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Who Has Xavi? [PLOT]

Posted on Tue Oct 20th, 2020 @ 9:30am by Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Commander Hansel (Hans) Friedrech & Lieutenant Commander Rhiana t'Aegis & Lieutenant Commander Jörgen Leed

Mission: Mission 6: To Your Scattered Bodies Go
Location: USS Firebird, Sickbay
Timeline: 20 May, 2395 - TBD


Bokot lay on the biobed, slightly inclined, although not as much as he'd liked. A very rude holographic doctor had denied his request because of medical concerns. Bokot frowned. Computer programs shouldn't act like they were live beings. He would have to talk to t'Aegis about reprogramming.

t'Aegis entered at that moment and, after a quick nod at a nurse, went straight to Bokot's biobed. Pulling a nearby chair close, she sat down and offered her fellow Romulan a brief, not very happy smile. "I owe you an apology, Bokot." She spoke softly, her words intended for his ears only. "I brought you to the attention of Starfleet Intelligence and uncountable others. And now I even brought you to the Firebird. But I had to be certain that you would receive the best medical care from medical personnel I trust." She took a breath. "How are you feeling?"

"Bored," Bokot said. "For some reason I imagined my first experience on this ship would be different. Instead I get to deal with a surly EMH, and a doctor who looks like a lizard. Is this standard practice for Starfleet or is this some kind of soft interrogation technique that I've never heard of before?"

That last bit made Rhiana grin. "If it is, it must be a well guarded secret, for I have never heard about it before." The grin faded a little, though she continued to appear amused. "I am certain that you have seen stranger creatures than a lizard officer. He is actually an excellent doctor. The EMH, however..." She let the sentence trail off and shrugged. "I try to only require medical assistance when an actual person is on duty." Looking over her friend, she let out a little sigh and became serious. "The captain and some others will be here soon. They want to speak with you." She paused for a heartbeat and added, "If there is something you need to tell me that is not for their ears, now would be a good time."

Bokot nodded. "I've expected them. It is standard protocol across all military services to interrogate, however appropriate, an injured captive before they fully recover. Much more malleable," Bokot said. "I have an unregistered shuttle that is stored in one of Zulg's many crevices on Empok Nor. I keep it for emergencies and haven't touched it since I arrived on station. Your captain could squeeze Zulg and likely discover many interesting pieces of information. I've certainly considered doing so myself."

"You are not a captive. As soon as is medically possible, you are free to leave," Rhiana explained, hoping that this was true. She did not have the intention of keeping him here longer than absolutely necessary, but who knew what the captain would decide. He was already suspicious of her, he might prefer to take Bokot prisoner. "I hope that you will not need to use the shuttle." It would likely mean that he would not be returning to Empok Nor and she did not want to lose him as... acquaintance.

Malcom and his XO walked into Sickbay one after the other. He and Hans had already gone over the thin file of information on Bokot. Starfleet Intelligence had tagged him a long time ago as someone to watch but then again, they tagged all Romulans that way. Malcom was sure that over on DS9 that Commander Han was jumping on some people, demanding answers. For once, he was in a position to give her some information. He'd asked Commander Leed to meet him as well. The diplomat's knowledge of political ramifications was unmatched on the ship. The two officers stopped near Bokot's bed.

"Good afternoon," Malcom said with a nod to the patient. "Commander," he said to Rhiana. "Have you spoken with Mr. Bokot about our intentions today?"

Hans looked at the Romulan lying in the biobed and began to scan the room to make sure nothing that their guest wasn't supposed to see was visible. Taking a quick mental trek he plotted their journey to sickbay trying to think if much of the ships layout had been seen by Bokot. Based on his file, at best their guest was a freelance intelligence operative. He knew there was a relationship with their Security Chief or he would be sitting at the station's medical bay and all he could think right at that moment is that after the Captain completed the course he'd decided to follow, this would be something he would be asked about. Looking over at the Captain a slow dull throbbing entered his leg and he began to rub it.

Rhiana jumped to her feet as soon as she saw the captain and the commander approaching and stood nearly at attention. Her face gave away nothing, not even the guilt she was feeling for merely being here. Without anyone having said anything to that effect, she almost felt like a traitor to both, Bokot and the captain. Maybe not quite like a traitor, but very... in between. She probably would need to take a side sooner or later. "He knows that you have questions for him, sir." So did she, of course.

Coughing gently, Lieutenant Commander Leed made known his presence a few feet behind Malcom. He knew each face in the room, though Bokot was not known to him personally. A boring afternoon of writing reports faded quickly into the past. "Captain, you asked me to join you?"

Malcom nodded at his chief diplomat. "Thank you, Commander t'Aegis and you as well Commander Leed," Malcom said and then looked at their injured guest. "Mr. Bokot, I've been briefed by Commander t'Aegis and I understand that you've been an intermediary on this subject. Is that correct?"

Bokot gave a comforting smile in reply and then spoke. "Intermediary? Yes, I suppose that is as good a word as any to describe my actions."

"And how would you describe your affiliation?" Malcom asked.

Bokot paused before replying. There were many paths leading from this conversation and he wanted to avoid a number of them, including the ones that lead to incarceration. At the same time, he wanted to help Xavi. Mostly he wanted to do it for t'Aegis but he also had a personal grudge against those who had taken the boy, whether they were affiliated with Sela or the Tal Shiar.

