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It's Not My Fault [CD]

Posted on Mon May 7th, 2018 @ 10:08am by Emergency Medical Hologram & Jillian Mox & Lieutenant Jackson Smith & Lieutenant JG Alenis Tajor

Mission: Mission 3: The Galilei Conundrum
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: 25 June, 2394 2015 Hours


Jackson materialized in sickbay, the adrenaline of the moment was quickly vanishing. He grunted as the pain receptors in his shoulder broke through the diminishing adrenaline and penetrated his brain. A quick glance around and he could see that everyone was rushing around. Perhaps sickbay wasn't such a good idea, he thought. Maybe, he could just grabbed some pain killers and sneak out without disturbing anyone.

Alenis glanced up from stashing some supplies from a cabinet and into a case, "What's your emergency," he questioned as he noticed the man standing there.

"Just a phaser shot to the shoulder. Nothing too big," Jackson smiled, trying to appear as friendly as possible.

"Computer activate the EMH," he stated letting out a sigh. "Sorry but we are in an emergency situation right now."

"No problem, doc. I understand. Besides the EMH and I are best buds, " Jackson grinned as the EMH materialized nearby.

The holographic form of the EMH, burst into existence. The program was already reaching for the nearby medical tricorder as it materialized. "Please state the nature of the medical emergency."

"Hey E! How's it going?" Jackson grinned at the EMH. "Ready to patch me up so I can fly us off to save the universe?"

The EMH frowned. "Patch you up? Lieutenant, do I look like a construction worker? I am a highly trained medical resource." The EMH glanced over to where the chief medical officer was loading supplies. "Not something that is readily available in many occasions." He ran the tricorder over the phaser burn. "Please describe how you received this injury and spare me your exaggeration."

Jillian smiled at Jackson, appreciating the normalcy he was trying to bring to this situation. "I would love to hear the story with exaggeration when we return. Take care of yourself." She walked past and patted him on the knee as she left medical bay for the transporter room. "Good luck, I'm sure the EMH will take good care of you."

The EMH raised an eyebrow. "Of course I will take good care of him." he said. "I literally have no choice in the matter. My programming requires me to render the best aid possible. Even if the patient will simply return again in the same situation. Now, lieutenant, please explain the circumstances of your injury and any other non-visual symptoms."

"Well there was phaser fire coming from all directions..." He grinned at the EMH, "Or there might have been an accidental discharge from just under 2 meters away. Pain in the shoulder is all the symptoms I got." Jackson then looked slightly miffed, "Besides I haven't gotten shot in the shoulder in a long time."

The dermal regenerator made a soft humming sound as it was passed over the angry looking welt on Jackson's shoulder. The EMH kept its eyes focused on the would as it spoke again. "You seem to act as if you deserve praise for not being shot. The reality is, lieutenant, I have looked at your medical records and you have a habit of being injured much more frequently than almost every other member of the ship except B'rala. You are putting yourself in bad situations and then expect me or, someone slightly less proficient than me, to clean up the mess."

"Hey, this time it wasn't my fault!" Jackson replied trying to regain some of his dignity. He looked around for anyone that might come to his aid as he was under assault from the verbal onslaught by the EMH.

Alenis narrowed his brows as he listened to holographic physician banter. He stood to his feet picking up the now closed case and walked over towards the two. Taking in a deep breath he looked at the EMH. "Do you mind sharing with me Doctor why the frequency of his injury is important right now?"

Jackson grinned and with arms crossed turned to the EMH and raised an eyebrow as he awaited the response.

The EMH turned to face the chief medical officer. "Of course not, doctor. I will always be glad to explain things to you. As you are aware, a doctor's calling is not simply that of a second rate repairman. We must at all times be considering the patient as a whole. I brought up the lieutenant's frequency of injury as a relevant concern for him. Often times, patients will put themselves in specific, harmful situations for psychological reasons. Had you taken the time to review Lieutenant Smith's history, you would know that he has suffered multiple psychological traumas recently and I am probing him for responses that might indicate renewed distress. Of course," the EMH said. "You might not have full access to patient files. Please feel free to let me know if you need further instruction on this. I have many tutorials in my data banks that you might find useful."

