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The Right Man For the Job Part 2 [CD]

Posted on Mon Jun 29th, 2020 @ 11:36am by Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Lieutenant Cynfor Rees & Warrant Officer Arlan Harlan & Chief Petty Officer Stanley Truman

Mission: Interlude 4
Location: Cardassian Space
Timeline: 15 March, 2395 - 1100 Hours


The USS Trek groaned as the enemy torpedoes slammed against their weakened shields. The Galaxy Class vessel, one of the last ever produced, was relatively new but some of her upgraded systems were not yet completely calibrated. Their run by the Klingon border had been intended to be the ship's final shakedown cruise. And then the Klingons had attacked.

The ship's Chief Engineer, Commander V'lor, stood at the main engineering console, his eyes taking in the immense amount of data from the system warnings flashing before his eyes. "Chief Harlan," V'lor said as main engineering rocked back and forth. "I believe the primary power couplings will become unstable in twelve point two minutes. I would like you and Chief Jerst to alleviate the problem."

"Right, on it," came the reply. Harlan immediately messaged Jerst to meet him at the spot where those couplings were located. He got a response back right away that Jerst had also received V'lor's summons and was going to beat him there. He's so damn snippy, thought Harlan. Always ahead of me on things when he knows damn well I can do as much as he can. Even thinks he's faster in the Tubes when everybody knows that isn't true.

Harlan reached the location for the power couplings but didn't see Jerst right away. =^=Where are you, Jerst? I can't see you at the coupling station.=^=

=^=Ya, I didn't want to wait for you. I'm down one level in jeffries tube six-b, junction fourteen. Hurry down here. I think the Commander was right. There's something wrong with these couplings and it will take both of us to fix it=^= Jerst's voice replied via Harlan's commbadge. The ship rocked from another blast. Far down the corridor, a low groaning sound echoed up the passage.

Harlan grumbled silently to himself before climbing in. He wasn't the biggest fan of Jerst, but he didn't think his counterpart understood that. After several minutes he reached the junction. "What's the situation, Jerst? Is it something the polarities? Seems like the couplings on this ship are always having something going on with their polarities."

Jerst looked up from the junction coupling and nodded at Harlan. He held a tricorder in one hand and a drinking mug in the other. His uniform was exactly the same as Harlan's, just pressed and clean. "Hey, Harlan. Good for you to show up so fast," Jers said. He seemed unphased by the periodic shuddering from the ship's battle. "So, this coupling is failing. I think one of those strikes must have weakened the hull right here and fried something. What do you think? Should we try to fix it or just reroute everything?"

"Reroute everything," came Harlan's reply. "We don't have time to fix things while being shot at. You fix those while I go check on the readings as you're making the changes." Harlan quickly scurried out as Jerst nodded without a reply. Jerst might have been the faster worker, but he didn't have as much knowledge with these couplings. Routing energy in the heat of the moment had a small risk of causing a negative overload loop and injuring the operator. It was highly unlikely, but it was a risk worth taking.

Harlan made it outside of the tube and radioed Jerst. "Things going ok in there? Shouldn't take more than a minute or two using the panels inside the Tube."

=^=Roger that, Arlan. I should have this taken care of in..=^= The transmission cut off abruptly and an alarm sounded. The computer seemingly picked up the conversation as it announced =^=Hull breach in section six-b, junctions fourteen through sixteen. Emergency forcefields activated. Power is insufficient to maintain current forcefield levels=^=

Harlan froze for a second before he tried to radio Jerst. "Jerst, get out of there! The breach is too close to where you are, but can't override the emergency forcefields to get you out from where I'm at. Jerst!

Harlan's efforts were in vain as the split second he took to try and yell at Jerst were all it took before the other engineer was by a brief surge of power as the fields snapped up and then failed. The couplings were designed well enough to handle such fluctuations and it was only a moment before Harlan knew the power might have killed his companion.