"My affiliations are... fluid, captain. I find myself here on Empok Nor as a mere merchant currently," Bokot said.

Malcom glanced at Rhiana and Hans.

While Bokot and the captain spoke, Rhiana had clasped her hands behind her back. She met the captain's glance briefly, then looked down at her fellow Romulan. "Do you know who took Xavi?" She was not interested in hearing about his affiliations, so she went straight to the one question she had wanted to ask him ever since the Incident.

Bokot sighed. He hated direct questions. There wasn't enough room for his vague answers that often caused more problems than not. "I don't know for certain," he said and then, seeing that Captain Llwyedd was about to say something else, something more pointed he reluctantly continued. "But, if I had to guess, I would say that it was Sela who took Xavi, using her own paramilitary force."

"What makes you think that?" Malcom asked, his previous question cast aside.

Bokot smiled. "I'm a professional... trader, captain. I am used to noticing people and things. The group that attacked us on Empok Nor was using weaponry that is older than what the Tal'Shiar have. I also suspect that I would have heard things if it would have been the Tal'Shiar. I have good contacts all over what's left of the empire."

Hans watched as the feeling in the room grew more tense. The man they were talking to was very much a "professional" and they wouldn't learn anything more than he intended. He knew there was definitely more that could be said, but with what little Hans was informed of the situation all he could do was watch as they questioned him. All Hans knew was his experience as a Chief of Security told him this man was not to be trusted. Bokot was the type of man that twisted his words so that even his lies held truth and his truths were lies. Pulling out a PADD he intended to jot down as much of what was said to cross reference it himself to make sure the ship would be set on the right path.

"A slim beginning but a start nevertheless. There are few places she could hide Xavi for long," said Leed. He envisioned a map of the quadrant in his mind, circling the only places that made sense to him. But he was not Bokot. "Using your trading knowledge, where do you think she is hiding Xavi?"

Rhiana turned her head to look from Bokot to Leed and stared at the latter. Few places?? Sela had resources, influence and power. Hiding a boy would not be a difficult task for her. Xavi could be just about anywhere right now. Even inside a stasis pod or another kind of box noone would think of checking. Nevertheless, it was a relevant question, which is why Rhiana remained silent as she looked back at Bokot, even though she doubted that he had an answer.

Bokot tilted his head a bit and looked at Commander Leed. He had a decent dossier on the diplomat. He knew that Leed's family lived on DS9 and that there was some strain on the family due to his absences. His sources said Leed was skilled in diplomatic arts and was not to be underestimated. Bokot liked a challenge. "I really don't know," Bokot said. "Certainly if Sela has Xavi, she clearly has not yet determined what to do with him. If she had decided to kill him, he would be dead already. That she didn't have her kidnappers shoot him on sight is actually a positive development, wouldn't you say?"

Malcom nodded. "I suppose. The Romulan ship that took Xavi was damaged by Empok Nor's defenses. Is there someplace nearby that they would seek repairs?" Malcom asked.

Bokot shrugged. "If I could tell you, I would, captain. But I don't have any knowledge of that. Perhaps your Romulan prisoners can shed some light on that."

Rhiana agreed with Bokot: if those who took him had wanted him dead, they would not have bothered taking him with them. That knowledge alone allowed her to keep a small glimmer of hope that they might eventually find him. "What did they want from you? Did you tell them where to find Xavi?" The question was stated calmly, not as accusatory as she wanted it to be. The situation was too... delicate for her to be anything but professional. She would have preferred to ask her questions in a less official setting.

Bokot gave Rhiana a sad smile. "You wound me, t'Aegis," he said and waived a hand at the entire assembly of Starfleet officers. "No, I did not tell them that Xavi was here. I wish I could be more useful, captain, but I don't have much I can give you. Perhaps at a later time I will remember something of value but I'm wounded and exhausted."

Malcom sighed. He hadn't expected much out of the interview but he'd hope for something more. "Very well, Mr. Bokot, we will leave you to rest," Malcom said and motioned for the other officers to follow him outside.

Rhiana hung back while the others followed the captain and waited until they were out of earshot. Even then, she spoke quietly. "I apologise if it seemed as if I was accusing you, Bokot. That was not my intention. Please rest now. I will check on you later." She offered him a bow, then walked away quickly to catch up with her fellow officers.

She had only just realised that she had been naive and stupid, thinking that Bokot would be the only one able to lead anyone to Xavi. But the enemy here was the Tal Shiar or Sela and both of them had vast resources. Obtaining information about a recently found Romulan child had certainly not been too difficult for them. She had absolutely misjudged the danger the boy had been in. And now, he was gone.

Bokot watched them all leave and then rested his head against the pillow, letting out a long sigh. The pain was significant and he had refused painkillers. It wasn't wise to diminish his mental capacities when surrounded by those who were not allies. Except for t'Aegis. She was the closest thing he had to an ally. He'd thought about trying to escape the ship but gave himself only a small chance of success. It appeared he would be participating in whatever was about to happen. His plan was working.


Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Commanding Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Commander Hansel Friedrech
Executive Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Commander Rhiana t'Aegis
Second Officer/Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Commander Jörgen Leed
Chief Diplomatic Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Bokot i-Ra'tleihfi tr'Llhaenn
Empok Nor Trader
(NPC by Captain Llwyedd)


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