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Away Mission: Engineering Part 1

Posted on Sun Mar 19th, 2017 @ 5:04pm by Lieutenant Rhesha Th'Kharia & Lieutenant JG Soto Gantt & Warrant Officer Arlan Harlan & Lieutenant Natalie Keys
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Mission: Mission 0: Coming Home to Roost
Location: Various - Firebird
Timeline: 13 February, 2394 -1300 Hours


Lieutenant Keys watched Captain Llwyedd walk out and sighed. That could have gone worse. She thought. Could have gone better too. The Firebird's rough landing had made their repair a front and center situation and while she had informed the captain of the micro hull breach, the situation had gotten worse and the entire panel had sheered off, mid-landing. If they hadn't found the problem before and erected the forcefield, the ship would have suffered extensive damage to deck two. The captain had praised her and her team but also had urged them to examine the panels around the one already destroyed. Chief Engineer's who allowed their ship's hull to breach, generally lost their jobs. She was waiting for her crew to arrive so that they could get to work.

The first on scene was their massive security escort, K'Vec. He was armed with a Type III phaser rifle and a tricorder of his own, to be used to detect any possible threats or hazards to the team. Just because they would be working on the hull it didn't mean they would be safe from whatever this strange environment decided to throw at them. He greeted Keys with a curt nod, and then found an out of the way place to stand so the engineering team would have room.

Rhesha arrived with half of the equiment necessary for the repairs. Soto was carrying the rest. The panel shearing off during the landing had been an unexpected set back. Rhesha knew that Keys was feeling the pressure, and he was determined that he would relieve as much as he could by fixing the problem as effectively as possible.

Harlan arrived at the disembark station and began to suit up. It took a few minutes extra since he wasn't used to going outside, but he got the atmo-suit and mag boots on eventually. He got outside and started to climb up the ship's hull to survey the damage. "Well, I know we can't see the breach, but let's get this job done quick. I don't want to sound pushy, but being outside isn't a common thing for me." Harlan said with some trepidation.

He paused for a second before continuing. "Where would you like me to start with this, Chief?"

Keys held up a hand. "Slow down, Harlan. I appreciate the fact that we are taking you outside your comfort zone but the needs of the ship outweigh that. Plus we are still waiting for Ensign Soto. Once he gets here, we can get started. My plan is to beam the three of you," she paused and nodded at Petty Officer K'Vec, "Four of you, sorry, outside the ship with a large lifter. Once you are in position, we will transport the hull plating from the industrial replicator to your lifter and you will work together to get it in place safely. Meanwhile, K'Vec will make sure nothing tries to eat you."

Soto rushed into the room but slowed as if the four pairs of eyes watching him were pushing him back. Heat rushed to his face as a stream of silent, self-directed curses rushed through his mind. He set down the case in his arms. “If you can’t pack it quickly you’re not ready.” He muttered his father’s words softly to himself.

“Sorry, Lieutenant Keys. Everyone. I had a little trouble with the phase coil resonator.” Gantt regretted giving an excuse immediately--even if it was true. No one cared. He felt like a kid at the grown-up table. He looked at Lieutenant Keys. “Sorry.”

Keys sighed. "Alright, ensign, that's enough. Next time try to be on time, ok? The captain is all over me about this repair. Lieutenant Th'Kharia, get your team to the transporter and let me know when you are outside. I'll be monitoring you from main engineering. Dismissed!"

Rhesha turned to the rest of the group. "All right. Let's take it out." He grabbed his portion of the kit and walked to the transporter. After the group was assembled on the pads he gave a nod to the transporter chief. The familiar sensation took hold and soon they were standing on the hull. A moment later and the lifter came through, followed by the recently replicated hull panel.

"Alright, first things first, I want a complete sweep of the area around the hole. We need to know exactly what the condition is of every plate here. Soto take the top area, Harlan to the left. I'll take the bottom, and we can work our way around to meet back here."

"Yes, Lieutenant." Ensign Soto began scanning above the spot where the shock wave had drilled through the hull. The phase coil resonator indicated a network of deep fractures spreading from the impact area. Gantt’s combadge emitted a short burst of static. He glanced at it, then back to his job. Nothing here that wasn’t expected. The fractures appeared to dwindle as he followed them, disappearing before they reached the next hull panel. Good, Gantt thought. This should be a simple operation. The combadge buzzed again and he slapped it silent. He'd have to pull it apart tonight to fix it. After being late to the landing the last thing he wanted was to miss an incoming call because of a patchy combadge.

Harlan took up his spot to the left of the plate in question and pulled out his equipment. He felt a little fooling still wearing the atmo-suit, but it made him feel more comfortable with the open space being on a planet. His combadge also started to buzz in tune with what ever magnetism was coming through the hull, but he didn't really mind it either; it again just reminded him of the constant buzz down in the Tubes. "This panel looks pretty clear." Harlan ventured. "I'm not seeing any structural damage either on the surface or below. Anyone else getting anything?"

Natalie was monitoring their progress from engineering. =^=This is Keys. Everyone adjust your tricorders to look for microscopic faults and any magnetic phase interference. I do not want this happening again.=^=

As the engineers got to work, K'Vec began to walk the perimeter, one eye occasionally taking count of the team but with his focus mostly on their surroundings. The view was impressive, but the ship was sitting in the open and the Klingon was aware threats could employ a variety of approaches. He even kept watch on the skyline; just because the briefing only mentioned dangerous lizards, there could be other predators native to this world. A warrior was prepared to face challenges from any quarter.

Rhesha had worked around to his quarter. The scans revealed no damage to the surrounding panels that he could see. Time to check in.

=^=Th'Kharia to away team, sound off and let me know where we're at.=^=

His comm badge cracked and whistled with static. None of them acknowledged the hail.

=^=Th'Kharia to Keys, have you heard from any of the away team Chief?=^=

Static again. Rhesha switched his scans on the tricorder. There was a magnetic phase variance that was encasing the hull. It would require demagnetizing the hull before they could proceed. Rhesha started walking back to the spot they had beamed in. He also started yelling for the other members of the team.

[Main Engineering]

Natalie waited to hear back from the away team but nothing happened. =^=Keys to Th'Kharia=^= Again, no response. Natalie was starting to get worried. She could see them on the scanners but couldn't communicate with them.

=^=Engineering to Bridge=^=

Natalie winced as the captain's voice came back to her.

=^=What can I do for you, Lieutenant?=^= Captain Llwyedd asked.

=^=Sir, I've lost communication with the crew. Can you try from the bridge?=^=

=^=Of course. One moment=^= There was a small pause and then his voice returned. =^=No luck on our end as well. Ensign Smith's sensor scan shows they are unharmed. We have some kind of interference. Stay on top of it and let me know if you detect an emergency.=^=

Natalie sighed. Its never easy she thought. =^=Aye, captain=^=


Rhesha moved back around to the beam in point. He was still calling out to the others to head back towards him when he heard a chirrup like sound behind him. He reached for the phaser on his hip and slowly turned. There behind him was one of the lizards. Damn. My yelling probably attracted it.

The lizard was not an ordinary sized lizard. It looked to be about three feet long, with a bony ride running down the center of its back. It had beady black eyes over a mouth that held rows of sharp looking teeth. Its six feet all ended in two huge claws. But it wasn't until a second one landed next to the first and folded its wings against its side, that the away team realized they weren't just lizards. They were flying lizards.

To Be Continued In Away Mission: Engineering Part 2

Lieutenant Natalie Keys
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