On some level he knew it was his fault since he told Jerst to do what he did. Had he not told Jerst to sit and route through the couplings the surge caused by the hull breach wouldn't have hit this particular junction. There was no way to draw direct fault, but he would have to submit a full report explaining what happened. He didn't look forward to that task.

=^=Jerst to Harlan. I'm alive... for now. The hull breach happened about fifteen feet from me. The computer has erected an emergency force field around me. It's telling me that I've got a couple of minutes before it has to drop one of the fields, either the one around me or the one over the breach. I need some help=^= Jerst said in a tense voice.

Harlan made his way back to where he'd left Jerst, only this time, things looked much different. The hull breach was extensive, at least twenty feet long. The floor was also gone, giving Harlan a view of the substructure of the engineering section. Twenty feet away, Jerst was huddled in the middle of the floor, a blue force field around him and open space all around.

Harlan didn't know if he could fix Jerst's situation, but Harlan thought he was sick of this ship anyway. It felt like time to file one of his usual transfer requests and get to a ship that felt new and exciting again.

He looked at the controls long enough before shouting "Jerst! I can't do anything!" he radioed. "That surge took out the controls that I'd need to get out free from this point. The only place that can help you is main engineering. I'll try to get there and get you out!"

Jerst watched Harlan take off for the main engineering deck and what would hopefully be his safety. He knew there wasn't much time, but the wiry human was Jerst's only hope for survival at this point. He listened quietly as the computer indicated how long he had left until the emergency field failed and he was vacuumed into space.

Harlan raced as fast as he could to the main engineering section where he could help Jerst. The computer continued to count off the minutes until it was forced to drop one of the fields protecting Jerst or the ship at random. He didn't know how the computer decided, but it was probably best not to leave it up to chance. He still wasn't sure he liked his counterpart, but saving him was the primary objective right now unless something else came up.

Commander V'lor was standing at the main engineering control console, quickly adjusting power levels. The recent hull breach was straining the system in an unsustainable way. He saw Harlan come racing in. "Chief Harlan, what is the status of the repairs you were assigned to?"

"Not great, commander." came the reply. "Jerst is stuck in an emergency field separated from the hull breach. I've got less than three minutes before the computer randomly drops the field protecting Jerst from space either before or after it can get physical barriers in place around that section to prevent decompression. The controls in that part of the ship got fried while Jerst was rerouting through the couplings in that junction. Can I see that station?"

Commander V'Lor opened his mouth to speak but before he could, his combadge chirped at him.

=^=Captain to Engineering=^=

V'lor tapped his combadge and motioned for Harlan to take the console. =^=Engineering here, sir=^=

=^=Commander, I need you to increase power to the shields. I think we're going to be able to pull this off but not if we keep taking damage like this=^=

V'lor frowned =^=Sir, our shields are currently at eighty-seven percent. I can increase their strength but to do so I will have to take power from other essential systems=^=

The ship rocked under another blast of enemy fire.

=^=You are free to steal what you need as long as we have shields and can shoot back. Understood?=^=

=^=Understood. Engineering out=^

Harlan was momentarily stunned. "Chief, we have to save the ship. I can take Jerst's responsibilities. He would do the same if the situation were reversed and I was stuck in the forcefield. I know you have to make the final decision since you're here but just wanted to give you my two cents."

Commander V'lor looked at Harlan. "Thank you for your input, Mr. Harlan. I concur with your commentary. Please adjust power flow to meet the captain's commands. We must prioritize the ship over any single crewmember, even if it is one of our own."

Harlan knew this was wrong wrong, but he didn't have the authority to do what he felt was right. "Certainly chief," came his reply. "I'll do that now."

Harlan stepped to the station and adjusted the flow. He didn't have the heart to have a conversation with Jerst to tell him what was going on. After a few moments, the computer chimed that the power was adjusted. That meant that Jerst was already in space. Harlan couldn't stand he'd become one of those people who just followed orders. It was time for a change.

