
Tactical Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298


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