The EMH set the dermal regenerator down on the side table and turned back to face Lieutenant Smith. "Your wound will be tender for a few hours. Try not to get shot in the same place. I'm going to give you hypospray to make you more comfortable."

Jackson grinned, "Well I don't think I have angered any of the crew sufficiently enough to start shooting me with a phaser."

Shaking his head in disbelief at what he was hearing. Alenis glanced at the Lieutenant as he pondered his choice of words to a somewhat sentient tyrant that happened to hold a position in medical.

"You're not the first EMH I've ran into Doctor." The words were calm but there was a hint of irritation from it. "That bedside manor program of yours needs so tweaking."

The EMH raised an eyebrow. "Ah yes. The bedside manner concern. I find that being supremely skilled at treating patients is more important. However, should there be a need for a change in my programming, the specialists in software development will be able to do so. Now, if you don't need me anymore, I could continue some of my research or you could dismiss my program."

"My pleasure." Alenis stated curtly as he drew in a deep breath, "Computer end EMH program."

The CMO looked over at Jackson, "I do apologize, his behavior is, questionable."

Jackson chuckled and smiled, "Well you do get used to it and there might be some truth to his complaints." Jackson grinned, "Although, this time, I am putting the blame solely at the Captain's feet. His message had very poor timing."

"Poorly timed?" Alenis questioned the man's words furrowing his brow, "do you believe if we did not have an emergency right now you would not have been injured?"

Jackson hesitated slightly as he considered how to answer the question, "Things might have...played out differently." Jackson shrugged with his one good shoulder, "But it's not like we can plan on emergencies." Jackson starting to feel a little uncomfortable, "You know, this is probably good enough. I am sure you have a lot to do to prepare and I should get out of your way."

Alenis nodded, "if you are sure, but yes we are extremely busy."

"Thanks Doc!" With that Jackson quickly headed out to find out what the emergency was that almost got him killed.


Lieutenant Junior Grade Jackson Smith
Chief Flight Control Officer/Covert Operations Specialist
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Junior Grade Tajor Alenis
Chief Medical Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Jillian Mox
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Emergency Medical Hologram
NPC by Llwyedd


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Comments (5)

By Cadet Freshman Grade Gianna Djokovic on Thu May 10th, 2018 @ 6:25am

I would say that any excuse to have the EMH present for a scene is a good excuse, but the believability is a bit stretched here that a CMO with a dislike for the hologram's mannerisms would call him to do first aid and then just stand around and watch and listen. I have so many questions, most of which are moot now.

Anyway, overall a fun scene to read that stitches together Jackson's adventures during the interlude with the new mission. Can't wait to see more of the EMH in the future. Kudos! -Liam

By Captain Malcom Llwyedd on Thu May 10th, 2018 @ 10:46am

I find Jackson't response, that he and the EMH are friends, to be hilarious. As always, I love playing the EMH and I am personally happy that I will have a lot of opportunity in the future.

By Commander Yumi Han on Sat May 12th, 2018 @ 9:38am

The EMH always makes me laugh, especially with his "secondrate repairman" comment here. Clearly, Alenis is being written by someone new here than in past JPs--suddenly, the descriptions of his actions are sharp. I was sad to see Jillian disappear so quickly. Hopefully, her camaraderie with the EMH can shine in another JP in the future. I'm sure Jackson will get injured again. ;)

By Petty Officer 3rd Class Max Tragar on Wed May 16th, 2018 @ 11:55pm

Hahahaha! I love the EMH. So salty and tart, like a margarita. Hmmm... that might be a fun nickname for the EMH :D

Anyway, always love the EMH and bantering with Jackson. That kid has got to have some serious Med Bay memories by now...

By Jillian Mox on Tue May 29th, 2018 @ 7:58pm

Jackson is a fantastic friendly foil to the ornery EMH. I think Jillian would pick up on calling him E to mirror Jackson's casual address. That might not work as well when he is her boss though. Nicely done, all.