The scene around Harlan froze. The sudden silence was jarring but he also found himself frozen in place. Commander V'lor turned, his eyes glowing and when he spoke it was with a strange voice.

"Why did you do this thing? You chose to end the life of your comrade. We have learned much from the Sisko but still we are confused by your actions. Explain," V'lor said, staring at Harlan.

Harlan had no idea what was going on. This was very unusual and he was terrified. He began to spit out an answer.

"Uh, well, I didn't have the authority to override the captain's order and save him at the expense of further damage to the ship. We might be able to pull this fight out if I save Jerst, but we'd take more hits and I would be written up on a formal charge of some sort. Why do you ask? Also, why do you sound so odd?"

"You corporeals are so interesting. I have assumed this form so that you could understand me. I am curious why you chose the course of action you do in this place," V'lor said with the strange voice.

Harlan really didn't understand what was going on. "I really d-d-d-don't understand what's going on," he managed to stutter. "Is this some sort of trick? I did what I did because that was what was expected of me. Anything else would come across as insubordinate and negligent. Is there something else I should have done?"

V'lor nodded, a strange smile flickering over his face. "This is what you corporeals call the past. You have now re-experienced this event and know the outcome of your actions. We find it strange that you choose to follow courses of action that are harmful to others. Is this consistent with your beliefs?"

Harlan was mildly stunned. "Uhh, yeah. I suppose so," came his reply. "I knew there'd be tough decisions in space but I never thought I'd be forced to decide life and death for another person. I...I don't think I would do the same thing again if I was given the opportunity. I'd rather keep that jerk alive and transfer than live with indirectly murdering someone. It's time to move on anyway."

It was at that point that Harlan gave the thing he was talking to what would become his signature glare. The glare felt good. It felt right.

The being nodded, unphased by the glare. "You shall grow and understand more," it said and then there was a ripple in the air and Harlan once more stood in main engineering listening to a repeat of the conversation between Commander V'Lor and the captain.

=^=You are free to steal what you need as long as we have shields and can shoot back. Understood?=^=

=^=Understood. Engineering out=^

Harlan was momentarily stunned. "Chief, we have to save the Jerst. I can't take Jerst's responsibilities," Harlan said, his mind racing. "We could use the deflector dish to create an expanding energy feedback loop and then siphon off some of that energy to provide more power to the ship. It might be dangerous but it will work. I know you have to make the final decision since you're here but I just wanted to give you my two cents."

Commander V'lor nodded slowly. "I believe you are right, chief. Please begin the procedure. Time is short."


Harlan opened his eyes and found himself standing once more in the abandoned Cardassian ship. The two Cardassians still stood in thrall to the orb but Lieutenant Rees was looking at him. Both wore stunned expressions.

Cynfor's had been able to, finally, find a lead to possibly get him to Dr. Baptiste. He'd paid a large sum of latinum to a Ferengi Merchantman that had docked at Utopia Planetia for the location of a Maquis contact on an out of the way world called Serenity. He'd been able to find out very little about the planet, except that its name was misleading in the extreme. After using every contact that he had and every favor that was owed to him Cyn had hit a dead end. That as until a Naussican told him of Serenity. Cynfor had to steer clear of the normal Starfleet lanes as he did not want to get spotted and he was pretty sure he was being followed. However, he had to press on, and after a very long journey, he arrived.

All of that just to find himself in what could only be called a dive bar in a spaceport town that could only be called the dregs of the galaxy.

Now that he was here Cynfor had no idea where to go, or who to see. The bar was packed with people and each and every one of them appeared to be someone who would be in the Maquis. Rees walked up to the bar and plastered his trademark smile on his face. "I will take a pint, my good man..." He shouted over the din of noise to the barkeep.

