Warrant Officer Arlan Harlan

Name Arlan Hite Harlan
Position Chief Engineering Officer
Rank Warrant Officer
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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 54

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 180
Hair Color Copper
Eye Color Green
Skin Color White
Physical Description Tall and thin, almost gaunt. Slight stature indicates a high focus on expanse at the expense of outward durability. Looks capable of either handling himself with little difficulty or collapsing at the outset of a physical task.


Spouse Sally James-Harlan (deceased)
Children Peter Harlan - 32
Orrin Harlan - 25
Jenna Harlan - 25
Father Marlin Harlan
Mother Allison Harlan
Brother(s) Marlin Harlan Jr. - 56
Sister(s) Miranda Harlan - 50
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Quiet and often off-putting. Arlan usually enjoys being alone more than he likes being around others. He is quick to judge others and neither welcomes newcomers with energy, nor actively tries to integrate himself with others beyond basic formalities. That said, he is a proud member of Starfleet and strongly believes in its mission.
Strengths & Weaknesses Arlan is very good at doing the job in front of him and not allowing distractions to slow him down. He often solves problems without relaying the situations through his superiors because of his knowledge of Starfleet regulations, but never hides critical information from others.

He does not respond well to perceived weakness, which can sometimes cause him to not give others the respect they deserve. He also has no ambition to lead an engineering department himself as it puts him close (in his own mind) to the command environment.
Ambitions He is perfectly happy one of the more experienced engineering mates on any given ship in the fleet. He is looking forward to retirement at the end of another tour or two.
Hobbies & Interests Arlan Harlan often tries to acquire new fleet information regarding new technical information and potential threats to ship integrity, but also enjoys a good beer and folk music from his native Scandinavia.

Character History

Personal History Arlan Harlan was born in Scandinavia as the second son of wealthy entrepreneurs. He grew up happy until his father, Marlin Harlan Sr., declared the older Marlin Jr. would inherit the family wealth and business. While Arlan was offered a high-ranking position, he instead chose to enlist in Starfleet and pursue a job away from the politics of business and leadership.

He has served on many vessels and often transfers when the prospect of promotion comes up in order to take a new subordinate position. The Firebird is the latest posting in a long history away from the pressure of leadership.

Since joining the Firebird, Harlan has assisted with several major adventures. He helped repair some underwater habitats while interacting with creatures that communicated primarily via touch and mental images. He was also on board when the ship crashed and he was forced to help track things down while avoiding an anti-technology group and creatures capable of chewing off people's legs.

Harlan has also developed a significant friendship with a fellow veteran in Stanley Truman. The two ironsides were nearly melted in a reactor overload and Harlan rescued his counterpart from an encounter in the dreaded mirror universe. This is not Harlan's longest tenure aboard a ship but it is shaping up to be his most memorable as he approaches retirement.
Service Record Starfleet training - 2358-2360
USS Constellation (Constellation Class) - 2360-2362
USS Glenn(Challenger Class) - 2362-2366
USS Ride (Challenger Class) - 2366-2369
USS Belize (Defiant Class) - 2369-2374
USS Crazy Horse (Excelsior Class) - 2374-2378
USS Harrison (Excelsior Class) - 2378-2381
USS Paris (Excelsior Class) - 2381-2384
USS Ford (Freedom Class) - 2384-2386
USS Norfolk (Freedom Class) - 2386-2390
USS Trek (Galaxy Class) - 2390-2392
USS Chimera (Griffin Class) - 2392-2394
USS Firebird - 2394-present

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