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Scattered Bodies... Gone [PLOT]

Posted on Fri Jul 24th, 2020 @ 11:43am by Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Lieutenant Cynfor Rees & Lieutenant Nora Morrison M.D. & Lieutenant Jamia Kaar & Lieutenant Jackson Smith & Lieutenant Commander Rhiana t'Aegis & Lieutenant JG Soto Gantt & Warrant Officer Arlan Harlan

Mission: Mission 6: To Your Scattered Bodies Go
Location: USS Firebird - various
Timeline: 19 May, 2395 - 1000 Hours


Petty Officer Third Class Keith Potter was a happy man. At first, he'd been disappointed at his transfer to become the Firebird's Transporter Chief. He liked fighting. That was the best part of working in security. He got to hit and shoot the bad guys... and sometimes the good guys. Keith didn't care too much as long as he didn't get in trouble. But he'd discovered that his new position was actually great. Lieutenant Rees was a decent guy and, more importantly, he didn't spend too much time messing with Keith's system.

Keith didn't have anyone to report to most of the time, which meant he didn't have to be on time hardly ever. When the ship was under warp, he spent time walking around the ship, checking power conduits and things like that. Which, in reality meant that he spent time talking to the crew, finding places to nap and generally having what he considered to be fun. Occasionally he'd hang out in Marine country and try to start a fight.

And when he did have to be in the transporter room, like right now when they were docked, it was an easy job. Once in awhile he'd transport someone on or off the station, smile before or after, and the go back to the chair he'd brought into the room and read some of his novels. Keith loved action novels.

Which is why when the transporter console beeped in a weird tone, Keith ignored it. It certainly wasn't on of the regular transport requests and that was basically all he knew. But when it beeped the sixth time, he sighed and got up and walked over to the transporter controls. And then he froze. Like a mouse caught in a trap, Keith knew he was about to be in big trouble. He tapped his combadge.

"Uh, Petty Officer Potter to Lieutenant Rees. Sir, I think you better come down here," Keith said and waited for the reply.

Cyn rarely heard from the Transporter Chief, the transporter ran like a well oiled machine so he did not have to worry about it too much. That is why he was surprised when his comm badge went off and the request came from Keith. "I am on my way." Rees replied by way of tapping his comm badge.

A few moments later Cyn arrived in the transporter room. He smiled broadly "What seems to be the big problem?"

In the time between calling for the lieutenant and his arrival, Potter had managed to get rid of the chair and fix his uniform. He's actually transported the chair into the pattern buffer, which he thought was pretty smart.

"Well, uh, lieutenant, the computer started chiming at me a little while ago and I didn't know what it was. I'm still learning a lot, you know. Anyway, so when I went to check it out it took me a little while. And, uh. There were two unauthorized transporter traces onto the ship," Keith said and gestured towards the transporter controls. "Looks like they came from somewhere outside the ship and ended in Commander t'Aegis' quarters, sir."

"Run a transporter trace and find out their origin. I will check the pattern buffer and see if I can find out any information about the people that were beamed over." Cyn ordered Potter and then set to work on his own task. He knew that Security would have to be alerted. However, with Rhiana being the chief there this was going to be a delicate and hairy situation. Rees wanted all the information possible before he pulled that trigger.

Potter wanted to say something about handling the pattern buffer himself but the lieutenant was already in action. He could only hope that the chair wouldn't come up. "Aye, sir," Potter managed and started the trace. He felt pretty confident in this task as he'd completed most of the holodeck training and had performed a few tests of his own. But when the results came in, he sighed. "Sir, the transporter must be malfunctioning. It keeps saying that the transporter beams originated in a point of space off of the aft of the ship. Not even on the station and that doesn't make any sense."

Rees began to go through the pattern buffer and within seconds found the chair that was held there in a stasis of sorts. He glanced over at Potter, but thought that now was not a good time to get into it. Cyn could not get a full reading on what was transported just that something biological was transported. He decided that he would have to delve deeper into the transport system, however, with a potential security threat there would simply be no time at the moment. He tapped his comm badge. =/\=Rees to t'Aegis. Are you okay? There seems to be a potential security threat in your quarters.=/\=

=/\= t'Aegis here, =/\= came the immediate reply from Rhiana. =/\= I am not in my quarters. =/\= By the sound of it, she was running, though probably on carpet, the characteristic noise of boots slapping against the ground somewhat muffled. =/\= Report. =/\= This was not exactly said as an order, but with a certain amount of urgency.

=/\=The transporter is registering an unauthorized transport originating from aft of the Firebird in open space. The target of the beam was your quarters. We thought it was a malfunction but no, there is something in your quarters. I am attempting to clear up the pattern buffer now and get a read on what it is.=/\= Cyn spoke into the communicator.