The bartender, a stocky, blue-skinned being with small white horns, laughed as he reached for a metallic mug. "I'm actually a hermaphrodite! But I don't mind the label," the bartender said in a high pitched voice that pierced the din in the room. They filled the mug quickly and slid it across the bar to Cynfor with a deft hand. "Your clothes are clean. You must be new here. You a miner or with security?"

Cyn had to think quickly. "I am with security, but you are too right. I am indeed new here. Not sure who I need to see or where to go." He smiled and sipped his drink.

The bartender nodded and leaned forward. "Ah, I understand. You don't have a contract yet, huh? I know that the local security guilds are always hiring. If you've got any kind of security background, you're a lock," The bartender said and then rubbed one of his horns with a hand. "But I have a cousin who specializes in helping people like you get jobs. I'd be glad to introduce you to him if you like?"

Cynfor smiled broadly. "I thank you for the offer however, I am looking for someone who I was supposed to meet for work. He is a Human from Earth, long black hair with dark eyes. His skin is a light brown color. Have you seen anyone like that?"

"Ah, yes. I think I know who you're looking for," the bartender said and then nodded towards a booth behind Cynfor. "He sits in the same place every day. I don't want to put my nose where it doesn't belong but, be careful. That one has a temper. And let me know if you change your mind about my cousin."

Cyn smiled and took another swig of his drink. "That I will my friend, that I will." He picked up his drink and made his way toward the table that the bartender had indicated. "May I join you? I believe that we have a lot to discuss." He was nervous beyond belief and Cynfor hoped that the nerves did not show at the moment. He relied on his Starfleet training for the time being to conceal the emotions that were running underneath.

The man was dressed in a dark green shirt, black pants, and sturdy looking boots. His face was mostly in shadow, his black hair shrouding a pale face. Dark eyes stared at Cynfor. "Sure," the man said in a deep voice and waited until Cynfor slid into the seat across from him. "What can I do for you?"

Cynfor smiled and sat down. Rees was an engineer a man who knew machines and systems, a covert operative he was not. So he was a little out of his element. "You seem like a man who does not beat around the bush, so I will simply come out with it. I was told that you could put me in touch with the Freedom Doctor." Cyn used the nickname that the Maquis gave Dr Baptiste. Although he was sure that he had the right man, he was still a little leery about using her name in public. Rees also knew better than to give his name or ask the contact for his name.

The man sighed and grabbed a small, pyramid-shaped amber-colored piece of, what looked like glass. He picked it up and licked one side. "Do you know what this is?" He asked, motioning with the small pyramid and then continuing to speak without waiting for a reply. "This is Haden sap. It comes from a very dangerous insect of Clellin Prime. It has a pleasant taste. Very rare. Very hard to get. I paid a lot for this." The man licked the sap once again, staring at Cynfor.

Either this man did beat around the bush or Cyn had the wrong man. Rees was unsure which at the moment. "Indeed I have heard of Haden sap. If you can afford it you can put it on pancakes." He smiled broadly and wondered what this had to do with Baptiste. "I would love to have one, would you be able to tell me where you got it."

The man shook his head. "You're not the subtle type, are you, friend? See, this place looks like any other dive bar in the galaxy but, and this information is free, it's not. We get intelligence types of all kinds coming through here, which is why the bartender installed an advanced detection system to make sure nobody is listening to us electronically. But that doesn't mean someone isn't trying to do it the old fashioned way. Think of this," he said and held up the Haden sap. "As the information you want. It isn't free. Is that better?"

Cynfor chastised himself internally. How could he be so naive, of course, everything this man said made sense. "It is indeed. How much is it going to cost?

The agent leaned forward. "It will cost you two bars of latinum," he said with a sly smile. "Or perhaps one small task. Which would you prefer?"

Cyn once more chastised himself internally. He had friends who had kept latinum around, but not him. He had too much pride in the Federation to deal with currency. His eyes narrowed as he spoke. "I would have to take the task." Cynfor Rees knew that this man would be asking for something big, the question was would Rees be willing to give it.

