Lieutenant JG Luka Stern

Name Luka Janet Stern
Position Former Crew
Rank Lieutenant JG
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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 175lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Light Brown
Physical Description Luka is tall with long dark-brown hair she usually wears in regulation-style braids while on duty, but free and loose when she's not. She has dark brown eyes and a long, narrow face with a small chin and a slightly hooked nose. She's pretty in a masculine sort of way, has a deep laugh, which is heard often.


Spouse Unmarried
Children None
Father Captain Vikk Stern, U.S.S. Creed, Starfleet
Mother Admiral Amarante Lebel, Starfleet Command
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Aunt: Captain Jenna Stern, U.S.S. Inquiry, Starfleet.
Grandmother: Marie Picard.
Great uncle by marriage: Admiral Jean-Luc Picard.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Luka is a linguist, galactic xenologist, and anthropologist who has recently received her Ph.D. from Starfleet Academy. She has not served on her own before, though her entire family is in Starfleet and she spent plenty of time on starships with her father, Captain Stern, a decorated Dominion War military leader. She spent the planet-side parts of her childhood in San Francisco with her mother, Admiral Lebel, Starfleed Command. Her dissertation is about the new trade languages springing up between peoples of the Alpha and Gamma quadrants and she's traveled in the Gamma Quadrant doing research with a team that included Cardassian guards, with whom she particularly bonded. She's friendly and nerdy and slightly socially awkward.
Strengths & Weaknesses Luka is very intelligent and focused on her studies, but she's a bit intimidated to be accepting her first assignment and sometimes lets that nervousness get in her way. She listens more than she speaks at first, but after she gets talking, especially about languages and cultures, it's hard to shut her up.

She has very little combat, engineering, or piloting aptitudes, but is skilled at research and making friends.... so long as the friends in question are alien non-starfleet civilians. She's intimidated by everyone in uniform because of her upbringing, but when she was just another space station rat, or out on her dissertation research in the Gamma Quadrant (which she calls the G'Quad), she had a lot of natural skill communicating with others. Her nervousness, and the majesty of her skilled and decorated family members, often tears down her confidence quickly.
Ambitions Her greatest dream is to get the "Most Accomplished Ethno-Xenologist of the Year" award from The Daystrom Technological Institute's Archaeological Council. She would love to discover a previously unknown alien language and learn to speak it through extended study with the native speakers.
Hobbies & Interests She loves any and all languages and is fluent in 23 Earth languages, Cardassian, Vulcan, Romulan, Klingon, Andorian, and six ancient alien languages that are no longer spoken by any living sentient. She has rudimentary conversation and reading abilities in dozens of other languages. She can read a variety of alien scripts and has the linguistic skill to decipher ones she does not know, provided she has a native speaker to interview or, if there are no native speakers present, the language has some connection to any of the other languages she has studied.

She practices yoga to help her sit for long hours hunched in front of PADDs, but is rubbish at any other sport.

Luka practicing Yoga in a cargo bay

Character History

Personal History With such a famous grand uncle and Starfleet family, it was inevitable that Luka would serve in Starfleet. However, she's not much of a warrior, pilot, engineer, or scientist and earned average marks in those subjects. Her true skill is her love of languages and cultures. Her great uncle, Admiral Jean-Luc Picard, fostered a passion for xeno-archaeology in young Luka--during her parents' divorce, he took a gangly teenager on digs with him to help her cope and keep her occupied while her parents resettled. She's named after him--her mother is his niece by marriage and was deeply impressed by Jean-Luc during the Breen invasion, which is what inspired her mother to become a planet-side Admiral working to rebuild Starfleet Headquarters rather than captain a starship.

Luka's father is as stern as his name, a decorated captain of the U.S.S. Creed, and Luka has a strained relationship with him that intensified after Hadar's death (described below). Luka's mother wanted to continue her own career at Headquarters in San Fransisco rather than spend her time on a ship, and Luka's father is an accomplished frontline Dominion War military leader. He spoke of Starfleet needing him on the frontier, but Luka believes he chose career over family. Luka's parents became estranged during Luka's childhood, divorcing in her teens.

Luka spent some time traveling on the U.S.S. Creed as a child, under her father's watchful, overprotective eye, where her alien languages hobby was occasionally useful. Frequently she spent time on a variety of starbases while her father was engaging in military maneuvers. She continually pestered non-human members of the crew to discuss their culture and languages with her, which they mostly did not mind because she is respectful and particularly interested in the concept of humor for their peoples.

Doing xenographic research on Gamma Quadrant trade
languages at a market in the Karemma System

She completed her PHD work under the watchful eyes of two Cardassian guards, Hadar and Gorni, with whom she became very close. Hadar gave his life for hers in a shuttle accident that only left enough air for one. The old warrior terminated his own life so Luka might live. She found out later from Gorni that both Cardassians had owed her father their lives, and Hadar's sacrifice evened the score, thus freeing Gorni to pursue the peaceful life of a big game hunter back on Cardassia. Luka didn't know the guards worked for her father--she thought they were paid by the grant her advisor secured to research the Gamma Quadrant trade languages. She has very conflicting emotions--she loved Hadar and Gorni and learned so much from them, and yet, can't help feeling betrayed by the whole situation because of her father's clandestine involvement. She hasn't spoken to him since, not even at her PHD graduation.

She's very much still getting the hang of joking in different languages and maintains a personal lexicon of alien curses.
Service Record 2368- Birth

2386-2389: Starfleet Academy, Major: Science w/ Anthropology specialization

2390-2393: Earned PHD in Xenolinguistics, Starfleet Academy

2394, February: Ensign, USS Firebird, Science Officer- Anthropologist
2394, June: Promoted to Lieutenant JG, USS Firebird, Science Officer- Anthropologist

Luka aboard the Firebird.

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