"Potter rematerialize that chair and let's get elbow deep into the buffer. We need to know what came onto the ship." Cyn ordered.

Potter didn't even try to deny the chair. He just nodded and triggered the transporter. The chair appeared on the transporter pad and he turned to the next task. Maybe if he did a really good job, the lieutenant wouldn't demote him back to somewhere else.


=/\= Understood. On my way. =/\= Rhiana hit her combadge. "Computer, locate Xavi," she continued and ran past an astonished member of the crew who had had the presence of mind to jump out of her way. =^=Xavi is in his quarters=^= the computer replied in its inappropriately pleasant voice. Rhiana cursed under her breath and ran faster.

Waited impatiently for the turbolift to arrive. Announced "Deck four" when the door had barely opened to let her through. Waited the few seconds it took for the turbolift to deliver her to her destination. Rushed through the opening doors, bumped into another crewman but continued to run without even so much as an apology or a look back. Ran towards the door. Which moved to open with the perceived speed of a glacier.
So did everything else.



He was struggling. Fighting. Resisting.

Two Romulans were doing their best to immobilize him.

Throwing herself towards them, she realized that she was proud that the boy was resisting and making it difficult for them. The thought almost made her smile.

But while she was still in the air, the green light of a Romulan transporter engulfed the three Romulans.
Moments later, they were gone.
Rhiana belly-landed hard in the shattered remnants of the glass-top coffee table and hit her head against the corner of the sofa.

Winded and slightly dizzy, her fingers somehow found her combadge. =/\= t'Aegis to Llwyedd... We have to... to... pursue... Red alert... Undock... =/\=

For once Malcom was sitting in the captain's seat. They'd finally gotten around to upgrading it with some of the new holographic displays, along with many of the other stations on the bridge, and he was playing with the menus, tapping in mid-air when Rhiana's voice broke over the bridge. It didn't take him long to process what she'd said. And he trusted her implicitly.

"Red Alert!" Malcom barked and the bridge lighting shifted to combat mode. "Ensign Temo, emergency undocking procedures. Crewman Lopt, let Empok Nor know we have a security breach," Malcom said and stood up. "Computer, emergency transport, Commander t'Aegis to sickbay."


"Lieutenant Rees, this is the captain. What the hell is going on?"

"Sir we are still working on the why and the how. However, it seems that Romulans have beamed aboard the ship. We are not sure where they came from. The transport originated from the aft of the ship in what seemed to be open space. But it could have easily been a cloaked ship." Cyn replied. He chastised himself mentally for not thinking it could have been a cloaked ship earlier.

"Understood, lieutenant. Keep me informed. Llwyedd out," Malcom said and watched as the main viewscreen shift as the ship turned away from the station. Where are you? he thought.


Commander Rhiana t'Aegis materialized on biobed three in a blaze of light. Chief Petty Officer Beddite looked up from her research station, immediately assessed the situation and called out. "Doctor, we have a patient," she said and moved to t'Aegis' side, looking at the readouts. "What happened?" She asked, noting the broken glass.

The transport had come as a surprise. The destination, after a few moments of disorientation, as a shock. Rhiana sat up, small shards of glass falling off the front of her uniform, and closed her eyes for a second until the dizziness passed. Taking a deep breath, she swung her legs off the biobed and stood. "It is nothing. I fell," she replied with as much dignity as she could muster. A small bump was already developing at the side of her forehead and there was a small cut or two in her face as well as several lacerations mostly on the insides of her hands. Though she did not show them to the nurse. "If you will excuse me, I have to report to the bridge."

"Not just yet, Commander," Jamia interrupted, appearing from her office and moving immediately to Rhiana's side. It was likely not a coincidence that the chief of security had been beamed into sickbay just as the ship went to red alert. She noted the bump and looked intently from one of the Romulan's eyes to the other, then back again. The injury plus the dazed speech she'd overheard could indicate a concussion. "Please have a seat and let us do our jobs, so we can let you get back to yours."

Rhiana blinked, making it not easy for Kaar to check her eyes. She had had enough concussions in her life to know the risks any further one could bring. But... "I have no time for this." She sounded stronger now and her tone did not allow for discussion. "We will lose them if we do not pursue right away." Walking towards the exit in a quick pace, not fleeing but hurrying, she added back over her shoulder, "I will be back later."

Dr. Kaar sighed. She could certainly insist her patient stay, but she had a feeling that it wouldn't be without a fight that would tie up resources they could not spare in an emergency. Besides, the CMO had a feeling there was something more to Rhiana's behavior than her usual difficult demeanor. That woman needed to get to the bridge. "Fine, but wait up," she called, reaching for a medkit and turning her attention to the nurse. "Sickbay is yours until Dr. Oggt arrives, which should be any moment." Zene nodded in understanding, and Jamia hustled to fall in step behind t'Aegis.