"Excellent. What I am going to do is give you this data crystal," the man said, sliding a small yellow crystal across the table. "The information you are looking for is on this crystal. But you need the numeric code to access it. Also on this crystal is another file, which I need you to deliver to another buyer. He's waiting for delivery about five kilometers from our location. Should be a quick drop off. Once you're done, you contact me and I will get you the access code for your information. Everyone wins," the man said grinning.

Rees did not like the way this was going but he had to save his son's life. He did not have much choice, so he sighed and nodded his head. "When do I get the information that I need about the Doctor?" Cyn did not take the crystal just yet. Before he set on this task he wanted to make sure that he was going to get what he needed out of the deal.

"You'll get the information after your mission is complete, not before. But as an assurance, I will tell you that the person you seek is on this planet right now and will be for another three hours. You're wasting time, friend. What do you say?" The man said and held up the crystal.

Cyn regretfully agreed to the terms and took the crystal. "You have a deal." Was all he said as he made his way to the door. It seemed that he had much to do and less time to do it in. Rees made his way to the drop off location. When he arrived at the new location he took a look around. Cyn did not get a description of the man that was waiting so he had to take a minute to see if he could find him.

As Cyn looked around, the crystal in his hand began to glow. He couldn't help but see a tiny holographic image that matched a man standing nearby, leaning against a ramshackle building, his eyes roving the area. The man was tall and thin with long stringy hair and a matching beard. His clothes were worn almost to tatters and his fingers were drumming against his thigh. The neighborhood appeared to be safe but like any other low-class neighborhood on other planets, it probably held danger.

Rees palmed a small phaser for protection and placed the crystal in his back pocket. Quickly but nonchalantly he made his way to the man. He was careful to avoid bringing attention to himself. Cynfor kept telling himself that it would all work out, this was all for his son. That had become his mantra as he made his way through the seedier side of the galaxy. As he approached the man he spoke. "Wonderful morning we are having."

The man's eyes swept over Rees, clearly analyzing how much of a threat he was. "Yeah, real wonderful," the man said "You the guy with the thing?" Someone yelled inside the building but it was incoherent and muffled by the walls. The man glanced over his shoulder for a moment before focusing on Rees again.

The voice from inside the building caught Rees attention and his focus for a moment. The Starfleet officer within him wanted to go see if anyone needed any help. However, he had a task to complete, and his son to save. He turned his attention back to the man in front of him. "Yes..." was all he said as he pulled the crystal from a pocket.

The man nodded. "I think that's what I'm looking for," he said, holding out his hand. "The sooner I get it, the sooner you can get out of here. And believe me, you don't want to get stuck on this rock." Again there came the sound of muffled yelling and then it cut out suddenly.

Cyn handed the man the crystal, although the noise coming from within had him off guard. The Starfleet Officer within him wanted to see what was happening. However, he has to complete this mission and get to his son. "Here it is, now where is my information?"

The man smiled, reached into his pocket and pulled out a blue-colored crystal. He traded it for Rees' crystal. "This will come in very handy in the development of our new weapon," he said. "

The man's words sunk into Cyn's head. Rees did not like the idea of helping the Maquis, the enemy. However, there was no other way. He nodded and took the crystal. "This will go a long way to saving a young life." Rees replied curtly.

As Cynfor finished speaking, the entire scene froze, leaving him as the only person moving, or breathing or doing anything. And then the man who had traded him the information that would lead him to Dr. Baptiste tilted his head. When he spoke it was in Cynfor's native language.

"Cynfor Rees, you have again relived the moment where you chose the one over the many. This vessel, this orb, has helped us experience it as well. We do not understand this choice you made so many years ago in your linear life. Please explain why you made this decision so that we may better understand."

