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Lost in Space Part 2

Posted on Sun Mar 19th, 2017 @ 10:15pm by Lieutenant Commander Ina Nici & Petty Officer 2nd Class Ilin T'plotak
Edited on on Sun Mar 19th, 2017 @ 10:16pm

Mission: Mission 0: Coming Home to Roost
Location: Aruigzeb System
Timeline: 13 February, 2394 -1400 Hours

Previously on Star Trek: Firebird

The unknown ship set off at full impulse for the planet. Nici reached out to comm the ship, but it seemed the comm was jammed. "We lost contact with the Firebird shields up. T'plotak follow them and get us as close as you can, full impulse. Vaun as soon as we are in range I want you to fire a few micro torpedoes across their bow as soon as we are in range." Nici put the shields up and brought the small shuttle to red alert. There were no other passengers a board but it was tradition.

"Yes sir, " T'plotak responded. T'plotak plotted the course and as quickly as she could she brought the ship within range.

"Aye, Lieutenant!" Amara acknowledged, readying the torpedo launchers and configuring her targeting sensors, They could fire only two at a time, but in quick succession, so she settled on a spread of four. "Torpedoes armed and ready."


"Fire when ready," Nici said looking over her shoulder at Amara. "Remember we don't want to start a fight just keep them from getting closer to the planet." Nici was flustered, from what she could tell, at best the type 11 shuttle wasn't enough alone to take on the ship on her screen and she didn't have communication with the Firebird. Every attempt to connect to the ship was failing she assumed there must be something interfering.

The ship was twice as large as the Firedbird, with bulk cargo pods added on to each side. The bridge was dead center on forward section, a swath of windows giving sight-lines to the planet. A single phaser bank, tucked under the cargo bays, flared to life and the beam shot out, shaking the Boreas

"Shields holding," Amara reported. "Torpedoes away!"

As the torpedoes were loosed the unknown ship slowed and turned and a short game of cat and mouse ensued. Neither ship landed there target and each time the Boreas took the offensive the other ship simply changed it's flight plan to find a new route closer to the planet. All the while Nici wildly tried everything she could to re-establish a link to the Firebird. As the ships danced Nici looked over at T'plotak who was calmly but steadily entering commands at flight, "If you have any tricks up your sleeve now is the time to you them."

T'plotak was working as efficiently as she could. Every move they did she followed with the appropriate counter move, but she could never gain on them. "Tricks sir? I am applying all the appropriate measures." T'plotak frowned, she was doing everything that she was taught in school Nothing was working. "If we chase, they have the advantage. We need to change our objective."

Nici was still trying to regain the link to the Firebird when it struck her. They were smaller and faster they could beat the ship to the planet and get some back up from the other shuttle. "You are right," Nici said to T'plotak. "Ok Vaun I want you to let loose two more salvos this time aim for their engines quickly opening a path for us to bolt. T'plotak I want us back to the planet full impulse perhaps we can create enough distance to regain a link with the ship." Nici made a few power adjustments giving everything to the engines the moment the weapons were fired. "Let's do it."

Amara nodded. "Yes, Ma'am." She locked onto the opposing vessel, targeting their engines, and let loose her second volley. "Firing!" Sweat had started to bead on her brow, but in truth the Trill was in her element.

Now that T'plotak had a very clear objective, she was ready to act. As soon as the salvos left the ship, she brought the ship up to full impulse as fast as she could. The ship jumped to life and raced towards the planet.

Nici confirmed as the torpedoes hit their marks that the engines on the unkown ship were still functional, but they seemed to be operating at a diminished capacity. Hopefully with the distance growing they would be able to regain a connection with the Firebird. As the shuttle approached the planet the link re-established by itself. "Firebird this is the Boreas," Nici said to the screen knowing she wouldn't have much time before the the link would be severed, "We have some unexpected company up here we could use a little company if you'd like to send the Prometheus up."

=^=Boreas please elaborate. Unexpected company?=^= The Captain's voice came across the comm.

Before Nici could respond the connection was severed as the unknown ship entered orbit of the small planet. Before any help could be mustered the ship fired a blast that flew just passed the small shuttle and continued straight for the small planet. Just as soon as the ship appeared it turned about and engaged it's engine at full. "Vaun what just happened scan the planet."

Nici regained a link with the Firebird. "T'plotak keep us in high orbit and I'll maintain the link"

The captain's voice came on over the comm. "Boreas I am sending up the Prometheus as a precaution. Maintain close orbit and prepare to reboard the Firebird when directed, "

"Yes Sir, we'll keep an eye out for any more company," Nici said.

Her full attention on the scanners, Amara went pale. "Lieutenant Ina, they are headed directly over the 'dead zone' Davis' team is investigating. And I'm not sure how, but I'm starting to pick up some kind of debris... possibly the remains of a ship."

Nici looked over at Amara, "I hope they are alright." Nici closed her eyes for a second taking it all in. Her team was safe but there were others on the planet that may not be. 'Please let the Prophets see them safely back aboard the Firebird and see us safely back to our home,' Nici thought to herself.


Lieutenant Ina Nici
Chief Operations Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Petty Officer Ilin T'Plotak
Flight Control Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Petty Officer 3rd Class Amara Vaun
Tactical Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298


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