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Knowing the Unknown [PLOT]

Posted on Mon Nov 23rd, 2020 @ 6:28pm by Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Lieutenant Commander Jörgen Leed

Mission: Mission 6: To Your Scattered Bodies Go
Location: Chief Diplomat's Office
Timeline: 22nd May, 2395 -1200 Hours

"Captain Llwyedd, what a pleasure to see you. Have you been in my office before?" Lieutenant Leed walked around from behind his desk and extended his hand. "May I offer you a drink, or is this a visit of an official disposition?"

Malcom looked around the office. It was small but then again, every office on the ship was small except the CMO's office. He let his eyes take in the entire space. He had to admit that Commander Leed had really good taste. Everything seemed to fit the spot it was in and looked great.

"I think this is the first time, actually. I commend you on your taste in furnishings though," Malcom said with a smile. "I need you to help me redecorate my ready room."

"Thank you, it suits me to have a few things to warm the room without cramping it. Ironically, for all the years spent in small quarters, the open air is where I most breathe at ease. Please, sit down Captain." Jörgen waited for the other to be seated. "I could share a story about each piece but what brings you here today?"

Malcom almost let himself be distracted by how comfortable the seat was but somehow managed to stay on task. He looked up at the diplomat. "Commander, I'm here to, hopefully, gain some insight into Xavi's kidnapping. I've got the entire crew looking into how they managed to get onto the ship and away with hardly a scratch. But what I don't really understand, even after talking with Commander t'Aegis, is the why. She's explained Xavi's relation to Sela but I'm not sure why that matters. I admit I am a bit behind in Romulan politics."

Half hoping for a friendly visit to take his mind off his own dark musings, Jörgen nodded in quiescence to the necessity of the topic. "You begin at the very heart of it. Anyone without daily briefings would quickly fall behind. The chaos after the Hobus supernova begins to slow as a few parties have grown strong enough to fight for power. How versed are you with Sela's history in the Empire?"

"I had a briefing from a harried-looking intelligence officer about... six months ago on her but it wasn't that detailed. I know the basics of course. Her parentage and her previous interactions with Starfleet. But nothing about her recent actions, which I am gathering have not been of the mild variety," Malcom said. "I'd love to know more and, if you have it, more information about the factions that oppose her."

"Nothing is mild with Sela. Many in the Federation have appealed to her human side, tried to temper her anger, but to Sela her humanity is a weakness. She pursues ever grander domains of power to prove she has become completely Romulan. Some years back, all but one member of the Romulan Senate was assassinated and Senator Tal'Aura proclaimed herself Praetor. It is thought that Sela was demoted and put on a leash. In reality, she accepted a post as Praetor Tal'Aura's personal agent. We believe that Sela poisoned a ranking official of the Imperial Fleet to quiet opposition to Tal'Aura's claim.

She defused a rebellion on Kevratas after a rebel commander was killed by Klingon spies--an act they vigorously denied and is almost certainly the work of Sela to weaken the rebellion and raise fears of Klingon invasion of the colony. Afterward, Sela became the head of the Tal'Shiar and a series of espionage attacks followed throughout Federation space in attempts to steal our top scientists and technologies. Such service was sandwiched between Sela's open feud with the Tal Shiar and her attempt to assassinate the Tal'Shiar commander who followed her." Jörgen raised his hand towards the screen behind him. "No power exists in the quadrant, hardly an organization operates in Romulan space that Sela has not lead, worked for, and possibly betrayed. How does that align with your thoughts on Sela and Xavi?"

"I suppose it does. I knew after we talked with Mr. Bokot yesterday that we were dealing with a very dynamic situation. It is just a little mind-boggling that a young Romulan can have such a huge impact. If he is such an important person, why is Starfleet so adamant that I not rescue him? It doesn't sound like he's going to be welcomed back into the fold, no matter who gets him."

"Dynamic does little justice to the situation. Sela has vocally sought to prove she is not only Romulan but a prime example of Romulan strength and intelligence. Xavi is an unknown whose importance lies in his bloodline and his unimportance. He is a descendant of Sela. Heir to her machinations. He is a potential threat to her enemies if he proves to carry her strength with him, or a sacrifice to focus outrage on an enemy if he is weak. The Tal'Shiar could use him to strike at Sela by killing a nephew, or try to place him, as Sela's successor, as Praetor and rule through the boy." Jörgen gestured to an old chess set on his desk. "When all pieces in play are engaged, imagine the abrupt alteration to tactics should a new piece suddenly appear. I would not be surprised if Starfleet knows who took Xavi and, through inaction, shows their support for that faction. Such an action would, of course, run against our code."

Malcom considered Leed's words. He wasn't a political expert and, in fact, despised diplomatic missions. He just wasn't polished enough for those types of things. He secretly suspected that Starfleet have posted Commander Leed to the Firebird because their perceptions were the same as his. "It makes sense. So even when we get Xavi back, there will be more issues. Do you have any advice for me as we move forward?"

Leed placed his fingertips together in front of him like a steeple, his arms resting on the table. "Consider well what you will do with Xavi if you are successful. Imagine Xavi is on this ship right now. Do you return to Starfleet with him? Place him in a hidden bunker? Return him to the Refam world? Rescuing Xavi may change nothing." Jörgen paused before removing his communicator from his tunic. He placed it in a drawer and closed it.

"No record here. Figure out why Starfleet has let Xavi go. Who benefits from this, and why. Uncover the part you cannot see and turn it to your advantage. Does this help?"

"Very much, Jorgen, thank you. I'm going to want to meet with you regularly as we move forward on this mission and feel free to see me if you think there is something I am missing. My career is already on the line and I'd rather not start an interstellar war if we can avoid it," Malcom said as he stood up.

"Captain Llwyedd, I am assigned to this ship as a liaison by Starfleet and, as such, if I were to open my communications there would be a demand to pass along a strong condemnation of your actions, an order that you return to port, and some Starfleet codes and subparagraphs that both of us have had to read too many times. So, let us consider that part done. Officially, I quarantine myself to quarters," Jörgen stood behind his desk, fingers splayed across its surface. He considered his words then placed a hand where his official badge normally hung. "Unofficially, my knowledge and skills are completely at your disposal and should a need arise, I will do all I can to assist. Find Xavi."

"I will, commander. And thank you," Malcom said. It meant a lot to him that someone like Jorgen was supporting him.. Malcom turned and walked out of the office.


Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Commanding Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Commander Jörgen Leed
Chief Diplomatic Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298


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By Warrant Officer Arlan Harlan on Mon Nov 30th, 2020 @ 8:45pm

This Sela sounds like one tough customer. I can't wait to see when they reappear! Also, a chair so comfy that it distracts the captain? Can I get one of those??