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A Late Arrival [CD]

Posted on Tue Oct 20th, 2020 @ 9:32am by Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Petty Officer 1st Class Kipp Lak & Lieutenant JG Tybek

Mission: Mission 6: To Your Scattered Bodies Go
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: 20 May, 2395 -2100 Hours


Petty Officer Kipp Lak waited at the airlock entrance to the Firebird, his mind wandering on the seven other things that he needed to be doing. The ship was preparing to leave soon but a late message from Starfleet HR informed them that a science officer was coming and the Captain always liked new people to be greeted at the "door". Kipp usually liked it but today he was feeling the time crunch.

Though the possibilities that lie ahead aboard starship service seemed innumerable, Tybek's first thoughts settled on the discomfort of eyes falling on him. As he made his way from his transport toward the airlock door and in through its threshold, the half-Vulcan Officer took in every ounce of the Dilligent-class USS Firebird's Docking Access; he considered the uncanny valley of having walked these halls before, if only in simulations. Tybek looked to his side, assessing the Petty Officer who awaited his arrival with a rushed impatience.

"Lieutenant Junior Grade Tybek, reporting for duty," he said in classic Vulcan monotone, the width in his shoulders as he sprung to attention betraying his Klingon genes.

Kipp gave a slight bow from the waist. "Petty Officer First Class Kipp Lak. I am Captain Llwyedd's Yeoman. I also function as his keeper occasionally and I suffer an immense amount of abuse from him as he is a tyrant. Welcome aboard the Firebird, sir. I hope that your trip to Empok Nor from Earth was pleasant?" Kipp eyed the large Science officer, silently comparing him to some of the past members of the crew who had also served in their small science department. He hoped his science skills were as large as his physique.

Ignoring Kipp's intriguing quip, the science officer folded his hands behind his back, waiting for the Petty Officer to lead him off toward the Captain's Cabin, where the tyrant would give his latest officer the rundown and Tybek would be be free to get to work. The half-Klingon looked down at the smaller Terran, "The trip was satisfactory. A trip to see the Bajoran wormhole near Deep Space Nine would have been enlightening, but I understand we are under a tight schedule already. All apologies for any delay I may have caused." After his apology, Tybek offered a quick, stiff bow back in return to Kipp, before removing one of his hands from his back and extending it out toward the hall, "If you might lead the way, I'm of a mind the Captain would like my arrival to be timely."

Kipp took the prompt and lead the way down the hallway. A handful of crew smiled and nodded at him, glancing with curiosity at the new officer. A moment later they were in the turbolift.

"Bridge," Kipp said. "The captain will be happy to see you. Our science department has been a little in flux over the past few months. Do you have any questions I might answer for you before we reach his ready room?" Kipp had escorted most of the crew in a similar fashion and some of them had queried him on a number of topics. He often felt like a tour guide but in a good way.

Tybek did his best to ignore his new crewmates' stares, chalking them up to the same curiosity that might be afforded any new person joining the ranks. He did his best to squeeze his frame beside his escort into the turbolift.

"My most pressing questions are regarding what is needed of me to help the Firebird complete its mission," the Jr Lt. replied to his host, "Though I might ask you elaborate as to the science department's fluctuation. Could it have something to do with the amenities provided alongside the ship's labs?"

"Our most previous mission involved the ship crashing on a planet called Far Wanderer. The entire crew, except the captain and Lieutenant Smith, evacuated via escape pods. Everyone had hard experiences. After all was done, the science department had many requests for transfers," Kipp said just before the door opened, revealing the near empty bridge beyond. "Right this way, sir," Kipp said, walking to the captain's ready room and triggering the door chime.

"Who is it?" Malcom yelled.

"Sir, I have Lieutenant Tybek here to report in," Kipp said.

"Send him in please," Malcom replied.

Taking the moments between exiting the turbolift, skimming past the skeleton crew making up the bridge and stepping up to the ready room, Tybek felt as though he wanted to inquire further; but he figured there'd be time to look into the Far Wanderer incident later. He couldn't fault the officers for transferring, but hoped he could show a stronger constitution.

Upon the captain's call, the tall scientists slinked into the room with a couple of long steps, hands at his side at attention.

