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Kicking and Screaming [CD]

Posted on Wed Aug 12th, 2020 @ 9:37am by Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Warrant Officer Arlan Harlan & Lieutenant JG Yikete Oggt

Mission: Interlude 4
Location: USS Firebird
Timeline: 4 May, 2395 - 1100 Hours

Harlan meandered down towards medical. It hadn't been long since he returned from his various adventures helping rebuild engines or investigating floating hulks in space. It was probably time for a little down time to unwind the way only he could. Before that, however, he needed to get his annual Starfleet mandated physical. It was one of his least favorite chores being in Fleet.

He reached the appropriate deck and saw who was on the current active roster. Looked like the next open slot was a Lieutenant Oggt. Harlan wasn't familiar with the fellow, but had heard he was Saurian, a generally decent species in his estimation. He entered his name and then went to find the officer. "Lt. Oggt? you around?"

A tall, pink-skinned reptilian looked up from a microscope. His bright yellow eyes peered at the engineering officer as he quipped, "Taller than I am round, actually." He powered off the device and took out the specimen tray he'd been examining. His long, sharp claws were surprisingly dexterous in handling the small tray. "Can I help you?" He didn't know the man's name either, but that wasn't unusual as he was still fairly new.

"I suppose you can," came Harlan's quick response "Starfleet is saying my physical is due on my calendar and that's one of the few things I can't ignore if I want to keep flying. You up to the task?"

"Are you? I think that's the question," At his own joke, Oggt made a gurgling-clicking noise that could have been a chuckle. "This way," he beckoned toward a biobed and patted it, an indication that Harlan should sit. "Any health concerns on your mind? Sleeping alright?"

Harlan thought for a moment. "Nothing that comes to mind. I usually dream about old ships and missions. You wouldn't believe the adventures I've been on, but I won't bore you. My only real concern is getting this done fast so I can get back to the engineering department. Seems like every time I leave them alone for more than five minutes something starts on fire. You ever have a feeling like that?"

"I've never had that specific concern," Oggt admitted with wide eyes, "but now you seem to have given me something to be worried about." Once Harlan was in position on the bed, he ran the medical scans.

Harlan listened to the scanners for a few moments as they ran. It allowed his mind to wander and settle on some of his previous assignments as it often did when he was relaxing and not working. He thought of the crazy fungus attack with one ship, but that wasn't nearly as weird as the time an entire crew drank a gift from a first contact and saw everything in magenta for a week. Starfleet wasn't big on books from personnel for security concerns, but Harlan saw no reason he couldn't apply for exemption given the amount he'd seen.

The scanner chirped when it was done. "Well, doc. What do things look like on the inside?"

Oggt looked over the data, looking pensive for a moment before asking, "How are your knees feeling when you're crawling around in the Jeffries Tubes?"

"Hunyh," Harlan grunted. "Can't say much has changed in that department over the past few years. There's a dull ache everywhere but that is what happens when you've been around Star Fleet for a couple of decades. Plus, I don't even get to explore the Tubes much anymore. Too much responsibility. It's not like my couple of years on the Ride back in the late '60s. There were so many problems in that ship's Tubes I was in there almost every day for multiple months. I spent more than one night sleeping in them during those years."

"Why do you ask though?"

"Oh, that does sound nice," Oggt seemed genuine about the little crawl spaces. "We sleep in similar little nodes back home. Never understood how humans can sleep on a platform in the middle of the room." He brought up an image of the tissues of Harlan's knees. "Seeing a bit of wear and tear on some of your joints, that would account for your aches. As you said, completely normal for someone your age."

Harlan was pleased with this news. "Well, that's good. Anything more serious though? Seems like we've been on the move for a long time and lots of stuff has happened. There's been underwater adventures, encounters in the mirror universe, things like that. It's not a big deal if there isn't. I feel fine, just getting older."

"No, I usually give the worst news up front. Some doctors save it for later in the appointment to try to get a feel for how the patient is going to react, but I feel like this builds an artificial air of distrust." Oggt paused a fraction of a second. "Do you feel like there should be something more wrong?" He asked, cocking his head a bit as he posed the question. "I thought I reviewed your medical history quite thoroughly, but I can do it again if it puts you at ease."

"Heh. No, doc. No need to busy yourself. I thought I might have something messed up after the last adventure in a dead, floating space hulk that ended up being a unique mental adventure, but everything feels fine besides being old. You should have seen me right before I came on the Firebird. We got caught up in an away mission with a bunch of furry tentacled things that caused horrifying hallucinations if they got a tentacle on you. Even if they didn't, you haven't seen nightmare fuel quite like four-foot tall furry things with two-foot long tentacles."

"What is the strangest thing you're allowed to talk about, anyway? I imagine a doctor has seen some pretty odd things even compared to an old engineer like myself? I promise I won't bother you much after that question; I imagine you have lots more to do today."

"Oh, that's a good question," Oggt mused as he retrieved a hypospray from a drawer and adjusted the setting. "This should help with the inflammation on the joints." He applied the device to Harlan's neck. "I once had to rebuild a bolian's lips after his nausicaan lover inadvertently bit them off."

"Ha," came Harlan's amused reaction. "I can honestly say I've never had any body parts ripped off me in my adventures. There was a time when a Klingon tried to give me an medical exam with a bat'leth but I got out of that one thanks to a well-timed stun blast from a few friends who were lagging behind on a repair mission."

After a few moments, Harlan felt good enough to stand up and shake. "Uff, that antiinflammatory feels great, doc. Thanks for the boost. Anything else I should keep in mind before I let you get back to your routine?"

"All set til next year," Oggt declared as he put away the hypospray and then pulled up the exam report to sign off. He pressed a clawed thumb to a data PADD and then closed the file. "In the meantime, I recommend steering clear of nausicaan romances."

"Ha! I'll keep that in mine," came Harlan's reaction. "Thanks for the meds. I'll let you know if anything exciting happens to me out there in the field. We should try to swap stories again sometime. Give engineering a shout if anything breaks down here as well. It'd be a good excuse to get off the main deck once in a while."


Warrant Officer Arlan Harlan
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant JG Yikete Oggt M.D.
Medical Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298


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Comments (2)

By Lieutenant JG Owen Woodhouse on Tue Aug 18th, 2020 @ 10:14am

I know this one took a lot of effort to get through (thanks for your patience with me!) but the final product is a solid, fun piece. Appreciate the opportunity to write with you, as always. -Liam

By Warrant Officer Arlan Harlan on Mon Aug 31st, 2020 @ 9:21pm

It was a great time! I enjoyed having something light-hearted with a character I don't think I've ever encountered in another post :)