Rhiana barely slowed down, but quickly sped up her pace as soon as the doctor was behind her. She did not quite trust herself to start jogging let alone running, but she was walking as briskly as she could to get to the nearest turbolift and then to the bridge. She remained silent during the short ride, keeping her hands clasped behind her back, out of the doctor's sight.

Moments later, the doors of the turbolift slid open and Rhiana stepped onto the dimly lit bridge.

Malcom was surpised to see Rhiana exit the turbolift, followed closely by Dr. Kaar. "Commander, Doctor," he said in way of greeting. "I thought you'd been seriously injured, Rhiana. You sounded like it on the coms. I'm glad to see you moving under your own power." Malcom made eye contact with his CMO, his expression clearly dubious at the situation.

Jamia met her captain's gaze. "Given the circumstance, Commander t'Aegis was... insistent on reporting to the bridge. I have accompanied her to monitor her condition as she acts in an advisory capacity, while also continuing to treat any superficial wounds. Speaking of, may I see your left hand, Commander?" She hoped Malcom understood her implication and kept the current officer at the tactical station. Rhiana would not be pleased, but although the doctor felt the chief should be present, she could not in good conscious clear her to operate a duty station.

"No." Rhiana did not even look back at the doctor as she said that and continued speaking while making her way towards her console. "There is no time to lose. They have Xavi, captain. A cloaked Romulan vessel is out there. We have to pursue them and free him." She spoke with urgency in her voice, but she sounded reasonable enough. Even if she was inwardly screaming in frustration that people were too slow to understand. They had to act now!

The tactical officer saw her expression and stepped away from the console, though remained in the vicinity in case the captain overruled the chief of security and tactical. He stared at the normally gleaming surface of the tactical console. Whereever Rhiana touched, she left smudges of green blood behind.

The doctor felt a surge of maternal sympathy for Rhiana, understanding why her patient had been so insistent and defiant. But understanding did not equate to approval, and this had gone on long enough. Expertly preparing a sedative from her medical kit, Jamia silently stepped behind the Romulan and pressed the hypo against her neck before anyone could react.

Had Rhiana been her usual alert, this would never have worked. Or maybe it would have. The doctor's subterfuge definitely did work now. Rhiana did not even have time to look annoyed at the disturbance when her expression became slack, her eyes closed and she collapsed into the doctor's waiting arms.

"Computer, initiate decontamination protocol, tactical station," Jamia ordered as she eased Rhiana's unconscious body to the deck. As the station shimmed slightly, eliminating any potential biohazard and removing any cellular seizure, she looked over towards Malcom. "My apologies, Captain. I never should have let her leave sickbay."

Malcom nodded. "Commander t'Aegis can be incredibly focused on the task at hand. I think she might be the only person on the ship more stubborn than I am," Malcom said as he knelt down to look at his Chief of Security. Her face was relaxed and... peaceful? He shook his head. "I'll have you transported..." Malcom began and then everything went dark. It wasn't dim. Every source of light on the bridge, every console, every display, just... stopped. The darkness was immediate and impenetrable.

"Or not," Malcom said and then tapped his combadge. Thankfully they had their own power supply and it chirrped as it always did when in use. "Llywedd to engineering. What is going on?" Malcom asked.

Harlan came back with a grumbled reply. =^=Not sure, captain. Something has happened with the power. It just went down and we are scrambling trying to figure it out. What's the situation up there? Is anything showing life?=^=

"Nothing. I can't see my hand in front of my face. Guess its time to find those emergency lights. Keep me informed. Llwyedd out," Malcom said.


[Conference Room]

1 Hour later

"So you're saying that the Romulans managed to beam some kind of device on board the Firebird and that is what knocked out our power?" Malcom asked his Chief Engineer. The rest of his department heads sat around the table, a place that he rarely used because he just didn't like the table or the chairs.

Cyn nodded, all indications had pointed to the Captain being correct. What had the Ops Chief baffled for the moment was how the Romulans managed to transport anything on board without them knowing. He took it as a personal attack, one that Rees would not allow to go unanswered.

Rhiana's jaws tightened at the captain's question. She had only just been released from sickbay by Kaar and she was still very annoyed at the liberties the chief medical officer had taken, but she felt even worse about what had happened to Xavi. These Romulans had somehow managed to disable her security systems to kidnap the boy. By now, they could be anywhere and the chances of ever finding him were quickly diminishing.

Massaging the palms of her hands underneath the table - the doctor had managed to remove all shards and heal the cuts, but an impression of tingling remained - the chief of security and tactical pondered not about the device, but about the deeper implications of this action. The preparations that had had to be done in order for the kidnapping to succeed. She had begun pondering as soon as she could think rational thoughts again and she did not like the result of that pondering. She sat up a little straighter and looked at Llwyedd. "Captain, request permission to leave the ship to make some inquiries."