"Captain," Tybek said coolly, "Lt. Tybek, reporting for duty."

Malcom looked up from his desk. He'd been receiving some troubling reports from Emok Nor's commander about missing supplies. It was concerning because the Firebird was in the middle of resupplying and he hated any delays. He put the PADD down and smiled.

"Lieutenant Tybek, welcome aboard the Firebird. Please have a seat," Malcom said and with a flick of his wrist he brought up the holodisplay, one of the nice upgrades the ship had received. "I've had a chance to review your file. Did you know that we both worked at Starfleet Academy at the same time?"

Sitting down as he was told, Tybek watched as the Captain played around with the holotech; new toys were always exciting. The Lt crossed one leg over the other and folded his hands in his lap, "I don't believe I was aware of that, Captain. I tend to stay within my own lane, given an opportunity. Were you instructing as well?"

Malcom nodded, his mind casting back to his days at the Academy. "I was. I was one of the flight instructors and lectured on combat tactics. During the Dominion War I was on the USS Iowa and saw more than my share of battle. I enjoyed my years there but, unlike you, I left after two. I wanted to get back to a ship. I'm curious, why did you decide to leave the Academy now?"

The science officer returned a casual shrug, "Between my attendance and instructorship, I spent ten years at Starfleet Academy; it's there that I first began to feel a sense of home, but," Tybek explained, pausing to find the right words, just for a moment, "I felt that my research could gain nothing further from personal stagnation. The experience of starship commission seems the natural expansion of my career, and the diversity of necessity surrounding my role aboard the ship can only serve to sharpen my skills."

Malcom couldn't imagine spending ten years at the Academy. He also hadn't seen very many ensigns asked to stay after completing their studies and become an instructor. "It certainly is a diverse experience, generally, here on the Firebird. One thing that you'll enjoy is our completely upgraded science department. After our crash landing, the ship was in dry dock for quite a while and Starfleet took the opportunity to upgrade almost everything. You'll probably be the first person to use a lot of that technology. I also wanted to make sure that you realize, despite your specialty, you will be expected to pitch in wherever needed. This is a small ship with a small crew and we often wear more than one hat to make sure the mission is a success."

"Indeed, Captain," Tybek replied, resisting the slight urge to sigh, "My work at the Academy was very much headed in one direction. Terrans use the phrase...getting stale?" The young officer shrugged, "I'm well aware of the utility required to operate a starship; I believe I am more than capable of...wearing many hats." Believing he possibly came off as smug, the half-Vulcan took a quick shift back in the conversation, adding, "I am quite intrigued in the Firebird's capabilities. I've been studying its schematics since I took the posting; she seems to be quite the prize ship, Captain."

"She is. And she surprises me on a regular basis. The Dilligent class starship is a unique design. We're supposed to be an emergency response vehicle, and that means we end up punching above our weight class from time to time. I know I am biased but I think this crew is one of the best in the fleet. I'm hoping that you'll be comfortable here and continue that tradition," Malcom said. "Is there anything you would like to ask me?"

The lieutenant shrugged, feeling fairly comfortable with where he was at the moment, "All I can think to ask is if there is any task you might need me to get started on right away? Otherwise I feel ready to report to my department head and begin." Tybek took his large hands and folded them gently into his lap, giving the Captain a look of intense preparation.

Malcom nodded. "Once you are settled in, I want you to write me up anything you have on increasing the chances of penetrating Romulan cloaking devices. We're about to have some challenging interactions with remnants of the Romulan Star Empire and any edge will help," Malcom said and then stood up. He held out his hand. "Welcome to the Firebird Mr. Tybek."

Tybek stood in unison with his Captain, accepting the encroaching hand with a tight gripping handshake, "Glad to be aboard, Captain," he said, "I'll have a secondary report on the matter readtbfor you in the morning, alongside my standard daily filing. Thank you for having me on the ship." And without much more than a short glance toward Malcolm, Tybek turned to leave the room.

We've been without science personnel for too long. He sat back down and picked up a PADD. More personnel changes. He sighed and started reading.


Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Commanding Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Tybek
Temporal Mechanics and Anomalies
USS Firebird NCC-88298


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