Rees had no idea what was going on, who this voice was, or anything. However, he felt compelled to give it an answer. "You must understand that the logical axiom the good of the many outweigh the good of the few or the one is not true for most linear lifeforms. Very often we will put the good of one person before everyone. In my case, it was my son, my offspring. He was sick and dying and the cure could only be obtained through these means. There is nothing that is worth your child's life."

"The one outweighs the many for you? But do you not serve in an organization that serves the many over you, the one? Have you not lost people you know in service of the one? These things are not congruent to us. Would you not make consistency in your actions?" The man asked in a lilting voice.

Rees chuckled at the request for consistency. "Humans are nothing if not inconsistent. The ones that I put before the many are my family, my friends, those that I cannot live or exist without. Humans can be very selfless beings putting others before them, and risking themselves for the sake of many. However, if you were to pluck someone who was dear to them, they would risk everything for that one person. Do you know nothing of family, of the ties of blood?"

"We do not know what blood ties are. We also do not understand why you would cease to exist without these people you speak about. Other corporeals have spoken of Love. But do you not love the people who are harmed by your actions? Our understanding of love is incomplete," the being said with a confused look.

In an instant, Rees had no idea where he was, what or who was talking to him. However, the words had hit home. The question arose deep within his mind. Were all those lives really worth his son's life? "Those harmed by my actions..." Cyn started to speak and choked on his words. "...Those harmed by actions were at the time not thought about. Humans can be an actionable lot. That is we act first and think about it later. There are many who have died or been harmed because of my actions. That is something that I cannot change, and I must live with the fact that I caused that. If I could I would apologize to each of their families." Cynfor wondered if they would understand what he did for his son. Would he have understood if the roles were reversed?

The being nodded at Cynfor's statement. "You regret your decision. What is the impulse that drives you corporeal beings to act in such a fashion? We have such a limited understanding of human emotions and impulses, even after the Emissary's additions," the being asked. Its eyes were glowing slightly now as if illuminated by an unseen energy force.

"A driving urge to protect those that are in your family, to make sure they are okay. However, sometimes one looks back on things they have done with sorrow. A lot of times people act without thinking of the repercussions. This is because we are linear beings we have no cognition of the future and we must learn from our past actions." Cyn replied to the being. With the mention of the Emissary, Rees knew that he was dealing with one of the "wormhole" aliens, what the Bajorans called the prophets.

The being nodded. "Understanding is incomplete but has progressed. Thank you for your knowledge," the being said. There was a ripple and Cynfor found himself reliving his moment.

The man nodded. "I think that's what I'm looking for," he said, holding out his hand. "The sooner I get it, the sooner you can get out of here. And believe me, you don't want to get stuck on this rock." Again there came the sound of muffled yelling and then it cut out suddenly.

Cynfor thought about what he did in the past, and then he thought about what he had just experienced in the present. He held the crystal in his hand for a moment and rolled it around. A resolute look came across his face as he realized that this time he would do things differently. This time he would figure out another way and everyone would live. "I think I can get out of here now..." Rees said and then tapped his comm badge. "Energize..." The transporter effect took hold and Rees found himself back on his shuttle.

Harlan and Cynfor blinked their eyes, disoriented after their intense experiences with the orb. They stood in the same room in which they had discovered the orb in the first place and the two Cardassians remained in thrall as before. The two Starfleet officers locked eyes.

Cyn gathered his thoughts as his vision cleared. When he could see everything he noticed that the Cardassians were still being held by the orb, however, Harlan was in the same boat as he was. "You alright Harlan?" Cyn called out to the Engineer as he was still blinking his eyes.

Harlan was still a little stunned but still uttered a reply. "I...uhhh...I think so? Never had that happen before. It was like going through something in the holodeck that I couldn't control. What about you; any idea what we just experienced?"

Cyn rubbed his temples as he walked toward Harlan. "If my assumptions from the conversation that I just had is correct I believe we just experienced what the Bajorans would call an orb experience. What we have here my dear Harlan is one of the Tears of the Prophets. But the question is which one?"

