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[Flashback] A bold bet

Posted on Tue Jan 12th, 2021 @ 2:47pm by Poc

Mission: Interlude 4
Location: Ferenginar
Timeline: 2382


"I think you're not going to win" said Grok with his usual irritating smile. "How much did you bet on Stormy Turnip, already?" asked Grok before laughing while slapping the stomach

"Actually, I think you're going to loose. Badly" he added in between two laughs.

Poc looked at the fat Ferengi, wincing. Grok was always telling the obvious things. But not this time.

Of course, his Stormy Turnip was currently not in a good position in this race. The targ was actually even last, and only one round to go. But Poc had a plan and was only waiting for the drug to finally take effect. At least if his cousin Bik followed his instructions before the race started.
After a second thought, Poc almost regreted he gave this task to Bik. He was loyal but not the clevest one. Probably one could not come with the other for a Ferengi anyway..

Grok was almost suffocating with his laugh when one of the targs started to caugh and loose its pace. The other runners were also showing some unusual signs of fatigue. Stormy Turnip passed Big Belly and finally left the last position.

Well, Bik was not that incompetent, after all.

"Who knows, Grok, who knows..." said Poc, "Stamina is key". Poc smiled. "How much did you bet on Like The Wind?" he asked him, ingenuously.

Grok was not laughing at all anymore. The merchant was now watching the track intensely, his hands clutching the armrests of the chair.

Stormy Turnip gained another position. And another. Poc's targ managed to be second, just behind Like The Wind, and only a few meters to go.

A full of hope Poc yelped as a tense Grok growled.

Like The Wind growled too but could not make the extra effort as it was out of breath, and Stormy Turnip arrived first by a snout and the dumbfounded silence of the stadium.

"Riiiiich! I'm rich!" shouted Poc hopping, dancing and twirling for a minute or two.

"I think you're going to loose. Badly" said Grok with an icy ton when Poc finally stopped whirling.

He snapped his fingers and two Nausicaan guards immediately surrounded Poc and lifted him up until his feet no longer touched the ground.

"Come on, Grok!" protested Poc, "you're not happy for me?". He waved his feet in vain.

The fat merchant got up and slowly approached the young Ferengi, a sadistic smile on his face.

"Oh my dear Poc, I'm happy," he replied, "very happy". Grok waved a finger in front of Poc's face. "I'm happy whatever happens to you. You know Brugi also bet on Like The Wind. Oh? Seeing your face, you didn't know?"

Poc suddenly stood still.

"I'm happy, Poc, if you become rich because you played it fair. And I'm happy to what is going to happen to you if you didn't play it fair. Brugi will want to see you. Very soon. Did you play it fair, Poc?" asked Grok innocently.

"Well..." started Poc, "you know me. Of course I played it fair. It's only flair, yes?"

Grok went around the trio, sneering, and stopped when facing again Poc.

"Yes. Of course, it was flair," he smiled before adding "Bring him to Brugi. My friend Poc should not face an unfortunate... accident until Brugi says so."

Grok returned to his seat, inserting his fat body with difficulty. "So the next race is with... hu, ah, Smelly Nugget is our favorite" he mumbled, obviously already having Poc out of his mind.

Still flying 50 centimeters above the floor, thanks to the Nausicaans, Poc left the VIP room. He finally notice the presence of his cousin, Bik, who was hidding in the shadow.

"Hi, Poc!" he said with a smirk.

Loyal and clever ; one could probably not come with the other for a Ferengi. Now, Poc knew which one was Bik.


Mr. Poc
USS Firebird NCC-88298


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By Warrant Officer Arlan Harlan on Wed Feb 17th, 2021 @ 7:00pm

This one is a fun piece. I like the portrayal of common things like gaming, which I forget still exists in the Trek universe.