How To: Create A New Post

Created by Commander Yumi Han on Fri Jun 30th, 2017 @ 3:34pm

Create a New Post

  1. Login

  2. Look at your Saved Missions Post List for all the in-progress posts you're currently tagged in.

  3. Glance through the Captain's Saved Mission Post List to check the upcoming timeline, other in-progress post titles, and time/date conventions.

  4. Go to Write Mission Post:
    1. Authors
      Select the characters involved in the post. Choose NPC characters by their names rather than their players.

    2. Title
      Give your new story post a title.

    3. Location
      Enter a location. This is the main setting where the story of the post will take place. Be as specific as you like.
      Example: Mess Hall

    4. Timeline
      Enter the date and time at the beginning of the post as, formatted as "Day Month, Year - 2400 Hours"
      Example: 12 March 2394 - 1600 Hours

    5. Content
      Start typing:
      1. Include an Out of Character (OOC) note by typing:
        (OOC YourFirstName: I think we should accomplish X and Y with this post. Here's my outline idea: 1.2.3.)

      2. Indicate people should start their storytelling by typing [ON] before the story starts.

      3. Set the scene for people and then type "TAG CharacterName" to let them know you would like them to react to what's happening.

      4. Example:

        (OOC Fred: This post will reveal who the traitor is, and then Yumi will kick them in the shins!)


        Cupping his hand over his mouth and communicator, the traitor whispered into it, "Yes, Smith will get us to the Tholian soon."

        TAG Yumi
    6. Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

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