"No clue," came the reply". What I can guess it is it has to do with regret or shame. I definitely didn't like what I experienced."

He continued after a brief glare at the object. "What should we do with this? Starfleet is going to want to take a look at it."

Cyn nodded at the mention of regret, he too did not like what he went through. "I would agree it has something to do with regret. A chance to learn from those regrets as well. My suggestion is to place it in a stasis field and bring it back to the Firebird. Ultimately though I believe it should be brought to Deep Space Nine and the Bajorans. They would know best what to do with it. However, I am not sure if removing it would hurt those still interacting with it."

Harlan thought for a moment before responding. "Yeah, good point. We don't know anything about this. We have no idea what will happen. Maybe we should take them with us when Truman snaps back. It seems like this is keeping them alive while it's messing with their minds. Do you think the captain will let us bring three unconscious beings attached to an orb on board?"

"I don't think he really has a choice. I mean bringing this onboard means something big for the Bajorans, and saving the lives of these people. It is win, win. I guess we just wait here until Truman snaps out of it and then we can proceed with bringing them all back to the shuttle." Cynfor struggled to cover up what happened to him in the orb, however, it affected him deeply.

As Cynfor finished speaking, Stanley opened his eyes. The old ironside's face was drawn and pale and his hands were shaking. He took in the sight of Cynfor and Arlan talking and then walked to the closest wall, put his back to it and slid down to a sitting position.

"I'll be damned," he said in a soft voice. "That was something else. I didn't even remember..." His voice trailed off and then he shook his head. He looked up at the other two Starfleet Officers and then glanced at the Cardassians. "I'm guessing the two of you went through something equally as disturbing as I did yeah?"

Harlan reacted first. "Yep, something like that, Truman. Though maybe our situations weren't as pronounced as yours. We've been talking about what we should do with this orb. We are thinking we take it and the linked Bajorans back to the Firebird and from there, to Starfleet or Bajoran intelligence for safekeeping. What do you think?"

Truman eyed the weird assembly, noting the rise and fall of the Cardassian's breathing. "Well, they're alive I guess. And I don't think leaving this thing out here for anyone to find is a good thing. We either gotta bring the whole kaboodle back or blow it up. I'm kinda partial to blowing things up but I don't think Starfleet would care for that," Stanley said.

"Heh," chuckled Harlan. "I agree with the explosions but you're probably right about Starfleet. Hey Cyn, how easy do you think it'll be to get all this back to the Firebird? Do you think we'll need an extra set of hands to supplement our current threesome?"

Rees had been staring off into nothing as he processed all that had happened to him. He heard the other two men talking but no words actually registered. He could not believe all that he saw, and what had transpired. It was Harlan's voice calling his name that snapped Cyn out of it. He addressed Truman first. "I know the experience that I had was definitely on the disturbing side. As for the transport, I am not sure if we can transport with the Cardassians still linked to the orb. I believe we should somehow get them disconnected and then we should have no issues getting everyone out of here. My worry is whether or not they will stay connected through transport."

Stanley took a deep breath and hoisted himself to a standing position. His legs still felt weak so he leaned against the wall for support. He wiped his eyes with one hand, cuffing away a small bit of moisture. Seeing his parents again had been so real. "Nah. We can't try to move them connected. Impossible. Let's just get them onto the shuttle and get out of here," he said.

"Agreed" replied Harlan. "Let's find something to tie around them all so they don't float away from each other and just pick them up like one big bundle. The shuttle can hold us three and them."

The three got busy making arrangements to get everyone and the orb out of the dead ship. It was going to be a long trip and none of them were looking forward to the questions that were sure to follow.


Warrant Officer Arlan Harlan
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Cynfor Rees
Chief Operations Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Chief Petty Officer Stanley Truman
Assistant Chief of Engineering
Empok Nor
NPC by Llwyedd


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