Jackson sat quietly, looking from one member to the other. He portrayed calm and patience, but his thoughts were everything but that. Jackson had warned them that the Romulans were interested, he had warned they increase security. Yet, they still got onboard, how was that? Jackson could not help but think one obvious answer was they had another traitor on board. Was it Rhiana? No one here or even on board seemed likely, but this wasn't the first time the ship had been betrayed. He couldn't risk it again. He had to be sure. Rhiana definitely had her secrets, exactly what they were he was not sure, but it was his job to find out. Jackson continued to stare at each of them, watching every small microscopic reaction and behavior.

"What kind of inquiries, Commander t'Aegis?" Malcom asked. He wasn't surprised that she wanted to be moving. In many ways, she reminded him of a shark. He couldn't think of any time when his Chief of Security wasn't moving and trying to accomplish something.

Rhiana swallowed her first answer because it would have sounded insolent and she could not afford the reaction she would get to that attitude, even if she felt it was justified. "I may be able to obtain information regarding the assault on the Firebird, sir," she replied, her voice and expression under control again.

Harlan chimed in next. "Engineering is still trying to figure things out on our end. We are working with the transporter techs to figure things out and evaluating everything with regards to the power outage. We don't have much right now, unfortunately."

Harlan glared at his PADD in case that would case the answer to reveal itself. The glare was something he hadn't done for a while and it felt great. This was the sort of glare that used to make his younger colleagues quickly find somewhere else to be.

"Captain, if I may. I have been in frequent consultation with Starfleet and several Romulan noble houses. Though factions and loyalties shift daily, we should focus on two sources: House s'Khellian, and the Tal Shiar. I believe the former is creating a cabal to put themselves in power within the Romulan Senate. Likewise, you may recall the name Sela. She is making moves to reclaim power and the Tal Shiar would quickly move to weaken any of her plans. This assault benefits both factions; to say more would be less than speculation." Leed clasped his hands behind his back. "I believe, Captain, that there are great and dangerous stresses on many Romulans to reconsider their loyalties."

At the moment, Nora was most concerned about the stresses on their chief of security. Rhiana had left Sickbay for the bridge by the time Nora had arrived after the red alert, but she'd been informed of what had happened on the bridge and had been present in Sickbay after Rhiana came to. She didn't know the woman all that well, but it didn't take a therapist to know she was quite shaken but trying to hold it together. Morrison had seen how little patience she had had while the medical staff had treated her injuries and decided against approaching her with sympathetic words for now. It would be far better to offer tangible support, which would provide the opportunity to support her emotionally. For now, however she just hoped the captain would recognize she wasn't in the best state of mind to be leading the charge to rescue the young boy she cared so much about. Morrison frowned as she listened to leads. "What I don't understand is what kidnapping a young boy has to do with any of this."

Malcom nodded as Commander Leed spoke. He knew the man was an expert in this field. "Commander Leed I appreciate your insight. I think that we should get together soon to go over some specifics of this event and the Romulan intervention," Malcom said. "Lieutenant Rees, Chief Harlan, I want the ship ready to depart just as soon as we know where we are headed. Does anyone have anything further to add?"

Rhiana did not. At least not in front of everybody. And so she remained silent and merely looked at the PADD in her hand.

Cynfor did not have anything to add. He was amazed that something like this could have happened without anyone noticing anything. He nodded in acknowledgment of the Captain's orders. Cyn would make sure that the ship was ready to get underway. He even had an idea on how they could coax some extra power from the core.

"With the exception of Xavi, there were no major casualties," Dr. Kaar reported, leaning forward. "Two crewmen from Engineering received superficial injuries when a conduit blew as a result of the device, and another crewman cut his finger while prepping vegetables in the mess hall. Commander t'Aegis was injured attempted to subdue the intruders, but all have been treated and returned to duty."

"Thank you doctor," Malcom said. "Please return to your departments and prepare to depart as soon as possible. You are all dismissed."


Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Commanding Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Commander Rhiana t'Aegis
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Commander J├Ârgen Leed (NPC by Soto)
Chief Diplomatic Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Jackson Smith
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Cynfor Rees
Chief Operations Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Warrant Officer Arlan Harlan
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Jamia Kaar
Chief Medical Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Nora Morrison M.D.
Chief Counselor
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Petty Officer 3rd Class Keith Potter (NPC by Llywedd)
Transporter Specialist
USS Firebird NCC-88298


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By Captain Malcom Llwyedd on Wed Jul 22nd, 2020 @ 7:58am

I know they are hard but I like JPs with lots of people in them. It gives you that slice of life quality that I find interesting!

By Warrant Officer Arlan Harlan on Sun Jul 26th, 2020 @ 9:15pm

You're not wrong! They are a great way to combine multiple elements of the same scene. I enjoy them every so often even if they take a while.