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Sunny Side Up

Posted on Sun Mar 19th, 2017 @ 5:02pm by Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Lieutenant Jesse Davis
Edited on on Sun Mar 19th, 2017 @ 5:09pm

Mission: Mission 0: Coming Home to Roost
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: 13 February, 2394, 0704 hours


JJ had finished his run (the Betazed program had been breathtaking) and taking a shower (much hotter and longer than usual), and now had made his way to the mess hall thirty minutes later than what had become custom. His thoughts still on the run - and perhaps the person who'd inspired it - he paid little attention to those already present and zeroed in on the nearest replicator.

"Black coffee, hot."

The steaming beverage materialized and he snatched it up greedily. Holding in close to enjoy the aroma, he stepped back to allow access to the machine as he tried to think of what he might want to eat. He'd certainly worked up an appetite and the standard eggs and grapefruit would probably not cut it today. Taking a sip of his coffee, he'd decided on a full country breakfast and stepped back up, inadvertently cutting in front of a fellow officer. Catching his rude behavior, he once more moved aside and said...

"Pardon me, um... Cap'n?"

Malcom had narrowly avoided a culinary disaster. His coffee mug had come perilously close to splashing all over his custom ordered omelette. He looked at Lieutenant Davis. "No harm, Mr. Davis," Malcom said, his gaze falling to the man's tray. "But that looks like enough food for three people. The doc might not approve."

Instinctively blushing at the mention of L'Nel, and not entirely sure why, JJ hoped it would come across as embarrassment at his large meal. "Already got my clean bill of health, sir. Besides, we have a big day ahead of us, landin' the ship and all. Gotta keep me energy up." He looked around for an open seat. "Care to join me?"

"Of course," Malcom said. The two officers appropriated one of the nearby tables. We need to do something about the decor Malcom thought. The messhall was very utilitarian in nature. It had no windows and really no interior design. "We need to paint or add some art or something to this place." He said as he cut a piece out of his omelette.

JJ had smashed his over-easy eggs, and was now spreading some of his sausage gravy over the eggs and fried potatoes. "You might have a point," he said, scoping up a bite with the help of a fluffy buttermilk biscuit. "Don't know that I'd be the one to ask, though. My style's always been rather, well, spartan. The only thing I've ever needed is a full bookshelf and some pictures of my family."

Malcom's omelette was... decent. He watched Lieutenant Davis inhaling his eggs. "I think yours looks better than mine," Malcom said. A few other members of the crew were slowly filing in. It was always interesting to see whether they were morning people or sane people. Malcom eyed his table companion. "So are you ready for today?"

"Yes, sir!" JJ answered enthusiastically, while reaching for a piece of bacon. "Gotta say, I'm lookin' forward to landin' the ship, even though it creates a whole host of potential security risks. We've got those covered best we can, and I'm confident with our away team assignments. You ever landed a ship before?"

"A lot of times, actually. The Waterloo was an Intrepid class ship. It wasn't every week but more often than I expected. And I only dinged her two, maybe three times. But the third time wasn't really my fault. Our maneuvering thrusters failed so technically it was a crash landing but still not my fault. And I have all confidence in your security arrangements, chief," Malcom said. He took a long drink of his orange juice.

The pair ate in silence for a moment, then JJ realized there was something he should ask the commander. It felt a little silly, mostly because he wasn't even sure he'd need an answer anytime soon, but it was always better to get clearance for a shuttle flight before heading to the cockpit.

"Sir, if I might ask... what is your opinion on shipboard fraternization? Of the romantic variety, I mean."

"Chief, I married my chief medical officer when I was on the Fredrickson so... I guess I'm all for it?" Malcom said, and then popped another bite into his mouth. "But seriously, as long as it isn't a subordinate and it doesn't affect your job, I'm fine with it. However, if it does affect your performance, I will step in and take care of the problem." Malcom hated to sound like a hardass but sometimes it was necessary and he'd seen more than one shipboard romance go south, with disastrous results.

JJ considered Malcom's words. "Good to know, sir." Returning to his eggs, he felt he should clarify. "There's... just so you know, there's nothing going on yet. Maybe ever, too soon to say. Just wanted your input before anything started." He loaded his fork and asked, "Your wife? Is she on another assignment?"

Malcom nodded. "Wise decision. I try to stay out of my crew's personal life. As for my wife, she's still teaching at Starfleet Academy. We both taught there for two years and then I accepted command of the Firebird. I suppose she would have come with me if I'd asked but she's really involved with getting the medical curriculum set up the right way."

JJ nodded. "I'm sure she stays busy. Medical advances seem to be made every other day, I can't imagine havin' to stay current. My head hurts just thinkin' about it." He began to crumble his second biscuit into the remains of the gravy. "Y'all have any kids? Even though my sister has one, mom occasionally turns the pressure up on me to start a family."

"We thought we were going to have one but it didn't work out," Malcom said. "We're planning to try again within the next few years. You have a big family then?"

"Well, not big enough for mom," JJ chuckled. "But there are my parents, my sister and her husband and my nephew. I had a brother, but he was lost in the Dominion War." The mention of Mason didn't sting as much this time; was it because he's been on his mind since the conversation with L'Nel? "I've got a fairly large extended family, though."

"You're lucky. I never had any siblings. Always wanted one but no luck," Malcom finished up his omelette and drank some more of his juice. "Your mother's influence weighing on you? Seems like she is a big factor in your life."

"Both of my parents are. They're good people." JJ took a drink of his coffee. "Brought me and my siblings up right, ya know? I've always wanted to do right by them in return. Like to think I've done so..." His thoughts trailed back to his mother's desire for grandchildren. "I never have been one to settle down, though. Been married to the job, so to speak. There have been a few romances, but nothing serious."

"You can have both. I've achieved my career goals and have a great marriage. It's a little different but it works for us. You just have to find the right person, you know? Life is too short not to seek out happiness where you can."

JJ's thoughts flashed to their own CMO, and the initial attraction he had felt. Continued to feel, honestly. "I may just take your advice, Cap'n. It depends a great deal on the other person, of course, but you never know until you try, am I right?"

Malcom smiled. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained, Lieutenant," Malcom said and then stood. "Thanks for the company. And good luck. I better get to the bridge. Lots of excitement coming up. I'll see you there."

Toasting Malcom with his mug, JJ surveyed the remainder of his breakfast. Still enough left to feed a persona and a half, but he was still hungry. He pushed aside all thoughts except those of his appetite, and began to slice the chunk of country ham.


Commander Malcom Llwyedd
Commanding Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Junior Grade Jesse Davis
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298


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